Swatch Becomes A ‘hardcore Football Fan’!

The European Cup in the summer of 2016 is a celebration celebrated by the world’s fans. On this summer, Swatch’s new European Cup special “Hardcore Football Fans” (SUOZ216) will add to the hot summer festival . Swatch loves sports and, like Play International, a non-governmental organization based in France, believes in the value and impact of sports and its educational significance for today’s younger generation.

   Play International uses the power of sports to catalyze social change and create ways for children to learn and grow in sports. More than 500,000 children in 15 countries have benefited from participating in or receiving trauma treatment programs. Play is not a simple verbal care for participants, that is, children. It is a practical and effective action-the idea that this action is better than words coincides with Swatch’s point of view, and it is a far-reaching agreement between the two parties. Important foundation of partnership.

   For every ‘hardcore football fan’ watch sold, Swatch donates a portion of the proceeds to Play International to support its children’s education program, Playdagogie.

   ‘Hardcore football fans’ has a white trophy painted on the buckle ring. Fans who support different teams can also purchase buckle rings painted with flags of participating countries of different teams. Can’t stop being crazy about football? We have prepared a ‘Luxury Appearance Lineup’ for real hardcore football fans: The ‘Hardcore Football Fans’ watch comes with a complete buckle ring with the flags of 24 countries and an extra buckle ring printed with ‘2016’. In the box. Fans, what are you waiting for!