New Limited Edition Tribute To ‘car God’ Fangio

In honor of Juan Manuel Fangio, the 60th anniversary of the 4th consecutive championship of the World Drivers’Championship, TAG Heuer launches TAG Heuer Formula One (F1) Fangio Limited Edition.

   Juan Manuel Fangio is an unparalleled benchmark in the automotive world. In the 1950s, the legendary Argentine driver won the F1 World Championship five times. This record has been maintained for 47 years and was not broken until 2003.
   In commemoration of this milestone in the history of racing, TAG Heuer launches a new limited edition watch to celebrate the achievements of Juan Manuel Fangio: the TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1 series) chronograph, The dial is decorated with racing stripes in Argentine colors, and the 43mm caseback is engraved with Fangio’s unique signature.
   ‘Car God’ Juan Manuel Fangio won the world championship for the fourth consecutive time in 1957. Today, 60 years later, the well-known antique car dealer and repairer JD Classics unveiled this watch in London. The mysterious veil was also displayed along with Fangio’s chariot-the 1952 Jaguar C-Type.

   Aston Martin Red Bull F1 team leader Christian Horner OBE attended the launch event and talked about exciting motorsport and the Q & A session hosted by host and reporter James Allen The famous car.
   Fangio’s professional racing career started late. He only participated in the race for the first time in 1938 and quickly became the hegemony of South American endurance races, including the risky Mexican Carrera Pan American Road Race. Carrera was designed a few years later.
   Juan Manuel Fangio’s galloping driving skills earned him the first Formula 1 driver championship in 1951. In 1953, Fangio won the championship again. It is said that the legend was wearing a Heuer watch at the time. After that, he won the fourth championship with Ferrari in 1956. The next year, he won the fifth championship with Maserati, retired in 1958, participated in 52 games in his lifetime, and won 24 world championships. This record has so far been unmatched in F1 history.

   The TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1) Fangio Special Edition will be limited to 900 pieces, matched with a matching stainless steel bracelet.