The Light Shines Tasting Breitling Galaxy 36 Beautiful Edition Diamond Watch

Breitling is the leader in the production of novel, unique and durable multi-purpose watches. The experience of making watches for the aviation industry over the years has given Breitling products a remarkable feature. It always pays attention to the functional orientation of watches, and gives its products the characteristics that are adapted to the needs of different special industries, making its watches into practical, functional and The perfect combination of diversity. The Breitling Galaxy 36 Luxe Edition watch is a watch specially designed for female consumers by Breitling. It is dignified and elegant. Today’s Watch House will bring you this sparkling diamond bezel watch.

   Breitling Galaxy 36 Luxe watch, the case diameter is 36mm, the size is very suitable for women to wear, diamond-set bezel makes the watch more exquisite and magnificent, flashing glamorous; high-performance SuperQuartz certified by the Swiss official observatory (COSC) ™ Super Quartz movement provides long-lasting power for the watch. This is a powerful watch with perfect elegance and excellent performance, which can accompany every minute of life in every detail.

Galaxy 36 Diamond Edition Diamond Watch

   The watch is made of stainless steel with a beautiful body, and the bezel is set with a row of fine-cut diamonds. Using a white mother-of-pearl dial, the middle three hands indicate the time, and the date is displayed; the watch is equipped with a quartz movement and a stainless steel bracelet. The watch is simple but magnificent and elegant.


   The crown of the watch is uniquely arched and decorated with pits on the crown, which not only increases the aesthetics, but also facilitates the grasp to adjust the time. Exquisite shoulder decoration on both sides of the crown, elegant and beautiful.


   The strap of the watch is a chain-type stainless steel strap divided into five rows. The links of the straps are strangely arranged but staggered. This close arrangement of links can make wearing more comfortable.


   The stainless steel case of the watch is a traditional round case. The bezel is specially treated to make the case more three-dimensional. The case is polished and polished to make the surface smooth and shiny. It can be seen from the side that the bezel and case of the watch are obvious and very delicate.


   The watch dial uses an elegant white mother-of-pearl dial, with hands and hour markers coated with luminous coating, and a date display window at three o’clock. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal, and the bezel is set with a row of fine and beautiful diamonds.


   The watch’s lugs are not long, they are cast integrally with the case, and the lines formed by the case are smooth and beautiful. The lugs are polished, rounded and smooth, and rich in metallic luster. The part is more fitted.

Folding buckle

   The strap of the watch uses a folding buckle made of stainless steel. The simple opening and closing of the buckle makes it easier to wear; the Breitling logo is engraved on the buckle.

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   The watch uses a closed case made of stainless steel, which is engraved with the brand logo and some relevant parameters of the watch; it is equipped with a high-performance quartz movement certified by the Swiss Observatory, and the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters .

Summary: This watch does not have much complicated functions, but its time display, date display and 100 meters water resistance are fully capable of life. The watch’s high-performance movement can ensure the watch’s stable operation under sports pressure. The styling and details of the watch models have also been carefully treated. They are magnificent and elegant, and the diamonds on the bezel make the watch more shining, which is very suitable for women.