Piaget (Earl) Shines At The 47th Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

The 47th Golden Bell Awards Ceremony was finally expected. At the evening of October 26, 2012, the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall held an awards party. The stars of the show were glittering, and each of them won the honor of Golden Bell. Come. However, before the award winners revealed the list of winners, it was a star-studded red carpet of taste and style. The Piaget (Earl), which is equal to the noble and elegant painting, is the dazzling focus that shines on all important ceremony occasions!

At the ceremony, Chen Bailin and Yang Youning, who are about to compete for the ‘Dragon Actor Award’ award, performed acting on the fluorescent screen, but they chose the count as the best partner for Starry Night together.

Chen Bailin, who won the ‘Dragon Actor Award’ with the drama ‘I May Not Love You’, has become a model of the ideal lover in the eyes of Taiwanese female audience with the role of ‘Da Li’. The highly recognizable Gouverneur watch, which has a dual character between circular and elliptical, is an appropriate illustration of Chen Bailin’s interpretation of virtual characters with natural acting on the stage. Back to myself.

Also in the drama ‘I May Not Love You’, Lin Yichen, who won the title of ‘Theatrical Show Actress Award’, won the audience’s praise for the image of the light mature woman who bravely pursued herself. , Paired with Piaget Rose earrings with Piaget’s symbol of women’s romance, showing Lin Yichen’s elegant and gentle transformation from a girl to a woman; wearing a Limelight leaf full diamond mysterious watch on her wrist, the bright light shows her general style, seems to be ahead Predict the determination after seizure.

Yang Youning, who returned to the TV drama from the big screen, was shortlisted for the ‘Dragon Actor Award’ with ‘Ex-Boyfriend’. This is the first TV series he has starred in after returning to the television circle. He carefully figured out the delicate emotional transition of the characters in the play, and really won the golden bell. In order to explain his grasp of the role, Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watches that Piaget also performed flawlessly on the perfect performance, like Yang Youning’s natural acting skills, Altiplano is as thin as a part of body skin.

Li Qianna, who was also shortlisted for the ‘Actress Leading Actress’ in the drama ‘Ex-Boyfriend’, joined Yang Youning on the Avenue of Stars. The Piaget Rose diamond pendant chain with elegant curves and the Limelight jewelry earrings with the same floral lines, and the Miss Protocole feather-shaped watch, with flying feathers surrounded by flowers, symbolize Li Qianna’s wonderful transformation Han.

The hard-core actor who also has a high voice is June, with ‘Love. The touching family drama in ‘Back’ shows the back seat of the ‘Theatrical Actress Award’. After the second seal, the call was extremely high, and it was prepared in June. On the red carpet, she wore a black dress with a drop-shaped Magic Garden diamond necklace, ring and earrings, and a glamorous Limelight vintage full-diamond jewellery watch to set off her momentum and determination.

Singaporean actor Li Mingshun came to Taiwan to invest in his first TV movie ‘Forgetting’, and was shortlisted for this year’s Golden Bell Mini TV Series Actor Award. Only the Piaget Emperador Coussion pillow-shaped men’s jewellery watch and the same series of long rectangular white gold and black agate cufflinks can match his long-term career achievements in the film and television industry.

‘Sasa’ Zhong Xinyu, with a sweet smile and kindness, was nominated for the ‘Variety Show Host Award’ for the first time as the host of ‘Supermodel King Avenue’. Before the award ceremony, she was forecasting to subvert the visual nerves with a sexy shape. She wore a black lace short dress with Piaget’s playful Miss Protocole tassel diamond earrings and Piaget Heart heart ring, plus the central dial decoration. Limelight Dancing Light – Piaget Rose themed jewellery watch with hollow rose event decoration plate, reveals the brisk rhythm and youthfulness of the show hosted by Sasa. At the same time as the award presenter, she also put on a pink dress to show femininity, and matched Miss Protocole fringed diamond necklace and Possession earrings, elegant and generous.

Among the stars, Cai Shuzhen, who was shortlisted for the leading actress in a drama show last year, started from a model identity and had unlimited performance planning. She was active in theatrical performances and variety show hosting. Tonight was invited to be a guest of the party. She wore a low-cut silver long dress like Monroe’s classic white dress plate, paired with Limelight diamond short necklace with simple lines and Possession diamond earrings that also showed circular geometric lines. And lined with Piaget Magic Garden series tassel full diamond bracelet, bright light.