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    Ni Ni Help The Bulgari Event Marine Blue Dress Skirt Let Skin Snow White

    On the day of the event, Ms. Ni Ni wore BVLGARI Bulgari’s natural marine series of antique jewellery to attend the event. The noble temperament and smart jewellery perfectly blended, deducing BVLGARI’s low-key luxury and elegance.

    Ms. Ni Ni said: ‘I am very happy to be able to return to the familiar Nanjing again and feel very kind. The vintage and elegant style of Bvlgari antique jewelry is very charming. I hope everyone can come to this newly opened Nanjing Deji Plaza Bao The Gree boutique enjoys the “Bvlgari: A Praise of Nature” collection of jewelry art exhibitions. I personally like the Bulgari jewelry, especially the set of natural ocean jewelry that I wear today. It creates a playfulness through geometric lines. The cute little fish shape shows a different kind of agile style. This kind of agility is also the realm of the requirements and pursuit of his performance. ‘

    At this ‘Bvlgari: A Praise of Nature’ collection of jewelry art exhibition, Bvlgari presents one by one the changes of classical treasures and watches in the last century, telling the attention of this world-renowned jewelry brand. legend.

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    This Is The Fun Of Limited Editionthree Limited Edition Luxury Watches

    Most of the following limited edition watches have the three characteristics described above. What’s more important is that you can’t necessarily buy them even if you queue up. However, this is the fun of limited editions, isn’t it?
    Bvlgari Assioma Semi-Perforated Complex Performance Watch

    Limited quantity: 20

       In 2007, Bvlgari launched the Assioma series of semi-hollow complex performance watches with a limited number of 20 pieces worldwide. The new model uses arched suspension with deep architectural aesthetics on both sides to provide the most solid and stable support for the entire watch structure Hold the case engraved with BVLGARI tightly. The delicate touch, the inlaid time scale, the layered dial and the light-proof sapphire mirror make this watch like a moving work of art.

       This complex watch also includes the time display performance of the perpetual calendar, automatic tourbillon and GMT. The entire movement is composed of 416 parts, but the diameter of the movement box is only 27.4mm, and the thickness is only 7.57mm, which can be described as ingenious.
    Ms. BLACNCPAIN ‘Lotus’ watch

    Limited quantity: 138

       Designed and distributed specifically for the Asian market, the global limited edition of 138 Blancpain ‘Lotus Watches’ breaks the tradition and is tailor-made for women. This model has a very bold and avant-garde edge design, mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, natural and gorgeous. The original design of the irregular mother-of-pearl dial and eye-catching Arabic numerals make it more eye-catching, and the guilloché graphic is the icing on the cake. The white dial is inlaid with a ruby ​​bezel and red silk band, which is more comfortable to wear and shows noble temperament.
    Mido Multifunction Central Chronograph

    Limited quantity: 99

       Unlike other models, the central chronograph seconds and minutes hands are assembled at the center and equipped with separate counting rings, making it easier to read the time. At one time, it was a watch specifically designed for pilots by Mido in the 1940s.

       Unlike the previous version, a 12-hour chronograph lap and a separate small second lap are added to this 99 limited edition new model. The movement of the movement can be clearly seen from the transparent case on the back. The watch uses a large crown and chronograph buttons, which are unique and elegant in appearance and easier to operate. As always, Mido always brings a distinctive design. The crown and buttons are attached to the sturdy gemstone bevel, giving him unique characteristics. This watch is water resistant to 100 meters and has sapphire scratch resistance.

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    Classic Or Avant-garde, All In Square Inches Between

    I always think that watchmaking is not purely technical, but often it is the load of art. Think about the way that predecessors measured time, from the original sundial, clock, to watch, from a rock that is difficult to shake, to this small square place on the wrist, can’t help but lament human wisdom. And modern people have given watches a variety of shapes, common are round, rectangular, rare barrel type, octagon and even irregular shapes. Time brings to watchmakers infinite imagination, they paint every inspiration in every different work. When it is praised by future generations, it can be called a classic and a model. Today in this article, I will not go into details. I will present to you one of the five new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series and Royal Oak offshore series watches. (The picture in the article comes from @Watch 之 家)

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore Watch
     I don’t know if anyone wants to say that there are more classics called ‘Classic’. But I think that only those that can stand the test, whether it is quality, or the aesthetics that are constantly changing from round to round, can be called timeless and classic as time goes by. . In 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced the first Royal Oak watch. Since then, it has become a milestone in the history of Audemars Piguet brand development.

    Gene composition: octagonal bezel, hexagonal screws, integrated bracelet, ‘TAPISSERIE’ checkered decoration

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic Self-winding Watch 15500ST.OO.1220ST.01
     Stainless steel case, octagonal bezel, ‘TAPISSERIE’ checkered dial and strap integrated with the case. These designs that we take for granted now, in the 1970s, subverted the existence of tradition. In the previous history, fine watchmaking would not choose a ‘cheap’ material such as ‘steel’ as the watchmaking material, but it turns out that the stainless steel material is indeed more suitable for us to wear in daily life. Today, we can also find stainless steel watches in more fine watch brands.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic Self-winding Watch 15500ST.OO.1220ST.01
     The octagonal bezel also challenges Audemars Piguet’s tradition. Between the circle and the square, the octagon plays the line with its own characteristics. Until now, when we talk about the ‘octagonal bezel’, the first thing that comes to mind is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series. When a brand is synonymous, no matter how hard the latecomers try, it is difficult to catch up with their predecessors.

    ‘TAPISSERIE’ checkered dial
     2019 is a new year for Audemars Piguet. After the launch of CODE11.59, people said that new things will one day replace old ones, and maybe its light will cover the Royal Oak series. I think that if there is one day, it shows that CODE11.59 has succeeded to a certain extent, but classics and future classics will not have the problem of who replaces them.

    Integrated case strap
     The integrated strap design of the case is the same from the beginning of the Royal Oak. The new 15500 adjusts the details of the chain links on the original basis to make the links more ergonomic. Some people are busy chasing, while others are busy improving.

    Octagonal case detail real shot

    Audemars Piguet Calibre 4302 automatic movement
     The long storage time of up to 70 hours firstly solves the problem that often requires adjusting the time when wearing a mechanical watch in daily life. After at least a weekend, when another annoying Monday arrives, its time is still accurate.

     Beauty, beauty, emphasis on beauty

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 26315OR.OO.1256OR.01
     Different from the traditional Royal Oak, this Royal Oak is different from it in terms of size, material and design. The new 15500 blue dial has a diameter of 41 mm, which can be controlled by most men. And this 38mm, 18K gold Royal Oak series looks more elegant and luxurious under the lens.

     Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 26315OR.OO.1256OR.01
     The design of the three auxiliary plates makes the level of the plate design elements more full. Maybe some people like the plain plate, and some people prefer the delicate layer design.

    The perfect fusion of plaid and chronograph

    Finely polished bracelet

     A long time ago, I took an Audemars Piguet watchmaking class. The watchmaker from Audemars Piguet taught the students how to polish a copper model in a balanced manner. Many people say that polishing is simple. Fine polishing just takes more time. Indeed, with a little more time and energy, you can have better quality. This is the secret of fine watchmaking, but many people still can’t understand it.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 26315OR.OO.1256OR.01
     It is ‘spend more time’, Audemars Piguet has the status of watch table which is difficult to shake today, and it is precisely because of ‘spend a little more time’ that every Audemars Piguet work presented to us is worthy of us slowly taste.

    Break through, I just want to break the rules

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Collection

     I have seen a netizen explain ‘what is offshore’ in this way. He said that ‘offshore’ means ‘leave the shore’. In a certain sense, his explanation is quite accurate. To leave the hustle and bustle of city life, you need a wrist companion who can accompany you.


    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26400SO.OO.A055CA.01
     Twenty years after the launch of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series, in 1993 Audemars Piguet launched the Royal Oak Offshore Collection. If the Royal Oak series is likened to a gentleman, then ‘Mr. Offshore’ is a tough guy full of male hormones.

    Ceramic crown and bezel detail real shot

    44 mm dial diameter, 14.4 mm case thickness

    Strap design with camouflage elements

    Camouflage strap detail
     Camouflage elements have only been used in the design of watches in recent years, but this is not the first time that Audemars Piguet has used camouflage. I remember that before this year, the brand had released a Royal Oak Offshore watch with camouflage brown dial. Officially, because the market has responded well, this year the brand launched more yuan options on camouflage elements.

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26400SO.OO.A335CA.01
     The use of blue in watches has many different interpretations. Commercial interpretation, blue is more used in business style. Get rid of the inherent thinking, remembering that blue represents the ocean that shines in the bright sun. The deeper the sea, the darker the sea. The blue in front of you is lighter. Look down and you can see your feet. Take this blue royal oak offshore series and feel the sea breeze slowly.

    Stainless steel with blue ceramic bezel, “Méga Tapisserie” oversized checkered dial, chronograph buttons and crown also made of blue ceramic

    Bezel hexagonal fixing screws are also brand features

    Different shades of blue to restore the color of the sea

     Many articles comment on the offshore series saying this, it is Audemars Piguet’s ‘wilderer, more unruly’ design based on the Royal Oak. But I don’t think so, I think it is a more restrained interpretation of publicity.

    · Gold · Brown ·

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26401RO.OO.A087CA.01

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26401RO.OO.A087CA.01
     This watch is the first of five watches that I got in my hand, because I like it so much that I can show it. How could anyone combine metal and ceramic so well? How can anyone use extroversion and restraint so freely?

    Brown ceramic case and 18K gold case material, Audemars Piguet first applied brown ceramic to watches

    Brown ceramic case and 18K gold case details

    Crafted case side

    Camouflage brown strap detail shot

    Limited to 500 pieces, each back case is a work of art
     When the practical function of the watch is no longer the primary reason for us to buy it, the significance of the watch to us is more an art appreciation and beauty experience. For beauty, everyone’s standards and orientations are different. What’s great about Audemars Piguet is that it sculpts the classics of time and presents us with so many artworks.

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    Cool All Black Gucci G-timeless New Watch

    Following the success of the ‘G-Timeless’ men’s watch series, Gucci is pleased to announce the launch of two new watches for the series. Designed by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, the new ‘G-Timeless Black’ is an all-black cool men’s watch; two options are available, both dotted with Gucci’s signature red and green.
    A touch of dynamic green on the -G-Timeless Black quartz chronograph and the speedometer scale around the bezel highlight the style of the watch. The black crown with the letter ‘G’ (Gucci’s initials) is decorated on the black case. Next to the crown is a large rubber chronograph button made of green rubber.
    The black surface is decorated with delicate diamond patterns, and it also has green luminous hour markers and large green luminous digital hour markers at 12 and 6 o’clock. The three small surfaces display minutes, seconds, and dates, respectively, and together with the unique Gucci stripes at 3 o’clock, the entire surface is full of masculinity.
        This also comes with a patented black leather strap with a textured diamond pattern embossed on it. The inner layer of the strap is made of black leather and decorated with Gucci’s ‘GG’ logo, which is comfortable and luxurious, within reach. In addition, the unique green stitching around the strap perfectly reflects the unique style of this dynamic watch.

        The G-Timeless ‘All Black’ watch also has a quartz style, and the designer boldly uses red and black colors. A touch of red stands out against the luminous hour markers, luminous hands, and large luminous digital hour markers on the surface. The background of the diamond pattern, the Gucci stripe at 3 o’clock, and the crown with the letter ‘G’ reveals the Gucci brand identity in subtle ways.
        The surfaces, bezels and straps of these two all-black watches have smooth lines, modern and dynamic, ideal for urban men.

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    Brilliant Glashütte Original Pavonina Spirit Sparrow Watch

    Multi-faceted, sophisticated and mature-The Pavonina Collection with a variety of elegant elements has enriched the Glashütte Original women’s watch series since its introduction in 2013. When designing women’s watch collections, the designers of Saxony watchmakers draw a lot of inspiration from elite women from different eras and cultural fields. This year, Glashütte Originals launches the new soul sparrow series again, with a variety of impressive colors, and shows the new trend coming out in the next fashion season: the harmonious combination of sensual colors, shiny metal and multiple elegant dial , Make the watch look more confident and pure temperament.

       The Lingque series makes full use of the contrast effect, and the exquisite design of the details is breathtaking. Each watch component, dial, case, lug, bracelet and buckle, are exquisitely crafted in an independent style. Compared with the previous models, the new watch chooses to display Roman numerals on the fluorescent natural mother-of-pearl dial, and the font is exclusively designed for the Lingque series: charcoal black, slightly rounded, giving the stable and serious Roman numerals a little soft and fashionable temperament.

       The delicate print on the ultra-thin mother-of-pearl dial is even more delicate against a light background. And in the center of the dial, it is decorated with elegant engraved patterns, adding a touch of charm.

       Equipped with a 03-02 quartz movement independently developed, providing precise and reliable power. The movement is specially built to meet the needs of daily life, providing triple magnetic protection to ensure that it can safely resist the effects of electronic equipment. In the pursuit of superior performance, we must not forget to sculpt the beauty in every detail: the soleplate of the movement is decorated with unique Glashütte columnar patterns, and the gold logo is engraved on a silver background.

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    Beautieri Carefully Crafted The Mandil Moonphase Moon Phase Watch

    The time that the artisans who love classic watchmaking are finally looking forward to: Bucherer launched the Mandlow MoonPhase moonphase watch from the classic Mandello series at the 2011 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. In addition to the date, week and month display, the beautiful calendar is also equipped with a moon phase display, all functions are carried in a delicate rose gold case.

        The special feature of the Mandello Moon Phase Watch is its detailed calendar function. The wearer knows the current time with a glance at the center of the dial with a glance. The day of the week is set at 10 o’clock, and the current month can be read through the window at 2 o’clock on the right. The moon phase display is set at 6 o’clock central, making this chic calendar design more perfect. The Bucherer-exclusive CFB 1966 self-winding movement is located at the heart of this calendar, providing constant and reliable power to the watch.
        Bucherer’s Mandiló series has a profound heritage and is a masterpiece of the watchmaker’s pinnacle. The Mandello Moon Phase watch also presents an elegant and timeless design. With a diameter of 38 mm, this model is a classic size of a top watch, while the 18K rose gold case harmonizes its silver-plated dial and 12 hour markers in the same color system. In addition to equipping the watch with many complicated function displays, Bucherer also uses its wedge-shaped hour markers and tapered hour and minute hands coated with Superluminova to give the design the clearest reading. It is particularly noticeable with its moon phase display, and the silver-plated moon disc shines against the blue background. The buckle made of 18K rose gold is also shimmering, with a high-quality alligator leather strap, highlighting the elegance of this timepiece. Coupled with a polished case and round lugs, the overall design blends perfectly.
        The Budweiser Mandlow MoonPhase moon phase watch is carefully crafted to fully demonstrate the essence of the Mandlow series. The name Manero comes from the Latin ‘manuaria’, which means ‘made by hand’. And ‘Mundilo’ is extended to contain a complex and sophisticated inherent vitality in the simple watch case. It uses classic and practical designs to interpret the superb skills of watchmakers.

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    Simplified Timing Blancpain Villeret 6185-1127-55b Watch

    The mission of Blancpain is to develop and produce the world’s most complex and versatile fully automatic mechanical watches, which have been used to this day and will continue to be passed down. Today, it has never produced a quartz electronic watch. Because of this perseverance and perseverance, Blancpain has established itself in the ranks of world famous watches.

       Blancpain Villeret series 6185-1127-55B has a lot of functions, including timekeeping, date display, small dial with 60 seconds, small dial with 30 minutes, small dial with 12 hours, and the most unique feature is the one-button timing function, which is Traditional three-piece timing.

       The bottom of the watch is engraved with the name of the watchmaker, which is the quality and confidence of the product. The dial of this watch continues to use the classic white design, giving a simple and low-key feel. The strap is made of crocodile leather. Although the leather is a little hard, the strap is very comfortable to wear.

       Blancpain, the brand that has created many watch technology firsts, has won the respect of people with its meticulous pursuit of perfect inlaying every detail, and its dedication is worthy of respect. I believe that with the perseverance of Blancpain, we can certainly open up a new era of watches and clocks.

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    Bvlgari Bvlgari And The Soc Super Running Club Perform The Collision Of Superior Quality And Distinguished Private Enjoyment

    [May 5-6, 2018, Milan] Italian jewellery family BVLGARI Bulgari and SOC Super Run Club announced a formal cooperation at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan. The spirit of enthusiasm and enjoyment, outstanding performance and good reputation are the core values ​​of the brand, which coincides with the concept of the SOC Super Running Club, which advocates exclusive experience. At the event site, a Bulgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC cooperation watch specially created for the ‘sophisticated super running collectors’ was launched, which started a three-year close cooperation between the two parties.

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch
       Based on the common pursuit of high quality, the international club with the renowned Italian jewelry family association elites gathered. Only the owners of limited edition sports cars around the world can obtain SOC Supercar Club membership, which is a distinguished status. SOC Super Running Club is committed to providing high-quality membership services to help owners of high-end sports cars around the world enjoy their driving passion.
       Excellence is the essence of Bulgari’s brand, and it also becomes an opportunity for cooperation between the two major brands. The new Bulgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC member-only watch seals the brand’s unremitting innovation spirit with time.
       Adhering to the brand spirit of Bulgari, this exclusive timepiece incorporates avant-garde technology in modern design and has a pure and timeless style, which shows the SOC members’ passion for sports cars. The middle layer of the transparent sapphire case and the edges are made of titanium treated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), fully showing the structure of the tourbillon movement. The hour markers in gold have witnessed the passage of time. The gold tubular structure on the side also shines through the sapphire transparent case. The power hands and the crown decorated with the ‘SOC’ logo are also made of gold. The exclusive case design was born for a breakthrough.

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC cooperation watch transparent sapphire case shows the internal structure of the movement

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC partnership tourbillon movement
       On May 5th, the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch appeared at the Milan Bulgari Hotel Dinner. The next day, the supercar team crossed the Lombardy region of Italy under the guard of a police car, and then everyone went to the world’s largest private supercar collection museum to appreciate the SOC members’ private sports cars.
       The Bvlgari and SOC Super Run Club will debut at the historic Goodwood Circuit in the UK on June 4, arrive in Switzerland on September 1, and attend the celebration of the 47th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates on December 2 in Dubai Join the global feast.

    Technical Parameters

    Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch
    Movement, case and dial: the brand-made Calibre BVL 206 hand-wound mechanical movement with flying tourbillon. The center of the watch is built with 11 bridges treated with black DLC (diamond-like carbon), decorated with 18K yellow gold bars, hands, power reserve display and crown. Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) processing titanium case and sapphire case middle layer; hour and minute hands display; 64-hour power reserve.
    Bracelet: black crocodile leather strap with rubberized surface, matching ‘SOC’ yellow stitching, and folding buckle.

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    Yuedong Life Three Exquisite Ladies Watches Recommended

    Elegant and exquisite women’s watches without losing practicality have become important accessories for urban women. A beautiful watch will accompany the ‘her’ in your heart to spend every minute, remember every happy moment. Today, the Watch House recommends three beautiful women’s watches for everyone.

    160th Anniversary of Ebolus Zuls Automatic LS9160-221 Memorial Watch

    Watch Series: Zuls Automatic
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 316L stainless steel
    Strap material: 316L stainless steel
    Case diameter: 29 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 8380
    Watch details: ernestborel / 43144 /
    Watch Reviews: The all-steel Zuls Automatic Series GS9160-212 is one of the commemorative models launched to commemorate the 160th birthday of the Ebolu brand. The entire watch is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, and the seven-bead strap is cleverly separated and clothed, making the steel more rigid and slightly more delicate, and it has a beautiful meaning of ‘one, three (raw), one (four)’. The shade of the white camellia dial corresponds to the 12-hour interval. It is decorated with multi-faceted three-dimensional inverted triangle gold-plated studs. It is set with diamonds at the 3, 6, 9, and 12. The scented pearl necklace makes every detail shine with charm.

    Longines Elegant L4.

    Watch Series: Elegant Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 24 mm
    Domestic public price: 8300
    Watch details: longines / 1145 /
    Watch Reviews: Longines Elegant Series classic watch, white elegant dial, 12 black Roman scales engraved on the dial appear generous, decorated with simple two hands, enough to indicate the time, the watch is equipped with a quartz L209 machine Core to ensure accurate watch movement. The 24 mm diameter design of this watch is perfect for modern ladies.

    Radar True Series R27957102

    Watch Series: True Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Ceramic
    Strap Material: Ceramic
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: 16400
    Watch details: rado / 20233 /
    Watch Reviews: The classic Radar true series watch, the watch uses its characteristic ceramic case has been created by the bracelet, the pure white design feels like an angel. Gold bar hour markers with gold hour markers, simple and clear when read with pure white dial. The 39 mm diameter design of the watch meets the pursuit of large-diameter watches compared to female friends.

    Summary: The first condition for watch selection is good-looking. These three watches recommended for everyone today, in addition to Yibo Lu this is a mechanical watch, the other two watches are quartz movements, in fact, mechanical watches and mechanical wrists I myself prefer mechanical watches a little more, but quartz watches are more accurate, so choosing a mechanical watch or a quartz watch is entirely up to everyone’s choice.

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    Heres H Lacquer Series New Release

    The Heure H series watch, born in 1996 under the promotion of designer Philippe Mouquet, is a permanent mark of Hermes. Today, its significance has gone beyond watches and become a symbol. Through time, it has always retained the vitality, vitality and freshness. It all comes from a unique flash of light: capturing time with a single letter. This concept is profound and interesting, and aims to frame the passing time tightly.

     What’s more worth mentioning is that Heure H also has a unique style and is not restricted by standards. The design of the case is bold and pleasant. The new watch launched this time has a black or white lacquer in the uppercase H letter. And the corresponding black or white lacquered dial is also coated with a layer of translucent lacquer, which can perfectly set off the color effect. The Heure H watch, recognizable at a glance, is a perfect fusion of rigorous style, technical excellence and originality. This is a kind of contradictory beauty.


    Its watch comes in eight colors to choose from, all of which interpret the quiet depth of black and white, set off against the vivid beauty of red, orange, yellow and blue. You can change the strap as you like, think or wish, and there are two options: single-lap strap, or Hermès classic double-lap strap redesigned by Martin Margiela.

     Heure H lacquered watches are available in medium and small sizes. Every detail of the case, dial and even the strap is made in the Hermès watch factory in Switzerland. With the careful craftsmanship of his craftsmen’s hands, he has created objects that are compatible with the wearer’s spirit and breath. Born of exquisite superb technology, the illusion is self-explanatory, combining practical and ingenious functions, presenting an unexpectedly light and smart. These objects make ordinary everyday illusion into a wonderful stage; let every moment that flows quietly becomes a precious time.

    The relationship between time and Hermès is also an object. In addition to measuring, sorting, and controlling, Hermès is bolder in pursuing another view of time: an exciting, free-flowing shuttle, creating a space of joy and fun. Take time boldly and play between times. This is the secret that makes Heure H, which is constantly intertwined between rigor and fantasy, create his own time.

    Technical specifications

    Dial Black lacquered dial
    White pad Arabic numeral time stamp
    Rhodium-plated hands
    Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
    316L stainless steel black lacquered square case
    26 × 26 mm with 20 mm inner lug spacing
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Also available in small sizes: 21 × 21 mm
    Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
    Function hours and minutes display
    Strap Black Barénia calf leather interchangeable single-ring strap
    316L stainless steel pin buckle, 17 mm

    Dial White lacquered dial
    Dark gray pad printing Arabic numerals
    Rhodium-plated hands
    Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
    316L stainless steel and white painted square case
    21 × 21 mm with 16 mm inner lug spacing
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Also available in medium size: 26 × 26 mm
    Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
    Function hours and minutes display
    Strap White grained interchangeable double-circle calfskin strap
    316L stainless steel pin buckle, 14mm

    Interchangeable strap
    Black Barénia calfskin, white grained calfskin, Maltese blue grained calfskin, black Barénia calfskin, orange-red shiny calfskin, orange shiny calfskin, lemon yellow shiny calfskin, denim blue shiny calfskin , Electro-optic blue shiny calfskin