More Than 30,000 Yuan To Choose A Diving Watch, I Think Of It

A new budget watch with a budget of 40,000 to 50,000 was pushed last week, and we ushered in a small peak, but at the same time I heard a frequent voice: ‘I’m very interested in the Breitling new watch, but the new logo has no wings, it is worth Buy it? ‘It happened that Rabbit wanted to talk to you about Breitling’s diving watch today, and answered this question together. In fact, when we make decisions, we are easily affected by ‘people and clouds’, especially in unfamiliar areas. Many people who are worried about the logo wings are the hesitant newcomers and onlookers. The real Breitling iron powder has its own views-because the historical Breitling watches are not only a logo with wings. Today, the rabbit aimed at a diving watch of more than 30,000 yuan, and by the way looked back at Breitling’s past. I remember many years ago when I joined the industry, I knew a lot of brands and products, but I fell in love with Breitling’s Bentley collaboration models at first sight, probably because the two ‘B’ letter logos with wings were so interesting and memorable (but since the Bentley series The design has also become concise after being included in the Puya series). This is the Biya Chronograph B01 Chronograph 42, Bentley British Racing Green Special Edition. But other than that, I am confused about other various product series, because it is complicated and difficult to remember. If it is not diehard, who would put it Where is this fun? This is why, after Breitling reorganized the product line (while reducing the product SKU), it suddenly felt clear. As long as you remember the three major areas of ‘sea’, ‘land’ and ’empty’, you can distinguish the entire series. Clear. Simplification is often an opportunity for the rise of the brand-because consumers’attention is fleeting and they want to be remembered, they can only be concise and clear. Diving watches are regarded as’ sea ‘in the world of Breitling. , Including two important series-Superocean (Superocean) and Superocean Culture (SuperoceanHéritage). The former is more sporty, the latter is more retro and elegant. Let me show you one of the super oceans in Basel this year. Series, 36 mm size. This one is for girls. The light blue dial is equipped with a blue rubber band (in addition to the steel strap configuration). It is waterproof to 200 meters. This one is less than 30,000 yuan. There is also a white dial. With a choice of white rubber strap and stainless steel strap. Its advantage is that the size is rich, in addition to 36 mm, there are 42 mm, 44 mm, 46 mm to 48 mm, fully rootable Wrist size and preferences to choose from. Generally speaking, the most popular in the market will obviously be black and blue (based on market experience and data). These two pieces are also ratchet unidirectional bezels, waterproof 1000 meters, size It is 44 mm. But the rabbit personally feels that the orange in the 42 mm model is the brightest of the new products this year. After seeing the real thing in Basel, he was shocked. I believe that the fashionable boy can not resist. And the 42 mm size (waterproof 500 M) Let girls have the urge to try. My personal suggestions for diving watches are, may I choose boldly the color of the jump, is n’t the meaning of sports watches cool? It is not a formal watch, and the opportunity to match with a serious dress Not too much. When the size starts at 46mm, there is a detail that is handled very well. The case is no longer stainless steel, but the color is darkened, so that the volume of the watch will not be too large. For example, the 46mm super ocean The case is a black steel (diamond-like coated steel) case. The same is true for the 48mm model, except that the case is a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated titanium case with a blue ceramic bezel. 46mm, all with rubber straps. This first reduces the weight of the watch, reduces the burden on the wearer, and also offsets the effect of water pressure on the strap deep in the water (of course I know you will almost never get into the water). This diving watch The locking device on the left can fix the bezel, and it is safer to use. It will be listed in the second half of this year. Look at the new Super Ocean series. Its logo is still winged. In fact, Breitling has thought about the use of the logo. At present, the basic division is for sports Winged logo, retro and elegant styles use simple logos. For example, both belong to diving watches, super marine culture uses simple logos. In fact, since CEO George Kern took office, the radical reform is not to create new brands out of thin air, but to Refine the essence from history to make Breitling’s image clearer and fuller. For example, we have divided the product series into ‘sea’, ‘land’ and ’empty’ as mentioned earlier. This year George Cohen mentioned in Basel’s speech As early as the 1950s, there was already such a classification. The deepest impression of Breitling is in the aviation field, but in fact its diving watch has a long history. In 1884, Léon Breitling established a watchmaking workshop in Jura, Switzerland, to manufacture chronographs and chronographs. The Super Ocean series, born in 1957, was created by Willy Breitling, the third generation of the family. At the time, it was the 25th anniversary of his leadership of the family business. At that time, the watch had a 200-meter water-resistant case. If you look closely, there are no wings. In 2017, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the diving watch, Breitling redesigned the Superocean Héritage series of watches. We can compare the design differences between 1957 and 2017. The design essence of the original model is basically retained, but the appearance will be more modern. Still, the new design of the bezel without wings eliminates the metal ring surrounding the minute scale ring, so that the bezel and dial color are completely integrated. The more special hands (triangular hour hand and diamond minute hand) and the tapered hour scale are also derived from the original design in 1957 (the picture below shows the original watch Super Ocean 1004). In addition to the retro logo without wings, the super marine culture series is also worth talking about. First of all, the more famous timepiece is equipped with the famous B01 self-made movement, with a power reserve of 70 hours (one of the characteristics of the panel is the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock layout). The B01 movement is Breitling’s first 100% self-developed self-winding chronograph movement, released in 2009. The movement was completed at the Breitling Chronométrie Centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. All watches equipped with B01 movement have a 5-year warranty. In fact, Breitling began to develop self-produced movements in 2004. The reputation of B01 is also recognized in the industry. Long power is the most intuitive experience, and the date can be adjusted at will. (Technically, the column wheel vertical clutch timing device, Ball bearings are hard goods in both directions). Because the super marine culture sells very well, and Navitimer8 also uses B01, the demand for this movement is growing. Guaranteeing production in the future is probably a problem facing Breitling’s two popular series. The three-pin model of Super Ocean Culture uses the B20 movement. Many people know that this is based on the Tudor MT5612 movement, but Breitling has re-polished and modified. The power reserve of this movement is also 70. More than hours. The story of Breitling’s and Tudor’s interoperable movement is also the industry’s good story (Breitling provides the B01 movement for Tudor’s use). After all, for a product quality, a mature and reliable movement is far more important than pure ‘self-production’. The advantages of independent brands are more efficient than blindly research and development, and the quality is more secure. This is the true vision. Every time you change, there will always be a different voice, but George Cohen, who has many years of experience in battle, knows very well that the market knows how to accept it, and it has never been a good thing. And George Cohen gave up the high position that he has struggled for many years (formerly Richemont executives), willing to let Breitling give it a go, and he has a lot of motivation for second ventures. Of course, more importantly, he is relatively independent and has a history of accumulation. Brands can better feel the sense of accomplishment brought by challenges. The super marine culture is popular, and the new design is actually more suitable for the younger generation. Breitling also took the opportunity to strike the iron while it was hot. For example, it cooperated with the sustainable clothing brand Outerknown, a great figure of surfing world KellySlater (became a member of the Breitling Surfer Action Team last year) Introduced 44Outerknown Special Edition of Super Marine Culture II Chronograph. In addition, Breitling cooperates with the Marine Conservation Association to hold a beach cleaning event in Bali next month, while unveiling a special edition of OceanConservancy, the second generation of the super marine culture. (For more than 30 years, the Marine Conservation Association has organized cleanliness in 153 countries around the world. Beach activities). Breitling will also donate part of the proceeds from this special limited edition to the Marine Conservation Society. When deciding what diving watch to buy for more than 30,000 yuan, do you have more choices or answers? The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!