Swatch 2017 Autumn And Winter Series Takes You Through The Modern And Rural Style Of The Metropolis

Speaking of being good at blending the modern metropolis style with the exquisiteness and rigor of Swiss watchmaking, Swatch naturally takes it seriously. This season, Swatch launched the highly anticipated new autumn and winter 2017 series. The five major series interpreted stories about nature, color and prosperity.

   In today’s noisy internet era, returning to the true is more people’s desire, and urban horticulture, DIY culture, and healthy real food are coming. The ‘Pastoral style’ series responds to this infinite desire for simplicity and nature through the design of flowers, animals and rural kitchens.

   The watch design of the ‘Swatch Time’ series sparked a happy spark, pursuing the true essence of low-key elegance in the complexity and complexity, and invariably cast their playful eyes on this world-famous classic Swatch style.

   Rolling mountains, rich chocolates, delicious cheeses and precision watchmaking … Welcome to Switzerland! The ‘Swiss Complex’ series of watches, with the help of classic visual labels, vividly interprets what is the true Swiss Confederation through the vibrant and fun design details.

   The ‘Color Studio’ series watches use bold color blocks to boldly fight colors, and you can recognize the classic Swatch style at a glance!

   The bustling night of the metropolis: neon flashes, radiance and infinite charm, this is undoubtedly a ‘carnival night’! The high fashion style is matched with glittering gold and silver, and I see this series of watches elegantly shining and dazzling under the spotlight.
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