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    Bvlgari Bvlgari And The Soc Super Running Club Perform The Collision Of Superior Quality And Distinguished Private Enjoyment

    [May 5-6, 2018, Milan] Italian jewellery family BVLGARI Bulgari and SOC Super Run Club announced a formal cooperation at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan. The spirit of enthusiasm and enjoyment, outstanding performance and good reputation are the core values ​​of the brand, which coincides with the concept of the SOC Super Running Club, which advocates exclusive experience. At the event site, a Bulgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC cooperation watch specially created for the ‘sophisticated super running collectors’ was launched, which started a three-year close cooperation between the two parties.

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch
       Based on the common pursuit of high quality, the international club with the renowned Italian jewelry family association elites gathered. Only the owners of limited edition sports cars around the world can obtain SOC Supercar Club membership, which is a distinguished status. SOC Super Running Club is committed to providing high-quality membership services to help owners of high-end sports cars around the world enjoy their driving passion.
       Excellence is the essence of Bulgari’s brand, and it also becomes an opportunity for cooperation between the two major brands. The new Bulgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC member-only watch seals the brand’s unremitting innovation spirit with time.
       Adhering to the brand spirit of Bulgari, this exclusive timepiece incorporates avant-garde technology in modern design and has a pure and timeless style, which shows the SOC members’ passion for sports cars. The middle layer of the transparent sapphire case and the edges are made of titanium treated with diamond-like carbon (DLC), fully showing the structure of the tourbillon movement. The hour markers in gold have witnessed the passage of time. The gold tubular structure on the side also shines through the sapphire transparent case. The power hands and the crown decorated with the ‘SOC’ logo are also made of gold. The exclusive case design was born for a breakthrough.

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC cooperation watch transparent sapphire case shows the internal structure of the movement

    Bvlgari Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC partnership tourbillon movement
       On May 5th, the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch appeared at the Milan Bulgari Hotel Dinner. The next day, the supercar team crossed the Lombardy region of Italy under the guard of a police car, and then everyone went to the world’s largest private supercar collection museum to appreciate the SOC members’ private sports cars.
       The Bvlgari and SOC Super Run Club will debut at the historic Goodwood Circuit in the UK on June 4, arrive in Switzerland on September 1, and attend the celebration of the 47th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates on December 2 in Dubai Join the global feast.

    Technical Parameters

    Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC collaboration watch
    Movement, case and dial: the brand-made Calibre BVL 206 hand-wound mechanical movement with flying tourbillon. The center of the watch is built with 11 bridges treated with black DLC (diamond-like carbon), decorated with 18K yellow gold bars, hands, power reserve display and crown. Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) processing titanium case and sapphire case middle layer; hour and minute hands display; 64-hour power reserve.
    Bracelet: black crocodile leather strap with rubberized surface, matching ‘SOC’ yellow stitching, and folding buckle.

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    Yuedong Life Three Exquisite Ladies Watches Recommended

    Elegant and exquisite women’s watches without losing practicality have become important accessories for urban women. A beautiful watch will accompany the ‘her’ in your heart to spend every minute, remember every happy moment. Today, the Watch House recommends three beautiful women’s watches for everyone.

    160th Anniversary of Ebolus Zuls Automatic LS9160-221 Memorial Watch

    Watch Series: Zuls Automatic
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 316L stainless steel
    Strap material: 316L stainless steel
    Case diameter: 29 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 8380
    Watch details: ernestborel / 43144 /
    Watch Reviews: The all-steel Zuls Automatic Series GS9160-212 is one of the commemorative models launched to commemorate the 160th birthday of the Ebolu brand. The entire watch is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, and the seven-bead strap is cleverly separated and clothed, making the steel more rigid and slightly more delicate, and it has a beautiful meaning of ‘one, three (raw), one (four)’. The shade of the white camellia dial corresponds to the 12-hour interval. It is decorated with multi-faceted three-dimensional inverted triangle gold-plated studs. It is set with diamonds at the 3, 6, 9, and 12. The scented pearl necklace makes every detail shine with charm.

    Longines Elegant L4.

    Watch Series: Elegant Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 24 mm
    Domestic public price: 8300
    Watch details: longines / 1145 /
    Watch Reviews: Longines Elegant Series classic watch, white elegant dial, 12 black Roman scales engraved on the dial appear generous, decorated with simple two hands, enough to indicate the time, the watch is equipped with a quartz L209 machine Core to ensure accurate watch movement. The 24 mm diameter design of this watch is perfect for modern ladies.

    Radar True Series R27957102

    Watch Series: True Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Case material: Ceramic
    Strap Material: Ceramic
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: 16400
    Watch details: rado / 20233 /
    Watch Reviews: The classic Radar true series watch, the watch uses its characteristic ceramic case has been created by the bracelet, the pure white design feels like an angel. Gold bar hour markers with gold hour markers, simple and clear when read with pure white dial. The 39 mm diameter design of the watch meets the pursuit of large-diameter watches compared to female friends.

    Summary: The first condition for watch selection is good-looking. These three watches recommended for everyone today, in addition to Yibo Lu this is a mechanical watch, the other two watches are quartz movements, in fact, mechanical watches and mechanical wrists I myself prefer mechanical watches a little more, but quartz watches are more accurate, so choosing a mechanical watch or a quartz watch is entirely up to everyone’s choice.

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    Montblanc Launches The 4810 Series To Pay Tribute To The Golden Age Of Transatlantic

    The Montblanc 4810 series debuted in 2006 and is the brand’s best-selling work. This year, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the brand, Montblanc follows the essence of the series and celebrates this century with the new 4810 series. The new collection respects the brand’s exquisite and long-standing watchmaking tradition, presents an outstanding, elegant and sporty design. It reinterprets the popular 4810 series with advanced complication watches, providing modern travelers with reliable and accurate timepieces.

       In 1906, at a time when manufacturing was booming, three visionary manufacturing pioneers—engineer August Eberstein, businessman Alfred Nehemias, and stationery entrepreneur ClausVoß—come to the United States to prepare for a grand vision. They invented a writing instrument using leak-proof technology and a piston converter. Engineer Eberstein is extremely visionary and has been studying micro-mechanical innovations in the United States and Britain for many years. His unremitting pursuit of outstanding performance, innovation and perfect quality has become the core spirit and driving force of Montblanc. The entrepreneur ClausVoß is very business-oriented, and he is actively pursuing innovative technologies with unique development potential. By chance, Claus and Eberstein met. He immediately noticed Eberstein’s engineering creativity and passion, and was convinced that he would become his best partner to complete the blueprint for the enterprise.

      In 1910, the three founders borrowed the name of MontBlanc, the highest peak in Europe, and officially named the company Montblanc, symbolizing the unremitting pursuit of the highest quality. This dedication to perfect quality has enabled Montblanc to continue to create masterpieces, explore inspiration and develop advanced craftsmanship, and has become the core value and driving force of the brand since its establishment. Mont Blanc has an altitude of 4810 meters, and this number has always been regarded as a symbol of the brand. Today, the new 4810 series has given this number a new lease of life, symbolizing the brand’s founder’s pursuit of excellence when he started this wonderful journey 110 years ago.

      The early 20th century was a golden development moment for reform and innovation. This period marked the beginning of a new horizon, especially the transatlantic transportation that promoted the development of international business and cultural relations. Thanks to many revolutionary new inventions, such as the rise of ship steam engines and advances in navigation methods, the development of maritime transport has achieved a huge breakthrough. Passenger routes compete for the prestigious Trans-Atlantic Grand Prix-the Blue Ribbon Award. Taking into account the different routes of transoceanic vessels, the awards are based on average speed and are based on the fastest speed when traveling west along the challenging Gulf Stream. This award has attracted passengers and shipping companies seeking the fastest and strongest ships. The blue ribbon has thus become a symbol of honor and highest achievement. Its spirit is carried forward in the new Montblanc 4810 series, demonstrating top performance and excellent timepiece quality.

       In this pioneering era, major port cities have entered the most vigorous development period and become the central hub for trade, cultural exchanges and reform and innovation. Hamburg Port is one of them. As Germany’s largest port, the Port of Hamburg was quickly hailed as Germany’s ‘gateway to the world.’ As a result, Hamburg’s international trade has developed vigorously, and has become Germany’s independent luxury ocean-going passenger ship manufacturing site. The ships it built were quickly recognized and regarded as the world’s most important modern carrier ships. Montblanc is firmly rooted in this era of great change, and launched the new Montblanc 4810 series with both technology and aesthetics to commemorate this important period.
       To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand and commemorate the golden age that gave birth to its growth, Montblanc has launched a number of unique new 4810 series timepieces, and launched three self-developed complex function movements, namely external tourbillon stop seconds MB29.21, Shuangfei chronograph movement MBLL100.1 and World Time movement MB29.20.
       Each 4810 series timepiece follows the brand’s elegant and rich design guidelines. The characteristic carved dial is decorated with a striking Montblanc white star pattern, rose gold Roman numerals and hour markers, a large case, and a beautifully designed sword shape. Openwork hands. The extreme pursuit of details has given this series a new look, showing that Montblanc adheres to the ‘share of passion for fine watchmaking’, and provides watch lovers around the world with advanced sophisticated functions, perfect quality and aesthetic value Timepiece masterpiece.

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    Boll Eliminates All Difficulties And Presents Impeccable Watches

    The creation of BALL Watch unifies the time of American Railways. In order to praise the brand’s past glorious deeds, this year we solemnly take an antique BALL Watch 8-day kinetic energy storage table clock produced around 1930 as the inspiration , Trainmaster Cleveland Express-a classic and elegant observatory watch. Cleveland Express used to be the bridge of the New York Central Railroad to connect the busiest city in the United States, New York and Cleveland, which was then the bustling central area, which was the birthplace of BALL Watch. At the beginning of the last century, Cleveland Express has been to these two great cities many times a day for 50 years.

    BALL Trainmaster Cleveland Express
    Material: Stainless steel
    Movement: ETA 2836-2 automatic winding movement
    Function: hour, minute, second, date, day of the week display / shockproof 5,000Gs
    Mirror: sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover
    Table diameter: 41mm
    Water resistance: 50 meters

     The delicate and slim Trainmaster series case is equipped with a mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Observatory. Its outstanding accuracy is in line with the pursuit of precision in the spirit of the BALL Watch brand. The digital design on the surface and the minute display outer circle vaguely reveal the classic essence of antique table clocks, and the hour scale uses BALL Watch’s self-luminous miniature gas lamp, which has unparalleled night reading performance. The slightly arched surface is matched with the pattern of sun rays, reflecting dazzling light at any angle. Its simple design is exactly in contrast to the metal figures, and the Arabic numerals with a thickness of 0.4 mm create a three-dimensional effect on the surface. Although the craftsman encountered many difficulties in the process of metal cutting and grinding, but with superb technology and pursuit of perfection

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    Thanks For My Father’s Love, Write Time – Fei Yada’s Father’s Day Love Watch Presentation

    Father’s love, as firm as a mountain peak, as broad and deep as the ocean. Father’s Day is approaching. If you want to give your father a practical and decorative gift that can be passed on to the tradition, then a tasteful watch is the best choice. If you love your father, give him a little more companionship. Fiyta presents classic watches for you. In those days when you can’t accompany your father, you can express a heart of grass with the seconds on your wrist.

      Seasons flow, classic timeless

      Zhang Chi’s calmness, introverted elegance and elegance in Xuan Ang, and dignity flowing in simplicity, are the qualities that Fiyta Men’s Watch has revealed. The FIYTA Classic Men’s Watch is not only an excellent time machine, it is also a boutique for stylish men.

      The Fiyta Classic series watches, as the name suggests, are designed with solid yet detailed details to achieve eternity on the wrist. 40mm large dial design, the watch layout is atmospheric, clean with a pen. Part of the style is on the nails, with a unique grid pattern, which has a architectural meaning, creating a connotative taste for the watch. The fine movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire glass of the bottom cover. The strap of this watch is made of cowhide, and the dial is equipped with elegant rose gold. In the flashing reflection of gold, you can see the craftsman’s tireless carving during the movement of the hands.

      The seasons are flowing, the years are not lived, the classics are timeless because of the baptism of time, the father’s love is subtle and deep, and the loving affection of the calf is not easily revealed. Can appreciate. Contained in the Fiyta Classic series of watches, is the dedication and pursuit of classics. Thanks father for writing time with love!
    Watch information
    Model: GA8312.MWR
    Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel
    Bezel: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
    Mirror: Sapphire glass
    Dial: Calendar display
    Strap: Cowhide
    Waterproof: Water-resistant to 50 meters
    Size: 40mm
    For more exciting content, please visit the official website of Fiyta Watch: http://www.fiyta.com.cn/

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    Grande Seconde Quantième Date Shows Blue Quiet Time

    Grande Seconde Quantième with date display is decorated with satin sunburst and is available in 39mm or 43mm diameter styles, interpreting modern elegance and vitality.

       The new models are paired with different colors, exuding a modern and stylish flavor: the large seconds hand with a date display is reinterpreted and equipped with a blue dial, which fits the atmosphere. The unique design gives the watch a distinctive luster, brings new feelings, and displays the style of the 21st century.
       The new grey-blue dial has a modern feel and a strong, long-lasting charm. The sunray pattern stretch line decoration technology makes the dial scatter light from the inside to the outside, giving it a new luster. This classic watch features an eccentric hour and minute display (at 12 o’clock) and an eccentric large seconds dial (6 o’clock) combined with a date display. It is here that the dial is adorned with sunburst, scattering light towards the bezel. The eccentric sunburst at this 6 o’clock position shrouded the dial with blue brilliance.

       Jacques de Ronaldo is equipped with 18K white gold indexes, which gradually arch toward the outer edge of the dial. Its color is slightly different from the stainless steel case. This dual material makes the color of the new large seconds watch more subtle and delicate, turning it into a source of light.
       One final touch: the pointer has a red tip for reading the date. Jacques Droe also provided space on a level different from that of the dial.

       The blue frosted satin date Grande Seconde Quantième Satin-Brushed Blue is modern and contemporary, while inheriting the brand’s historical heritage, it is equipped with a movement with a silicon hairspring and a pallet fork. It is immune to impact and temperature differences. The watch is available in two diameter sizes: the 39 mm model is elegant and timeless, low-key and subtle; the 43 mm model highlights a more stylish aesthetic. This work is dedicated to collectors who keep pace with the times, showing the elegance and vitality of collectors with flexible and creative shapes.

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    Seiko Premier Series New Generation Fashion Classic

    The Seiko Premier series takes the watch improvement to a new level. With two new movement numbers and more than 18 new watches, the Premier series has shown unprecedented strength and reflects its growing international popularity. The classic Premier series has a subtle new emphasis on design, and its appearance is fresh and elegant.

    Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase. Direct Drive Moon Phase

       There is no doubt that Kinetic’s direct-drive moon phase profit and loss watch is the star of this series. The charm of this beautiful new watch lies in the harmony between the never-ending planetary movement and the inexhaustible Kinetic energy.

    Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase. Directly drive the moon phase profit and loss watch: Drive all week, date and power reserve displays through a single crown.

    New Perpetual Calendar Stopwatch

       Combining a fully functional stopwatch with a perpetual calendar is an irresistible challenge, but it is not a small challenge to complete it in a Premier watch with comfort and elegance. The key to success is a central pointer with dual functions. In daily mode, it displays the date, month, and leap year; in stopwatch mode, it can be used as a second hand. As a result, the dial is simple, clean and easy to read.

    New Premier Women’s Collection

       The Premier women’s collection has always been very successful. Seven new watches in 2009 perfectly interpreted Premier’s contemporary innovative spirit, and its design spirit embodies a solemn, classic style. Whether with or without diamonds, each Premier ladies watch is water resistant to 10 bar, with a curved sapphire crystal surface and a gemstone crown, which is not only practical but elegant.

    44 diamonds and classic improvements
    Art Deco Art Deco Inspires Curved Contours

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    What Gift For Mother’s Day? Recommended Tissot Wave Series Special Watch

    What kind of gifts should I send for Mother’s Day this year? What watches are suitable for Mother’s Day? Today, the editor recommends Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch for everyone. The design of this series of watches is inspired by the vast ocean, symbolizing the mother’s selfless and broad love.

    Technical parameters (Special section of the Wave series):
     Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
     316L stainless steel case
     Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
     Leather strap with butterfly buckle
     Life is short, and the time of love and unforgettable moments is eternal. This year’s Mother’s Day, Swiss centennial watch brand Tissot solemnly presented a gift, endlessly grateful for the love between watches. The Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch is inspired by the vast ocean and symbolizes the mother’s selfless and broad love. Its overall design is simple and elegant, and the details are perfectly refined. Curved smooth anti-dazzling sapphire crystal glass, with the function of magnifying the dial, so that the mother can easily read the time; with the flowing willow-shaped hollow hands, like mother and children always go together; the hands point to four crystals The embossed leaf petals are inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial, which complements the wave-like streamlined case, which is extremely elegant; with a delicate and soft lizard or crocodile leather strap, it enhances the comfort of the watch Extreme, while caring for the mother’s wrist, it is the most incarnation of children.

     The Tissot Mother’s Day special section not only reflects the strong gratitude to the mother in the design concept, but also takes painstaking care in the details, hoping to add color to the mother’s wrist. The dial of the watch matches the main color of white. The white mother-of-pearl dial has a unique luster under the sun. The pearl also originates from the world of water depth, which fits the design purpose of ‘Sea Wave’. The design of the pointers and scales is also thoughtful, both derived from the shape of the water-deep plants: the hollow hands are like a cluster of waterweeds, moving like a mother, and their children will always go along; 3, 6, 9 and 12 There are leaf-shaped scales, which add a sense of tranquility after three-dimensional processing. The round dial is mirror-polished, round and smooth, and comfortable to wear. The mirror case can also reflect the rays of light between the wrists, attracting everyone’s attention. The leather strap is comfortable to wear, showing the mother’s feminine elegance.
     More Tissot watch information: tissot /

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    Hublot Launches New Big Bang Caviar ‘lady 305’

    On November 20th, the famous watch brand Hublot released a new watch in a restaurant in Miami. The new big bang caviar ‘Lady 305’ designed for women will surely be welcomed by women .

       The new watch has a 43 mm stainless steel or gold case with a blue diamond set on the bezel. An hour hand is placed at the center of the dial of the radiation pattern, which displays the hours, minutes and seconds of time. The time scale is painted with an oil blue luminous display layer to ensure the accuracy of time reading in the dark. The date display is placed at 3 o’clock, and the trapezoidal display window matches the dial pattern. Sapphire crystal protects the dial. The Big Bang caviar ‘Lady 305’ is engraved with the Miami Beach motif and Lady 305 on the back of the case.

       The watch is equipped with a hub1112 automatic movement and a 42-hour power reserve. This model is paired with a blue leather strap, which is bright and fresh in color. For more watch news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)

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    Richard Miller Launches New Rm 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph For Sponsoring The San Barto Regatta

    On April 14, 2015, the 6th San Barto Regatta, the best sailing event in the Caribbean, will officially begin at 11 am. A total of more than 1,000 sailing enthusiasts from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the event, including the famous Loïc Peyron and Terry Hutchinson. They will start a week-long fierce competition in an exciting atmosphere. The beautiful scenery of the sailing circuit around the St. Bartos Island provides fantastic opportunities for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world-here to witness the world’s most prestigious sailing boat facing each other.
       Richard Miller has been a key partner since the founding of the San Barto Regatta. This year, this fine watchmaker from Jura, Switzerland will once again be involved, and for this purpose specially launched the new RM 60-01 Regatta flyback chronograph.
       The principles and values ​​of sailing perfectly reflect Richard Miller’s brand philosophy-the pursuit of extreme performance, research and development of cutting-edge technology, artistic harmony and respect for watchmaking traditions.
       This watch is equipped with a RM 60-01 self-winding movement, made of five grade titanium and equipped with a flyback chronograph function. In addition, the dial is also equipped with a wind rose chart and a detailed 360 ° 24-hour dial for sailing sea navigation. Its working principle is mainly based on two key elements: local time and the current position of the sun in the sky. Just point the UTC pointer to the sun and adjust the local time on the case scale, which will show the compass points in the northern and southern hemispheres without any additional calculations.
       The new RM 60-01 Regatta flyback chronograph is specially designed for maritime sailing competitions. It has UTC and countdown functions, and is equipped with a patented locking crown button. The total output is 50 pieces. It is only available in North and South America. The first watch will be officially released during the San Barto Regatta.