Richard Miller Launches New Rm 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph For Sponsoring The San Barto Regatta

On April 14, 2015, the 6th San Barto Regatta, the best sailing event in the Caribbean, will officially begin at 11 am. A total of more than 1,000 sailing enthusiasts from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the event, including the famous Loïc Peyron and Terry Hutchinson. They will start a week-long fierce competition in an exciting atmosphere. The beautiful scenery of the sailing circuit around the St. Bartos Island provides fantastic opportunities for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world-here to witness the world’s most prestigious sailing boat facing each other.
   Richard Miller has been a key partner since the founding of the San Barto Regatta. This year, this fine watchmaker from Jura, Switzerland will once again be involved, and for this purpose specially launched the new RM 60-01 Regatta flyback chronograph.
   The principles and values ​​of sailing perfectly reflect Richard Miller’s brand philosophy-the pursuit of extreme performance, research and development of cutting-edge technology, artistic harmony and respect for watchmaking traditions.
   This watch is equipped with a RM 60-01 self-winding movement, made of five grade titanium and equipped with a flyback chronograph function. In addition, the dial is also equipped with a wind rose chart and a detailed 360 ° 24-hour dial for sailing sea navigation. Its working principle is mainly based on two key elements: local time and the current position of the sun in the sky. Just point the UTC pointer to the sun and adjust the local time on the case scale, which will show the compass points in the northern and southern hemispheres without any additional calculations.
   The new RM 60-01 Regatta flyback chronograph is specially designed for maritime sailing competitions. It has UTC and countdown functions, and is equipped with a patented locking crown button. The total output is 50 pieces. It is only available in North and South America. The first watch will be officially released during the San Barto Regatta.