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Heres H Lacquer Series New Release

The Heure H series watch, born in 1996 under the promotion of designer Philippe Mouquet, is a permanent mark of Hermes. Today, its significance has gone beyond watches and become a symbol. Through time, it has always retained the vitality, vitality and freshness. It all comes from a unique flash of light: capturing time with a single letter. This concept is profound and interesting, and aims to frame the passing time tightly.

 What’s more worth mentioning is that Heure H also has a unique style and is not restricted by standards. The design of the case is bold and pleasant. The new watch launched this time has a black or white lacquer in the uppercase H letter. And the corresponding black or white lacquered dial is also coated with a layer of translucent lacquer, which can perfectly set off the color effect. The Heure H watch, recognizable at a glance, is a perfect fusion of rigorous style, technical excellence and originality. This is a kind of contradictory beauty.


Its watch comes in eight colors to choose from, all of which interpret the quiet depth of black and white, set off against the vivid beauty of red, orange, yellow and blue. You can change the strap as you like, think or wish, and there are two options: single-lap strap, or Hermès classic double-lap strap redesigned by Martin Margiela.

 Heure H lacquered watches are available in medium and small sizes. Every detail of the case, dial and even the strap is made in the Hermès watch factory in Switzerland. With the careful craftsmanship of his craftsmen’s hands, he has created objects that are compatible with the wearer’s spirit and breath. Born of exquisite superb technology, the illusion is self-explanatory, combining practical and ingenious functions, presenting an unexpectedly light and smart. These objects make ordinary everyday illusion into a wonderful stage; let every moment that flows quietly becomes a precious time.

The relationship between time and Hermès is also an object. In addition to measuring, sorting, and controlling, Hermès is bolder in pursuing another view of time: an exciting, free-flowing shuttle, creating a space of joy and fun. Take time boldly and play between times. This is the secret that makes Heure H, which is constantly intertwined between rigor and fantasy, create his own time.

Technical specifications

Dial Black lacquered dial
White pad Arabic numeral time stamp
Rhodium-plated hands
Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
316L stainless steel black lacquered square case
26 × 26 mm with 20 mm inner lug spacing
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Also available in small sizes: 21 × 21 mm
Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
Function hours and minutes display
Strap Black Barénia calf leather interchangeable single-ring strap
316L stainless steel pin buckle, 17 mm

Dial White lacquered dial
Dark gray pad printing Arabic numerals
Rhodium-plated hands
Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
316L stainless steel and white painted square case
21 × 21 mm with 16 mm inner lug spacing
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Also available in medium size: 26 × 26 mm
Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
Function hours and minutes display
Strap White grained interchangeable double-circle calfskin strap
316L stainless steel pin buckle, 14mm

Interchangeable strap
Black Barénia calfskin, white grained calfskin, Maltese blue grained calfskin, black Barénia calfskin, orange-red shiny calfskin, orange shiny calfskin, lemon yellow shiny calfskin, denim blue shiny calfskin , Electro-optic blue shiny calfskin

Graceful Garden Party In The Exciting ‘longines Diana Horse Racing Grand Prix’

On May 3 (Friday), Longines and the French Jockey Club (France Galop) announced the 167th ‘Longines Diana Horse Racing Grand Prix’ (Prix de Diane Longines) race schedule. Following the unprecedented success of last year, this year will continue to be the theme of the ‘Garden Party’. On June 19th (Sunday), nine races will be held at the Chantilly Racecourse. The most eye-catching race of the day will be the world’s top horse race under the age of four sponsored by Longines. Ma Wang is born.

   On the other hand, young jockeys from around the world and female riders from the International Federation of Gentlemenand Lady Riders (FEGENTRI) will compete for the Longines Future Horse Racing Stars and Longines Mary Amary. The throne of the Prix de La Reine Marie-Amélie Longines. The development and prospects of equestrian sports depend on the support of tomorrow’s stars and amateur riders, so the watch brand Longines plays an official partner and official timekeeping role. For young athletes in these fields and the International Amateur Men and Women Knights Association ( (FEGENTRI). In addition, Longines will also sponsor the men’s and women’s knight championships and related events held by FEGENTRI: LonginesWorldFEGENTRIChampionshipRankingsforLadyRiders and Longines’FEGENTRIChampionshipRankingsforGentlemenRiders.
   Riders participating in the above three events will determine the order of the race by lottery. The lottery ceremony will be held on June 12 (Friday).

   During the Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix, there will be a crowd of equestrian masters and stylish celebrities wearing chic hats. This tradition has lasted more than 170 years, so time has also become precise, traditional and elegant-Longines brand Symbol of three values. This year, the official official watch of the event is a ladies watch from the Longines DolceVita series, inheriting elegant style. The watch’s stainless steel case is set with diamonds and features a silver ‘flinqué’ dial with lacquered Roman numerals and a red leather strap. Women who fit the official watch perfectly will receive the Asian actor and Longines elegance ambassador Peng Yuyan, who will be awarded the ‘Mademoiselle Dianepar Longines’ award.
   Swiss watch brand Longines has become the official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix for the sixth time. This cooperation was facilitated by a partnership agreement signed between Longines and the French Jockey Club, which was updated last year. According to the partnership agreement, Longines is the official timekeeper of the Chantilly, Deauville and Longchamp racecourses, including the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and the French Jockey Club Grand Prix (Prix du Jockey Club).

Fashion Charm Of Clocks

Parmigiani’s enthusiasm for manufacturing highly complex mechanical clocks has never diminished. In Parmigiani’s workshop, the artisans patiently repaired the ancient watch and clockwork, and combined the craftsmanship with modern inspiration into the clock making.

    In 1996, in order to celebrate the brand’s founding anniversary, a landmark work in the history of the brand, the ‘Oriental Flower’, came out. Fifteen years later, in 2011, Michel Parmigiani unveiled the Hegirian Islamic Calendar in Dubai, the world’s first mechanical clock to accurately reflect the Muslim calendar.
    Today in 2012, Parmigiani gloriously launched the ’15-day Clock’ which combines modern aesthetics and traditional watchmaking.

New patented power reserve
    Parmigiani has developed a new power reserve display method. This innovative patent is the first time it has been applied to a clock. This special device is inspired by the Maltese cross device, allowing the 2-week power reserve to be used directly on the barrel. The Maltese cross and stop (one pre-winding turn) on the side of the barrel ensures that the barrel springs perform optimally without being too tight or too loose. After winding, the bearings of the power reserve system (patent pending) are connected to the cam, and the four hands like a spider around the barrel are moved in reverse. There are four places around the pendulum to show the power reserve, and you can check the power reserve even if the clockwork rotates continuously.

Constant escapement
    Parmigiani PF920 —- as the movement of the 15-day clock, it is a simple and smart system, the escapement has eternal tension.
    The escapement wheel is free to move. The gear of the escapement shaft is equipped with a high-density pinion, and the two gears are connected by a hairspring. When the movement spring drives the gear, the balance spring will drive the escape wheel to start constant rotation. The inertia of the gears transfers the energy produced by the mainspring more evenly.

Excellent finishes
    The winding and time adjustment of the 15-day clock are performed by two keys, each performing its duties, but with the double rectangular device in the same bearing, both operations can be completed through the same opening. The two keys can also be combined into one, kept in a drawer at the bottom of the clock. The conspicuous Geneva motif on the dial, even if any minor flaws are obvious.
    But the hand-made corrugated decoration of this clock is flawless, which highlights Parmigiani’s excellent craftsmanship. The clock frame is made of a large amount of silver (1 kg) and mineral glass, and is rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation.
Watch: Clock 15 days
Movement: PF 920 manual winding
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, fifteen days of power reserve are displayed on the barrel.
Appearance: rhodium-plated solid silver, height: 142 mm, width: 96 mm, thickness: 80 mm, material: 950 silver, polished. The clock face is surrounded by mineral crystal glass. The secret key drawer is hidden behind the base, and the logo can be turned 180 ° to show the keyhole, and the number is engraved on the back of the clock.
Faceplate: consists of two parts: blue lacquered small faceplate with solar radiation pattern, decorated with Geneva ripple and hand-grinded large faceplate, blue steel hands
Keys: double key: one key for winding and one key for setting time, made of stainless steel.