Seagull Watches Capture The World’s Classic And Complex Institutions

SEA-GULL Seagull ST8400VGL Women’s Tourbillon Rose Gold Watch with Diamonds SEA-GULL Seagull-this national brand ‘beginning in 1955 in China’, a series of seemingly in recent years Unintentional move——successful research and development and successful marketing of ‘Tourbillon’ series of independent intellectual property rights, the re-innovation and publication of China’s first aviation watch (chronograph), watch and dual tourbillon watch, perpetual calendar and other super The successful development of complex watches … In fact, it is intended to inject Chinese blood into the world’s high-end complex mechanical watch market, to win the world’s attention and attention for the Chinese watchmaking industry, and to realize the ‘should be the position of the seagull watch in the international watchmaking industry’. Ambitious!

Repeatwater ask form
The questionnaire uses a button or dial on the case to activate a series of devices to make a sound to report the current time. The most amazing is the minute repeater, with three different spring sounds, which can distinguish the ‘hour’, ‘engraved’ and ‘minute’ timekeeping. It has extremely complicated and fairly advanced mechanical devices. The timepiece has a very complicated mechanical device, which can transform the time display into a series of spring movements expressing hours, quarter clocks and minutes. As a jewel in the crown of haute horlogerie, the manufacture of minute repeaters is in the hands of very few factories and artisans. Now it has become the watch watchmaker’s concern again, and strives to make it more compact, and to explore the innovation of spring device, energy transmission, spring spring and improve the quality of sound.
Following the launch of the ‘two-question watch’ independently developed by the Chinese ‘Seagull Watch’ in 2006 AD at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in Switzerland, its follow-up high-end ‘three-question watch’ was launched in 2008 in Basel. Watches and jewelry show debut. The advent of this work has once again shaken western watchmaking companies. The reason: On the one hand, China’s ‘Seagull Watch’ brand has launched new chronographs, tourbillon watches, watch watches and other high-tech value-added watches in just a few years, and the rapid development process has greatly shortened Distance from high-end Swiss watches; on the other hand, as a high-end variety with a very complicated mechanism combination in the field of horology, only a handful of top Swiss watchmakers have limited production of finished products and can manufacture interrogation movements. There are very few manufacturers. Therefore, German newspapers even reported that ‘China has a whirlwind’.
It is said that the ‘Minute Repeater’ of SEA-GULL’s independent intellectual property rights will be promoted on the market this year. For questionnaires made in China, after all, the text cannot replace the sensitive ears. Watch fans need to hear the time Only after the rhythm can I have further feelings … I believe that the reason why many watch fans love to ask for watches is the time signal sound in the movement. The combination of many precision mechanical parts can actually emit a series of rhythms, sometimes even understood as incredible. Things. However, smart watchmakers since ancient times have continued this myth from generation to generation.
Perpetalcalendarchch Perpetual Calendar
In the perpetual calendar, there is a miniature satellite gear that rotates once every four years. In this way, the calendar, week, month, and moon phase can be automatically and accurately displayed without errors due to leap years. This is the miniaturization of the mechanical mechanism. masterpiece. It will show the correct calendar by calculating the leap year according to different year-month changes. To do this, exercise with 1461 days or 4 years as a ‘mechanical memory’ cycle. Most perpetual calendar mechanisms consist of hour wheels, levers and hundreds of gears and other components. The perpetual calendar is still a classic feature, and there is currently no more durable and perfect machine that can surpass it.
Following the successful marketization of the ‘Tourbillon Watch’ and ‘Question Table’, the Tianjin Haigu Watch Group Corporation, a Chinese mechanical watch industry leader that ‘started in 1955 in China,’ set its sights on ‘three complex institutions’ ‘Perpetual calendar’, and the ‘International Watch and Jewellery Show’ held in Hong Kong in September 2007 will release trial installation samples, thereby conquering the ‘three complex institutions’.
The SEA-GULL Seagull “Perpetual Calendar” watch on display has a heavy appearance due to the use of multiple satellite gears in the movement design. In addition to the commonly used weekly calendar indication (9 o’clock) and calendar indication (3 o’clock) ), The calendar indication (at 6 o’clock) and the corresponding leap year indication (at 4 o’clock), the moon phase display window is specially designed at 12 o’clock to respond to the complexity of the ‘perpetual calendar’ table. As we all know, in addition to indicating hours and minutes or seconds, there are other watches with complex devices, namely complex function watches (Complex Watch), and these functions that can be called complex devices include Perpetual Calendar, Moon Phase (Moon- phase) and so on.
The ‘Perpetual Calendar’ table is aloof from the simple calendar table (Simple Calendar) and is ranked in the ‘three complex mechanisms’. The fundamental reason is that the internal design of the mechanical movement includes the leap year and the month of the year that occur every four years. The next year, February indicates 29 days, and the average February indicates 28 days, and there is no need to adjust for 100 years! As you can imagine, the rotation angle of individual gears is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. This is an exquisite design! Watch is a product with rich culture. It not only has strong decoration and collection functions, but also is closely related to one’s status, economic status, taste and so on. Relevant statistics from China Customs and China Watch Association also show that with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, watch production and consumption have been showing a rapid growth trend, especially high-end craft (precious metal) complex function watches. However, mechanical watches come in a variety of styles, and a precision watch can be worth more than a million dollars. For the newcomer, it is really ‘only look at it from a distance and not play tricks.’ Therefore, the famous mechanical watch models launched by professional watchmaking brands such as ‘SEA-GULL seagull’ are infiltrated with professional precision watchmaking technology and reasonable prices. Naturally, ‘play watches’ will enter the field of mechanical watches. First choice.

Bulgari Launches The New 150th Anniversary Octo All Blacks Special Limited Watch

The Bulgari and All Blacks football teams are perfect synonyms in their respective fields. ‘It is a pleasure to introduce the brand’s new Octo All Blacks to the public,’ said ean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari.

   ‘This new Octo All Blacks watch explains the core values ​​that Bulgari and the All Blacks football team cherish together, that is, passion in their respective fields, commitment to teamwork, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of their own perfection and success. The value concept is part of the global elite spirit and has universal significance. This special limited masterpiece perfectly combines exquisite design, solid performance and sportsmanship, showing Bulgari’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary aesthetic accomplishments. ‘

   This specially limited watch continues the Bulgari Octo tradition. The black case is coated with DLC to ensure excellent control and flexibility; the dial is engraved with Maori masks; the smoked sapphire crystal glass watch The All Blacks Rugby team logo and the New Zealand Maori totem printed on the bottom-Silver Jubilee, symbolize life, growth, strength, peace and rejuvenation.

Carving New Heights: Lin Dan Interprets Montblanc’s New Print Ad

In December 2014, Montblanc, Montblanc, a top international luxury brand, announced that Lin Dan, the ‘king of the altar’, has become the new brand ambassador for China. At the same time, the print ads performed by him will also be launched in the Chinese market.

  The newly released Montblanc print advertisement was shot by famous photographer Chen Man. She used a unique visual vocabulary to reproduce a warm scene where a loyal little fan asked autographer Lin Dan for an autograph. In the picture, Lin Dan listens to the voices of the children with all his heart, holding the Meisterstück master class writing instruments, and eagerly hopes to share his creed of life with the young generation. Inadvertently, his raised wrist revealed the Montblanc Meisterstück Meisterstück heritage moon phase watch. Through the writing, I can see Lin Dan’s wonderful life ups and downs all the way: Huai Ling childhood dreams and sharpened growth; after failure and setbacks, he is still fully committed; forge ahead and eventually achieve brilliant future. The Montblanc Meisterstück Meisterstück series moon phase watch and the Meisterstück Meisterstück series writing instruments, which adhere to the ‘cutting new heights’ like him, make him more free, confident, and powerful.

  Since its introduction in 1924, the Montblanc Meisterstück Masterclass series has been a masterpiece strictly adhering to top-grade materials, outstanding performance, superb aesthetics and extraordinary craftsmanship. After 90 years of refinement, Huahua has become the brand’s benchmark for perfect quality and perfection Works. In the new print advertisement, the Montblanc Meisterstück Meisterstück moon phase watch worn by Lin Dan is one of his favorite watches. The classic toffee-style hands and the silver-white dial with radial pattern polishing are classic and timeless. The new Meisterstück Taipan series of writing instruments he used was specially launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the series. For the first time, the rose gold-plated accessories were used to decorate the pen body. The rose gold nib was also engraved with the ’90’ symbolizing the 90th anniversary. Memorial significance.
Montblanc Meisterstück Collection Moon Phase Watch 111185
Montblanc pays tribute to the 90th anniversary of the legendary class

About Montblanc

   For more than a century, Montblanc has always adhered to the tradition of eternal value and superb craftsmanship. The brand unremittingly strives for excellence in design, style, quality and craftsmanship, creating a collection of treasures handed down from generation to generation. The iconic Montblanc hexagonal white star logo is the best interpretation of excellence, not only symbolizing the most extreme products-luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, accessories, perfumes and sunglasses, but also the brand’s enduring commitment to support art and culture . Montblanc has its roots in writing culture and therefore emphasizes its own cultural mission. The brand actively participates in various international activities, is committed to making innovative contributions to modern cultural life, and writes its own cultural history.

Wind In The Wrist, Hold Live 2017 Popular Color Fiyta Extreme Series 30th Anniversary Watch Appeared At The 2017 Basel Watch Fair

In Basel in March, there is a kind of light, not strong or weak, just right. Since 2000, Colour Institue, a subsidiary of Pantone, has released fashion colors every year. These colors are not only one of the indicators of fashion trends, but also the source of inspiration for designers in the new season.
   The watch industry also has its own popular colors. The watchmakers at the forefront of fashion have integrated the popular colors into the dial, breaking the dull monotony of the past, and rolling up a different design trend.
30th Anniversary of Primrose Yellow / Lapis Blue x Extreme Series

   Primrose yellow is born with a warmth, as if the first rays of sunlight just emerging from the clouds fell on the shoulders, warmly wrapped around you, activating that energy that has accumulated throughout the winter. Lapis lazuli represents the starry expanse of the clear night sky. Born from the calm blue color of the past, it is strong and confident, exuding a strong inner light, yet unforgettable and understated.

   The extreme series watches focus on coupe elements, and their tough and tough shape makes it stand out from many watches. The air grille-like hollow and the steering wheel-shaped dial seem to ignite the adrenaline of young people in the first place. And this commemorative watch boldly used the yellow / blue second hand. The vividly contrasting second hand lights up the expansive and deep black dial, like a racing car that is about to start, and has already felt the passion and vitality of the gallop before it even hit the road.
Watch configuration
Name: 30th Anniversary of Extreme Series
Model: GA866000.BBB
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Dial: hollow, oil pressure
Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare coated synthetic sapphire glass
Ring mouth: stainless steel, IP plated black
Case: stainless steel, IP-plated black
Hands: Black-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded see-through bottom, synthetic sapphire glass plated with decorative film, electroplated wheel-shaped pattern
Strap: stainless steel
Clasp: stainless steel, black IP-plated, double opening buckle
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 3000 pieces per model worldwide

Omega Omega And Rory Mcilroy Auction The Hippocampus “Golf” Watch

Recently, Omega Omega celebrity ambassador Rory McIlroy appeared on the scene of the Rochester American Professional Golf Championships in New York. Terra ‘Golf’ watch certificate and signature on the case. The sapphire-backed interior of this special watch is sprayed with the signature of Rory McIlroy, and will be used as a lot to participate in auctions held from August 7th to 17th.

 This Sea Horse series Aqua Terra ‘Golf’ watch will be auctioned together with the watch box and certificate. The highest bid will be donated to the Rory McIlroy Foundation.

 Interested parties interested in bidding for this unique watch can send an email to [email protected] before 6 pm (US Eastern Summer Time) on August 17th. Bidding starts at $ 5,500.

Rory McIlroy Foundation
 The Rory McIlroy Foundation supports charities across the globe, regardless of size, regardless of size. Earlier this year, Rory McIlroy implemented the foundation’s first project, ‘Charity Backpacking.’ In the 2013 season, Rory’s ‘Charity Backpack’ appeared on the scene of some championships with the names of different children’s charities, and these charities also did their best to cooperate with community charity activities. At each station, an auction will be held for a custom-made ‘charity backpack’, and the proceeds from the auction will be donated directly to charity organizations. At the same time, this project has greatly increased the visibility of these charitable organizations and institutions in the local community.

Omega and the U.S. Professional Golf Championship
 From August 8th to 11th, the 95th American Professional Golf Championship will begin at the East Course of Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. This is the third time the U.S. Professional Golf Championship has held a season-end match here. Rory McIlroy will play as the defending champion. Omega will also be the designated timekeeper for the competition.

G-shock 30th Anniversary Masterpiece To Create Top Frogman

Casio G-SHOCK is famous for its innovative, shock-resistant, sturdy and powerful design. The brand spirit of ‘Beyond Dreams, Challenge Limits’ has always been advocated and spread. As G-SHOCK is about to enter its 30th anniversary, G-SHOCK’s shock-proof technology continues to evolve, and its unique tough design combines practicality with cutting-edge technology, which has made G-SHOCK continue to attract worldwide attention, especially the recent global heavyweight The limited edition watch GWF-T1030A is a G-SHOCK 30th anniversary model designed on the basis of the most famous Frogman in the classic Master of G. Master Of G has always been known for its high performance and ability to adapt to a variety of harsh environments. FROGMAN is best known in the ‘MAN’ series. Since the first-generation ‘Frogman’ was released in 1993, G-SHOCK has been The rigor and the corrosion resistance of the watch work hard. Equipped with ISO200 meters waterproof function, fully automatic calendar and stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), 6 global radio waves, solar power and other powerful functions. GWThis GWF-T1030A is the G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. The back is engraved with the 30th anniversary LOGO designed by the world famous graffiti master Eric Haze. The design of the entire watch body is based on the jumping red color, and the integrated titanium 64 body is used. Due to the very high hardness, processing is more difficult. . This watch is on sale in limited quantities. Its practical value and collection value are extremely high. Friends who want to get started, should take the time to consult the counter of the Casio store.

New Listing Cartier Celestial Tourbillon Carbon Crystal Watch

Cartier presented to the world in 2009 a first Cartier ID One concept watch that requires no adjustment and no lubricant, which has caused many surprises. In 2012, the brand will launch the famous movement Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon movement first introduced two years ago on the ID One concept watch and launch the Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon carbon crystal watch. Thanks to its tourbillon escapement, which requires no adjustment and no lubricant, the new watch marks the first step in mass production with ID One technology.

The first Cartier ID One concept watch requiring no adjustments and no lubricant

Watch with Cartier 9460 MC manual winding mechanical movement

The watch is equipped with a Cartier 9460 MC manual winding mechanical movement equipped with a tourbillon bridge, an escapement fork and an escape wheel, all of which are made of carbon crystal material. Due to the use of deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) technology, carbon crystal parts have achieved ultra-high precision of one thousandth of a millimeter (that is, 1 micron) and have extremely smooth surfaces. It fits perfectly with the escape wheel during assembly and does not require any lubricant at all. In addition, in an unprecedented application, Cartier also made a pivot with an ultra-hard tungsten carbide ceramic, which was coated with a smooth diamond coating. The pivoting shaft inside the carbon crystal holder thus minimizes friction and requires no lubricant. The movement vibrates 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz) and has a 50-hour power reserve.

The new watch marks the first step in mass production of ID One technology. Limited edition of 50 pieces.

The 47mm Rotonde de Cartier case is made of a niobium-titanium alloy. This alloy is lighter in weight, has magnetic resistance, and is robust against corrosion, scratches and shock. The bead-shaped crown is set with a convex round sapphire, carbon black dial, the tourbillon rotation axis is placed in the center of the dial, hours, minutes, and Roman numerals. Alligator strap with 18K white gold folding buckle. Water resistant to 30 meters. Limited edition of 50 pieces

A Variety Of Styles Tasting Amy Long Jingya Series Baihua Fairy Can Diy Watch

The brand Emilon has always been known for its unique wings of time lugs, and its watches are all unique and unique, standing proudly in the forest of world watches. At the Baselworld Watch Fair in 2016, it launched the latest Jingya series of replaceable dial watches. Due to the time, it was only a brief understanding at the time, I felt quite new and able to do DIY automatically, indeed It’s good. Now this watch is finally available in China. Today, the watch home will take a closer look at this watch for everyone. (Model: 60.2187.L.

Free DIY

I remember that one of the most concerned points at that time was that I could change the decoration of the panel by myself. I think it has great appeal for fickle women, and it can also solve many problems for men. The free DIY design of this watch Makes the watch extraordinary extraordinary.

The dials and belts can be easily replaced, and they can be matched with different styles of clothes. Attending different occasions, one watch is versatile and the other multi-purpose. Pendants can store flower sheets and can also be worn as decoration. (It is very easy to replace the flower on the dial. You can change it directly by pressing the button of the case; the replacement of the strap is also very simple. A replacement tool is included with the watch)

Flowers represent beauty and life. From ancient to modern times, it has rich and beautiful symbolic significance. The fragrant blooming flowers have inspired the creative inspiration of Amy Long designers, presenting the beautiful form and allegorical meaning of the flowers in the form of a watch, in order to praise the fairy-like women.

The Baihuaxian children’s watch is different from traditional watches. The creative point is that it breaks through the design, creation and craftsmanship of traditional watches, and adds a replaceable decorative dial above the dial, making an ordinary watch through a simple DIY The decorative effects of various watches have evolved, and their creativity and playability are more in line with the development thinking of the Internet era.

When she is a single watch, she is a simple and elegant exquisite female watch; when adding different decorative plates to her, she will evolve different styles, this is the decorative plate as an ordinary watch Bringing magical changes and other effects. A variety of flower patterns are available for selection and unlimited combinations. The European-style flower patterns (lily \\ lilac \\ orchid) will be launched for the first time. Later, more flower-shaped decorative plates will be gradually introduced, and even more interesting will be based on Each year, the zodiac introduces more decorative plates of different styles, constantly enriching the style of the decorative plates.

These faceplates can also be placed in the pendant that comes with the watch, which is convenient for storage and wear. These creative features bring decorative effects to the watch, and also add DIY fun to play, and add brand and customers Interaction and connection.

The craftsmanship design of the Baihuaxian children’s watch is very friendly and convenient. The removal of the decorative plate is very simple. No tools are needed. Just press the outer side of the case with your hands to press 2 and 8 o The glass and decorative plate are easily removed; aiming at the grooves and protrusions of the bezel, the bezel can be snapped on again easily. This is also the embodiment of all the ideas from the perspective of customer convenience that Amy Long has been adhering to. Beautiful and versatile, continue to decorate your beautiful life.

Summary: As a classic Swiss brand watch, Amy Long brings the biggest highlight of this watch is that you can DIY your own design. The Amy Long Baihua Fairy Watch has made DIY a truly own watch. Personality reveals itself, and shows itself through DIY on watches.

Swatch Becomes A ‘hardcore Football Fan’!

The European Cup in the summer of 2016 is a celebration celebrated by the world’s fans. On this summer, Swatch’s new European Cup special “Hardcore Football Fans” (SUOZ216) will add to the hot summer festival . Swatch loves sports and, like Play International, a non-governmental organization based in France, believes in the value and impact of sports and its educational significance for today’s younger generation.

   Play International uses the power of sports to catalyze social change and create ways for children to learn and grow in sports. More than 500,000 children in 15 countries have benefited from participating in or receiving trauma treatment programs. Play is not a simple verbal care for participants, that is, children. It is a practical and effective action-the idea that this action is better than words coincides with Swatch’s point of view, and it is a far-reaching agreement between the two parties. Important foundation of partnership.

   For every ‘hardcore football fan’ watch sold, Swatch donates a portion of the proceeds to Play International to support its children’s education program, Playdagogie.

   ‘Hardcore football fans’ has a white trophy painted on the buckle ring. Fans who support different teams can also purchase buckle rings painted with flags of participating countries of different teams. Can’t stop being crazy about football? We have prepared a ‘Luxury Appearance Lineup’ for real hardcore football fans: The ‘Hardcore Football Fans’ watch comes with a complete buckle ring with the flags of 24 countries and an extra buckle ring printed with ‘2016’. In the box. Fans, what are you waiting for!

Swatch Group And Audemars Piguet Launch New Nivachron ™

Following the silicon hairspring, the world’s leading watchmaker Swatch Group has launched a new hairspring with excellent paramagnetic properties. This non-magnetic compensation alloy, called Nivachron ™, was developed to optimize the resistance of watch movements to magnetic fields. The magnetic field is widespread in the social environment, which seriously disrupts the operation of mechanical watch movements. Magnetic fields can affect the operation and performance of a watch, and in some cases can even stop it.

 Nivachron ™ hairspring has many advantages, which can significantly reduce the effect of the residual magnetic field effect on the watch operation (depending on the specific movement, it can be reduced by 10 to 20 times). This hairspring is made of a titanium-based Nivachron ™ alloy with a complex composition that is resistant to temperature changes in the wearing environment. In addition, it has excellent impact resistance. Ultimately, all these advantages can significantly improve the watch’s travel time performance.
 The balance spring is one of the most critical components when manufacturing watches. The production of balance springs requires a high level of expertise and skill. The Swatch Group, in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), has revolutionized the Swiss watchmaking industry with silicon hairsprings in recent years. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)