Tissot Image Ambassador Huang Xiaoming Perfectly Interprets Different Precious Moments

In Shanghai in the late autumn, the chill is getting stronger. Stars gather in a studio not far from Xintiandi. Tissot’s brand new season image advertising is in full swing, the first internationally renowned photographer-Man Chen collaborated with Tissot. Huang Xiaoming, Tissot watch’s global image ambassador, will perform three different precious moments in the new season’s image advertisement, counting the wonderful life of Tissot watch every second.

 Huang Xiaoming carefully brewed his emotions during the shooting.

Stars join forces to interpret the perfect quality of Tissot watches

 This year is the fifth year that Huang Xiaoming has served as Tissot Global Ambassador. Over the years, Tissot watches have always been on the road to performance in Xiaoming. Xiaoming has the shadow of the characters in the drama in his life. In ‘Sea Wide Sky’, he is a tough and simple Cheng Dongqing, so that countless young people walking on the road to entrepreneurship, see the hope of success; in ‘Jing Fei Yue Fei’, He interpreted Yue Fei’s style of Confucian generals, and conveyed the positive energy of self-discipline, generosity and filial piety. He advances and grows in controversy and applause, transforming and wandering from various roles without losing himself. At the end of September this year, he won the 29th Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in ‘Sea and Sky’, which is well deserved. On the night of the awards feast, he shared the honor and applause with him on the wrist of the ‘TISSOT Luxury Collection 80 Swiss Official Observatory Certified Automatic Men’s Watch’. In normal times, Tissot is also a good partner in Xiaoming’s work and life. He has witnessed his years of hard work and proved that only those who know how to work diligently can usher in successful results, just like Tissot’s intensive study of watchmaking technology for 160 years With unremitting pursuit, today’s Tissot watch has the Swiss quality that one can only dream of.

 This cooperation, Tissot watch specially invited emerging photographer Chen Man, she won numerous awards in international photography competitions, claiming to have a pair of ‘always awake eyes’. Under her lens, the stars have become more real. She magnifies their true personality and the light hidden in her heart through the lens, and gives all kinds of emotions and vitality to the works. This is the first time she has collaborated with Xiaoming on the shooting of Tissot watches. What kind of artistic spark will be there, which is very much expected.

 This shooting shows three different styles of Huang Xiaoming and Tissot watches through three different life scenes. The heavyweight stars and photographers interpret Tissot’s superb Swiss quality together, making it a close companion for the wearer and witnessing every moment of wonderful life.

 Xiaoming and the working team are discussing the shooting details.

Wonderful life-extraordinary and full of energy

 The first shot began with the TISSOT T-Touch solar touch watch. Xiaoming appeared casually in front of the camera in a casual outfit. He said that he likes this high-tech series very much, because for his busy work, no matter where he travels or works, the high-tech touch function can always make the journey more convenient. The new TISSOT T-Touch solar touch watch is a combination of high-tech and green environmental protection, which is also very supportive of public welfare and environmental protection Xiaoming can not help it.

 TISSOT T-Touch Solar Touch Watch is the world’s first solar-powered touch watch, which once again leads the future trend of the watch industry. It is the best choice for those who love environmental protection and outdoor sports. This watch has multi-touch functions such as altimeter, compass and weather forecast. It also integrates a variety of exquisite and stylish elements. It only needs simple sunlight to obtain kinetic energy. It is a perfect combination of superb technology and cool appearance!

 Xiaoming interpreted the TISSOT T-Touch solar watch series with a casual and casual look.

            TISSOT T-Touch Solar Touch Watch, Suggested Price: To be determined.

Wonderful life-perfect sportsman, hard to hide the edge

 After the first group of shooting breaks, Xiaoming switched to autumn and winter fashion, and paired with Tissot T-Complication Squelett 3D skeleton watch. This series is the representative of Tissot’s top watchmaking technology, and it is also the champion of the classic group of the International Time Trial. The luxurious appearance and unique detail design illustrate the combination of tradition and modernity. The watch has a stylish appearance and sophisticated manufacturing technology. The unique spoke design and improved ETA6497-1 movement give the watch an unparalleled three-dimensional visual effect. This is a manual winding mechanical movement watch. Its hot and hard work leaves people with unlimited reveries, just like a talented and perfect sportsman. The radiance is always bright.

 Xiaoming interprets the TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D skeleton watch.

 TISSOT T-Complication Squelett 3D skeleton watch, suggested price: NT $ 58,000.

Wonderful life-extraordinary, calm and confident

 In the final scene of the shooting, Xiaoming changed into a spring and summer suit, calm and confident, wearing the TISSOT Luxury Collection 80 series, exuding elegant temperament and revealing mature male charm, as Zhou Runfa commented, ‘He It’s a beautiful man ‘, a smart gentleman appeared in front of the lamp.

 TISSOT Luxury Collection 80 series watches are the first to use the revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement, which makes the watch’s power reserve reach an amazing 80 hours. , Dazzling, warm and determined; 12-hour scale inlaid with diamonds, noble and elegant; minimalist dial and case are decorated with three-dimensional small squares on both sides, and the beautiful and generous details show the intention and taste of the Tissot watch, which is a low-key luxury aesthetic The perfect presentation of the watch; the diver’s water wave decoration is used on the automatic dial of the movement of the back cover of the watch, exuding elegant charm and unique design.

 Xiaoming changed into a spring and summer suit, and the fashion gentleman was extraordinary.

    TISSOT Luxury Collection 80 Official Swiss Observatory Certified Automatic Men’s Watch, Suggested Price: NT $ 45,000.

Be grateful and witness wonderful

 On the eve of Thanksgiving, near the end of the filming, Huang Xiaoming said, ‘He is very happy to cooperate with Tissot watches over the years, feel the harmony of mutual trust and support, and a perfect partnership. Thanks, he specially ordered a cake, and also celebrated the successful shooting on that day. He even more carefully recorded a video telling Tissot and his fans to treat their friends, family and those who are silent with gratitude. Those who support themselves. When Thanksgiving is coming, remember to say thank you! It is this kind of gratitude and constant self-encourage that made Xiao Ming more and more exciting for his long life! And Tissot has always upheld The spirit of ‘IN TOUCH WITH YOUR TIME always impresses you’, the brand continuously strives to provide consumers with the dream-quality Swiss watches, so that these watches become consumers’ intimate companion on the long journey of life, no matter at what stage of life , Which important moment, whether it is advancing in adversity, or the moment of success, witness every point for them Wonderful.