Summer Will Be Colorful Three Recommended Color Watches Of Around 50,000

Summer has come, and the continuous temperature has made us feel the enthusiasm of summer. Summer is a colorful season, with blue sky, sea, green trees on the beach, a vacation by the sea, a walk by the lake, and the beauty of summer. This colorful summer can’t be better matched with colored watches. Today, Watch House recommends three color series watches to make this summer full of color.
Breitling Aviation Chronograph 8 Series AB01192A1L1X1

Product model: AB01192A1L1X1
Domestic public price: ¥ 52800
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Case thickness: 13.97 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 01
Case material: stainless steel, two-way rotation, with red hands, numbers and scales
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: Breitling / 68737 /

Watch Reviews: Breitling launched three new pilot Curtis Warhawk watches at Basel this year, with dark green as the main color, and inherited the Breitling DNA design elements, let us shine. Breitling’s new watch is a tribute to the most famous model of the Curtis P-40 war eagle. The 43 mm stainless steel is matched with a dark green dial. The contrasting small dial is also full of personality, and the military green strap. Blessing, full of sporty atmosphere. The movement is equipped with Breitling’s own 01 mechanical movement, which can provide 70 hours of power reserve.

Glashütte Original Retro Series 2-39-47-09-02-04

Product model: 2-39-47-09-02-04
Domestic public price: 64500
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 12.40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 39-47
Case material: polished steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: glashutte / 68586 /

Watch Comments: Last year, Glashütte introduced the retro series of green dials, and this year launched a new orange dial. The watch inherits the iconic curved design of this series. The color of the face is very unique, from the center to the edge, from golden yellow to fire orange, red, to the outermost black. The colors are delicate and charming. Arabic numerals, diamond-cut hour markers, hand-embedded hour markers and Super-LumiNova luminous The hands dot the dial. The movement is equipped with a 39-47 homemade movement, which can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours.

IWC pilot series IW377714

Product model: IW377714
Domestic public price: ¥ 40400
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Case thickness: 15.2 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.79320
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: iwc / 43272 /
Watch Comments: IWC pilot chronograph ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition I believe everyone has heard of it, after all, good value and high performance, is the ‘white moonlight’ in the hearts of many watch friends. This ‘Little Prince’ special edition watch is made of stainless steel with a blue dial. The three functional dials are arranged on the dial in an orderly manner. The classic design elements of IWC can be seen above. The case back is engraved with the image of the little prince carrying a sabre, and is equipped with IWC’s 51111 automatic mechanical movement, which can provide a 44-hour power reserve when fully wound.

Summary: The three watches introduced above have a public price of about 50,000 yuan, and their colors and designs are more attractive, which is very suitable for the taste of summer. I hope everyone will like them. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Lange’s New Little Saxonia Jewelry Watch

Although on the official website of Lange, the LITTLE SAXONIA watch is classified as the ‘jewelry watch’ instead of the ‘SAXONIA’ series, but this watch is still not enough Saxony Watch. As the smallest member mentioned in the SAXONIA series, the Little Saxony watch is a very representative model in German jewelry watches.

 The most important change of the 2011 LITTLE SAXONIA watch compared to the old one is the dial. Although it is also made of mother-of-pearl, the new dial has a sun-like effect. It looks more chic, but also more mature and elegant.
   The LITTLE SAXONIA watch is equipped with the L941.2 manual winding movement, measuring 25.6mm / 3.2mm. The case size is 34mm / 8mm. The bezel is set with 52 diamonds attacking 1.3 carats. The case is available in gold, white and rose gold. The hands and indexes are the same as the case. All three watches feature a white alligator leather strap and a white mother-of-pearl surface.

Breguet Breguet Classique 9078 Enamel Painted Watch Welcome New Year

To celebrate the 2017 Chinese Year of the Rooster, Breguet uses exquisite miniature enamel painting techniques, combining 19th-century French Impressionist ‘stipple’ and Chinese ancient porcelain figure painting style, and uses traditional Chinese folk acrobatics ‘hand shadow play’ The theme of the Year of the Rooster is irreplaceable in artistic value, and it is even more unique in the zodiac-themed watch that has become so popular recently.

Breguet Classique 9078 painted enamel 」Versailles」

Enamel painting is one of the most difficult challenges in watchmaking, symbolizing the highest achievement of superb craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics. Enamel pigment is composed of ore powder. Each coloring process must be sintered at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius or more. If it is not careful, it may be deformed. In addition, each pigment cannot be tinted, and must be ground with ore with different ingredients one by one. The production process is quite complicated. Among the enamel paintings, the most difficult technique is Enamel Miniature, that is, painting with enamel colors between square inches. Because the space of the faceplate is limited, I want to draw the theme patterns beautifully. It is necessary to paint carefully under the microscope with a brush that is as fine as a hair. Not only does it require a skilled enamel painter, but it also takes a very long time to complete a work, and its artistic value is of course important.
Breguet’s enamel dial watches are very rare. In the past, they were mainly large white fire enamel dials. In recent years, a very small number of miniature painted enamel dial watches have been launched. For example, two Breguet Classique 9078 painted enamel watches released in 2016: the Versailles rose face plate and the starry night horse face plate, the former is taken from the portrait of the French queen Marie Antoinette (Marie Antoinette); The latter is inspired by the white horses in the starry night.

Classique 9078 Versailles rose watch
The Classique 9078 painted enamel watch is inspired by the portrait of Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, Mary Antoinette and Rose, painted in 1783. This original painting on the theme of the rose of Versailles is a full-length portrait of Queen Mary holding a rose, while the Classique 9078 rose watch of Versailles is a part holding a rose. Combining the enamel micro-painting technology and the delicate process of pointillism, it is worthy of careful taste to reproduce the delicate painting on the faceplate.
It is worth mentioning that Breguet uses the pointillism of the 19th-century neo-impressionist Georges-Pierre Seurat (George-Pierre Seurat), which is a vivid and exquisite picture from a distance. I can see that every line, structure and color block is made up of stippling. Compared with ordinary micro-painted enamel, it requires more skilled painting skills. The delicate strokes and gradual light and shadow effects create a lifelike three-dimensional effect, as if the real leap on the faceplate. Also using this technique is the Zodiac series watch that Breguet releases every year. In fact, Breguet launches two zodiac-themed watches each year, including the Reine de Naples shell embossed dial watch and the Classique 9078 painted enamel watch.
Versailles rose watch technical parameters
Case: 18K white gold with fine coin pattern, sapphire crystal case back, size 33.5 mm, water resistance to 30 meters, case and lugs inlaid with 88 diamonds (0.606 carats), with Breguet signature, treasure玑 pointer
Movement: 591C self-winding movement, 25 jewel bearings, 38-hour power reserve, linear Swiss lever escapement, silicon Breguet balance wheel, vibration frequency 4Hz
Strap: white leather strap

Les Exclusifs De Breguet, Enamel 9078
Painted Enamel Zodiac Watch (Monkey)
Using the exquisite and outstanding big fire enamel technology, combined with fine painting techniques, hand-drawn delicate figures and monkeys’ vivid hand shadows, and 88 round diamonds on the outer ring add femininity.
The Breguet Classique 9078 painted enamel zodiac watch incorporates elements of Eastern and Western paintings. On the one hand, it adopts the aforementioned 19th-century French Impressionist dot tracing technique, and at the same time combines Chinese porcelain figures, landscapes, and scenery painting styles, like turning the faceplate into ancient porcelain. Another feature is the theme of ‘hand shadow play’ in traditional Chinese folk acrobatics. Through the gestures of the characters in the painting, the appearance of the birth sign is projected. It echoes the traditional Chinese New Year customs and makes people feel reunited and happy A harmonious atmosphere.
Technical parameters of painted enamel zodiac watch (monkey)
Model: Ref. 9078BB25976DD0009
Case: 18K white gold model with fine coin pattern, sapphire crystal case back, size 33.5 mm, water-resistant to 30 meters, painted enamel dial with Breguet signature, Breguet-style blue steel hands
Movement: 591C self-winding movement, 25 jewel bearings. 38-hour power reserve, linear Swiss lever escapement, Breguet silicon balance, 4Hz
Strap: white leather strap

Les Exclusifs De Breguet, Enamel 9078
Painted Enamel Zodiac Watch (Chicken)
The theme of 2017 is the Golden Rooster Annunciation. In the painting, a pair of mother and daughter in ancient costumes are sitting on an ancient Luo Han bed. On the left are the cornices and circular arches that are common in the Jiangnan Garden. The scene is full of ancient feelings. In the upper right corner is the golden rooster pattern projected by the hand shadow. The lines are simple but childlike, welcoming the 2017 new year with joy. The central hour, minute, and second hands retain the distinctive Breguet-style hands. The bezel is set with 88 diamonds, adding extravagance and elegance, once again echoing the design elements of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, and showing Breguet’s unparalleled artistic achievements Craftsmanship aesthetics, one of the most distinctive rooster zodiac watches of 2017.
Technical parameters of painted enamel zodiac watch (chicken)
Model: Ref. 9078EB25976DD0010
Case: 18K white gold model with fine coin pattern, sapphire crystal case back, size 33.5 mm, water-resistant to 30 meters, painted enamel dial with Breguet signature, Breguet-style blue steel hands
Movement: 591C self-winding movement, 25 jewel bearings, 38-hour power reserve, linear Swiss lever escapement, silicon Breguet balance wheel, vibration frequency 4Hz
Strap: white leather strap

New Filmmakers • New Film Paths Iwc Schaffhausen And Beijing International Film Festival Help The New Generation Of Chinese Film Circles

April 18, 2017, Beijing-IWC Schaffhausen and Beijing International Film Festival continue their leading role in light and shadow, hosting the ‘For the Love of ‘Cinema’ (Time Inheritance • Love Movies) IWC filmmakers’ evening banquet to support the new generation of Chinese films. Many celebrities and VIPs were invited to attend the grand event held in Beijing’s Taimiao, including the IWC brand ambassador, the golden horse and golden image actor Zhou Xun, and the outstanding British film actor and IWC brand nominated for the 2017 Academy Awards. Ambassador Dev Patel. As one of the many highlights of the evening, young film director Zeng Guoxiang won the ‘IWC Outstanding Young Filmmaker Award of the Year’.

IWC Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Franziska Gsell, IWC IWC Brand Ambassador Zhou Xun, IWC IWC Brand Ambassador Dave Patel, Young Director Zeng Guoxiang

   Both film art and fine watchmaking strive to build personal creativity around stories and emotions to create outstanding works. Based on a common philosophy, IWC Schaffhausen has cooperated extensively with several well-known international film festivals in the world in recent years. China is expected to become the world’s largest film market in 2017, and has long been a key cooperative market for IWC in the film industry. Therefore, IWC has been the official partner of the prestigious Beijing International Film Festival for five consecutive years. In addition to the brilliance on the red carpet, IWC has always paid close attention to the development of Chinese films, especially the efforts of young filmmakers and their positive impact on the Chinese film industry. ‘With extraordinary talent and rich creative inspiration, Chinese filmmakers are full of confidence and continue to create one after another in the world film industry. As the official partner of the Beijing International Film Festival, we are very pleased to witness the rapid development of the Chinese film industry. ‘Said Ms. Franziska Gsell, Chief Marketing Officer of IWC Schaffhausen.

IWC’s ‘Time Inheritance · Love Movies’ 2017 Filmmaker’s Night Held in Taimiao

   As part of the film festival’s official event, IWC hosted an evening banquet for filmmakers called ‘For the Love of Cinema’ in the Taimiao Temple outside the Forbidden City in Beijing. This year’s theme highlights the efforts made by young filmmakers in the booming Chinese film industry and the heritage of China’s long film tradition. The design of the dinner party fully reflects this core theme. The VIPs went from the red carpet area with Chinese characteristics to the modern dinner scene. The dramatic lighting tunnel designed by the famous lighting designer Javier Tan perfectly connects these two transcendence areas. Many film industry veterans and young filmmakers stepped on the red carpet together to write time-honored chapters, including famous directors, actors Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin and his wife, new-generation actors Chen Bailin, Zhang Ruohuan, Zhang Junning, and ‘Miss World’ Zhang Zilin.

Ms. Franziska Gsell, Chief Marketing Officer of IWC, and Christopher Dodd, CEO of the American Film Association, presented the 2017 ‘IWC Outstanding Young Filmmaker Award’ to young director Zeng Guoxiang

   A highlight of the evening was the award of the ‘IWC Outstanding Young Filmmaker of the Year Award’, which aims to focus on the efforts and talents of young filmmakers and to support the development of the young generation of filmmakers. The award-winning young film director Zeng Guoxiang was widely acclaimed for his film ‘July and Ansheng’ and is an outstanding representative of the new power of the Chinese film industry. IWC also gave Zeng Guoxiang an IWC Portuguese automatic watch that inherited the time, to applaud the outstanding young filmmakers, and expressed IWC’s continuous support and infinite hope for Chinese movies. The timeless and elegant design perfectly inherits the classic charm of the legendary Portuguese timepieces of the 1930s. It is a classic of Swiss watchmaking classics and innovations. It is just like the young generation of Chinese filmmakers inheriting the century-old film tradition in China and tirelessly working on film art. Pursuit.

Famous singer Zhang Liangying dedicates to the evening banquet of the filmmakers of IWC “Times Inheritance and Love Movies” 2017

   During the dinner, the symphony orchestra performed the soundtrack of classic Chinese films in a creative way, bringing shocking audiovisual enjoyment to the guests and expressing the heritage of cultural essence. The famous singer Zhang Liangying’s affectionate singing sang the dinner to a climax. The true feelings revealed the love of all Chinese filmmakers for the movie and shared an unforgettable moviemaker night.