Rado Swiss Radar Centrix Series Open Core Watches Praise Oriental Valentine’s Day

On the arrival of traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, RADO is proud to present a new Centrix series core-opening watch, inspired by the oriental romantic legend of Qixi Festival. The legend turns into a sparkle on the wrist, sending a beautiful blessing to each pair of love.
When Eastern Legends Meets Swiss Craft
 The new Centrix open core series watch is not only a symbol of love, but also represents the constant love between Rado and the East. The unique design of the new watch is a wonderful combination of Western Swiss craftsmanship and Eastern legends. It adopts the iconic high-tech ceramic material of the Swiss Rado and is equipped with an inverted crescent-shaped hollow design dial, giving a glimpse of the internal mechanical structure of the lower part of the timepiece. Nothing more, the wearer can clearly appreciate the elegantly decorated Swiss movement. The sculpted open window at 12 o’clock shows the heart-like movement of the automatic mechanical movement, adding deep meaning and romance to the overall shape.

 The ingenious design of the Rado Centrix series core-opening watch subtly reflects the symbolic elements of the Qixi Festival: the inverted crescent-shaped design represents the bridge they stood on when they met. The hollow window at 12 o’clock symbolizes the completeness of the lovers when they meet, implying the beauty of love. The brilliant diamonds set on the dial are like bright stars in the sky, and the hands represent the Chinese Tanabata lovers in a romantic story. On the wearer’s wrist, the Tanabata lovers are intertwined and closely linked. Lovers bathed in love, always watching the watch’s long-lasting joy on their wrists, as if they are feeling the heartbeat shared by the two, always reminding to cherish the happy time together.

 RADO Swiss Rado watch for men to present the same classic Centrix crystal extraction series hollow watch, can be called a superb technology and extraordinary craftsmanship, a stylish work of art, equipped with a 38 mm smooth texture case, underscored the gentleman style. The watch uses a chocolate brown high-tech ceramic middle link bracelet, which fully guarantees the comfort of wearing, and the hollowed out dial subtly shows the continuous movement of the Swiss movement inside. The Centrix skeleton series skeleton watch uses an automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, achieving an excellent combination of chic design and excellent performance.
When cartoonist Tango meets RADO
 With the launch of the RADO Swiss Radar Centrix series core-opening watch, the well-known cartoonist Tango also unveiled a new masterpiece inspired by the new watch. Tango, known as the ‘Master of Late Night Healing’, ingeniously transformed the unique design of the watch dial into a romantic masterpiece that moves between inches. He said of this cooperation: ‘When I saw this piece was designed for love When I watch this watch, I see the bridge and perfection, I see time and love. When you wear this watch, your heart’s longing for love and eternal desire will be born.

 In the painting, the breeze is faint and the clouds are misty. The Qixi lovers meet on the bridge, and they feel the reunion moment only one day a year. She flicked her hair, her skirt swayed in the wind, and clinged to her lover’s arms; he raised his hands to hold the pointer firmly, and stood for the passage of time to settle the brief meeting as a permanent companionship.

 RADO Swiss Radar Centrix series core-opening watch-engraved every ‘core’ of love, remember every happiness that keeps one’s heart.