Zhenli Shili Qixi Festival Origami Romantic Moonlight Telling To The Earth Long Day

In this world, only love listens enough. Zenith selected the 33mm Women’s Watch from the Stellar Series and the 410 Men’s Watch from the flagship series to present romantic Tanabata gifts and compose a magnificent love story. The inexhaustible feelings of acacia, the eyes are willing to stay for each other’s lives, only the eternal and constant flow of time can reflect its sincerity and perseverance, show the declaration of love, and tell forever.

Star moving 33 mm watch market price: RMB 38,400

   The unique and beautiful shape is perfectly blended with the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and the attractiveness is fascinating. The Star Movement 33mm watch is a new interpretation of Japan’s unique origami art. The surface is like a carefully folded and cleverly unfolded paper, which reproduces this exquisite art from a three-dimensional angle. The pattern is located off-center at 9 o’clock, creating an amazing visual effect, inadvertently making the small second hand the center point of sight. The four brilliant-cut diamond hour markers shine brightly and light the rhythm of time passing, creating a refreshing and refreshing feel for this watch. Charming and charming, pure and beautiful.
Flagship Series 410 watch Market price: RMB 70,800

   El Primero 410, this famous movement was born in 1969. It is a derivative of the legendary El Primero. It not only has the most accurate automatic chronograph function in the world, but also uniquely adds a full calendar and moon phase display. During the half century, the El Primero 410 movement has undergone many evolutions, and every detail is filled with a strong 1970s style. The deep blue face is like midnight blue, and rational and practical functions such as timekeeping and full calendar are more integrated into the romantic color of the moon phase. The glow of Ren Hao’s Hao Yue, sprinkled on each other’s faces like a millennium for a day, expressing his heartfelt feelings.