Watch This Year’s Horse And Equestrian Elements Watch

Nowadays, the equestrian sport is becoming more and more popular, which has also inspired watchmakers. Many watchmakers have interpreted this unique and elegant element with their unique brand codes. . Considering that this year is the year of the Chinese horse, this year’s steed element is more popular than ever.

Summer is a good season for horseback riding. Whether it is horseback walking or galloping, crossing obstacles or just cruising near the stables, or watching a wonderful equestrian competition, a watch with a galloping element is bound to give you Bring different feelings. Horse as a cultural symbol contains the meaning of good education and extreme elegance. As a watch design element, it has inspired generations of designers.

Talking about the equestrian element Hermes is undoubtedly the most obvious example. Before expanding its watchmaking business, Hermès started as a harness manufacturer in 1837. The brand’s earliest entry into the watchmaking industry can be traced back to 1912. Porte-oignon is the first product to mark Hermes’ entry into the watchmaking industry. This is a leather pocket watch case that allows the pocket watch to maintain readability while protecting the watch from equestrian sports. Not subject to impact. This classic piece has been reinterpreted many times by Hermès and has become an iconic product of Hermès.

On the occasion of the Year of the Horse, Hermes combined the fine art of French lacquer painting and launched three Arceau series Oriental white horse watches. This series of watches show the exquisite skills of experienced painters, the watch diameter is 41 mm, each limited edition released 24 pieces. These lacquered horses are ‘dressed’ with Persian-style saddles. Connoisseurs can easily see the superb skills and elegance of these lacquered paints, which shows Hermes’ love for equestrian culture and shows Hermes’s exquisiteness. Mastery of arts and crafts.

The classic stirrup-shaped case of the Raf Lauren Stirrup series is also a classic interpretation of equestrian elements. Love Love launched the PetiteStirrup series watch with a mother-of-pearl dial in a 23×27 mm rose gold case this year. The exquisite and compact case makes it suitable for women, and it also launched the StirrupPetiteDiamondLink watch set with sparkling diamonds.

Longines is also a watchmaking brand closely related to equestrian sports. From Chantilly to Hong Kong, from the Royal Ascot Jockey Club to Dubai, its name has been closely related to the world’s largest flat horse race. Inspired by a chronograph produced for New York horse racing enthusiasts and riders in 1881, the Longines Compin Collection perfectly embodies simplicity and elegance. This timeless stainless steel chronograph with high-performance movement has caused a sensation once it was launched.

In addition to these typical historical and cultural brands related to the equestrian world, 2014 is a feast for everyone who loves horses. The Year of the Horse in China has enabled many brands to interpret this element with the best possible craftsmanship and methods. For example, Jacques Dro’s embossed horse hour and minute dial watch, with a detailed micro-engraving process, carved a vivid horse on the 43 mm black enamel dial. There is also the Pomade AmadeoFleurier series 43 mm rose gold watch, which depicts a proud and noble horse on the white mother-of-pearl dial with a delicate micro-painting process. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)