The Passionate Goalkeeper And Watch Case That Ignited The World Cup

The goalkeeper is the last line of defense in front of the goal and is the only player among all players who can touch the ball with his hand. Everyone knows that an excellent goalkeeper is worth more than half of the team, and the goalkeeper can often control the fate of a team. The goalkeeper’s excellent performance can often save the entire team, and if the goalkeeper plays abnormally, the team often cannot escape. The goalkeeper is usually on the team’s last line of defense. His main task is to defend the goal and prevent the opponent from scoring. At the same time, when he catches the ball, he must launch the attack quickly and effectively.

   Because the goalkeeper’s position is convenient for observing the situation on the field, the goalkeeper is required to be good at observing the overall situation, analyzing the trend of the game, and assisting in commanding the team’s defense and offense. In football games, the focus of the contradiction is shooting and blocking shots, so the competition in front of the goal is extremely fierce. The performance of goalkeepers is directly related to the fate of a team. For this reason, goalkeepers should have good psychological qualities in addition to their due physical fitness, skilled technology and high tactical awareness.

   Casillas is considered to be another goalkeeper after Spanish legendary goalkeeper Subisareta
   Through the above description of the goalkeeper’s responsibilities, let us realize that the role of the goalkeeper is actually the same as the case. In addition to showing the overall design of the watch, the case is actually more important as a watch protector. And the different materials also make the case have different protection factors. Among the many case materials, stainless steel should be the most common, and the king of stainless steel is 904L austenitic stainless steel. There are two types of stainless steel in the world, one is austenite, and the other is Martensitic, martensitic stainless steel is magnetic and has a high carbon content, so it is extremely hard. It is generally used to make scalpels or high-grade knives. Austenitic stainless steel is often used to make containers because it is not magnetic and has excellent stability. Of course, austenitic stainless steel also has many models, such as common 304, 309, 316, 316L, and so on.

   From the perspective of composition, any stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and iron. The difference between 904 steel is that 2% copper is added. Although we cannot prove what will happen after adding copper, 904 steel has been proved by facts. It is indeed more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can withstand 23 refurbishments. Its cost is three times that of 316L stainless steel.

   At present, only Rolex is using this material in the world. Rolex has always been known for its sturdiness and durability. If I recommend a watch, I recommend this new sea dweller 4000. Since its water-resistant depth is 1220 meters, This means that this table’s ‘defense’ ability can be described as solid. Considering the pressure of the table mirror is average, so it is not that ‘bubble’, so that the late master Zhong has said that the sea dweller is the most balanced Rolex. In addition, Rolex is equipped with all the latest equipment for this watch, including Cerachrom ceramic word ring, luminescent Chromalight luminous material, paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, oyster safety buckle and Rolex Glidelock strap extension device, of course there is that The low-profile helium exhaust valve is precisely because of this one-way valve, everything from the outside world will say goodbye to the movement.

   In addition to the most traditional stainless steel, bronze is also increasingly sought after. Because according to Darwin’s credo that ‘only change is constant,’ bronze will be stained with a light green patina over time. The longer the time, the deeper the color will be. The patina fused with your own DNA will make this watch unique.

   Bronze originally referred to copper-tin alloys, and later evolved into a collective term for copper alloys other than brass and white copper (German silver). Since bronze is a copper alloy, the name of the first major element is usually added before the bronze name, such as tin bronze, beryllium bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze, and aluminum bronze. Different types of bronzes have different physical properties, just like tin bronzes have good casting properties, good friction reduction properties, and good mechanical properties. They are suitable for manufacturing bearings and gears. However, beryllium bronze and phosphor bronze have high elastic limit and good conductivity, so they are used to make precision springs and electrical contact components.

   There is also aluminum bronze, which is characterized by high strength, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and its chemical properties are extremely stable, so it has been the first choice of gears and marine propellers for high loads. And now IWC uses this super strong copper and aluminum alloy on this special edition of ‘Darwin Adventure’ watch. This is really exciting. Of course, in addition to the material itself, this material has a characteristic. That is, its color is very close to the color of rose gold, which satisfies everyone’s tyrannical plot.

   With the development of technology, in addition to metals, there is a new case material that must be mentioned is carbon fiber. The biggest advantage of carbon fiber is that it is extremely light. Its weight is one fifth of that of steel in the same volume. But it is 5 times stronger than steel. Among the many top watchmaking brands, it can be said that there are not many brands that can produce their own movements, but brands with their own material factories can be described as rare. And precisely Hublot has its own carbon fiber manufacturing plant. Two years ago, Hublot set up a carbon fiber professional team. Each member of the team not only knew carbon fiber well, but also knew about every aspect of watch manufacturing and the characteristics of all its parts. Therefore, the carbon fiber material is not only independently designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot, but also uses similar manufacturing standards to the carbon fiber used in F1 racing and aerospace.

   The Hubei carbon fiber dimension forging process uses the multilayer principle to forge carbon fiber components: this process requires the stacked multilayer carbon fibers (up to 12 layers) to be pressed into a mold and placed in a polymerization furnace. The carbon fiber produced by this principle does not generate air bubbles, so the material has excellent uniformity and also has higher mechanical strength. The internal processing of carbon fiber is done by a special CNC machine tool with five spindles, and all parts of the watch case and movement are continuously tested during the entire processing process. For example, each watch undergoes three waterproof tests during assembly.

   To say that the carbon fiber watch related to football, I think the best look is this King of Juventus. This watch is based on the club’s signature black and white colors, and the Aero Bang skeleton movement under the sapphire mirror is clearly visible. The entire movement has been hollowed out, so that the beauty of the mechanical operation of each part is fully displayed. The top of the watch retains only the materials necessary to maintain its functioning. The black ruthenium coating on the exterior makes the entire watch more uniform and aesthetically pleasing, and ensures clear readings.

   The minute-counter dial at 9 o’clock, the calendar pane at 4 o’clock, and the Juventus football club logo at 3 o’clock, all feature iconic black and white colors. As the last link in the design that is closely related to this legendary club, the strap is made of black natural rubber with white leather stitched and black striped leather in the center. This design inspiration is also directly derived from the team’s graphic logo, making this watch perfect.

   People who love football, people who love watches, in the next month we will begin to spend sleepless nights, so let us wear our beloved watches to enjoy the passion of the World Cup!