One Piece In The World: 2980000 Yuan

Reference price: 2.980 million yuan
    This pocket watch features a hand-wound minute repeater movement. Made of 18K yellow gold, the entire cover and case are engraved with 177 diamonds, 45 sapphires, 45 tsavorites, 4 citrines, 15 garnets, 2 rose garnets, 3 topaz Stone, and 3 olivine. The red enamel painted dial features a bezel, time scale and female peacock with 127 diamonds, 27 tsavorites and 10 garnets. Limited one worldwide.
Recommended reason:
    This pocket watch continues the classic design of the emperor and the traditional gold carving technique. The body of the male peacock is carved on the cover, the tail of the peacock is carved on the bottom of the watch, and the female peacock is carved on the dial. The two peacocks looked at each other through the window on the case, with emotion. It is addictive to play.