More Professional Diving Functions Than Bb Tudor Pelagos

TUDOR TUDOR launched self-made movements from 2015. Among them, Pelagos belongs to the earliest batch of TUDOR-made movements. Although Pelagos does not have the brand’s hot Black Bay in recent years, it has a high degree of inquiry. Come up and compare and analyze, Pelagos is not inferior to Black Bay in terms of appearance, materials and diving watch. It is even higher. Especially, Pelagos is not much more expensive than Black Bay. The CP value is also very good, but it is always difficult to beat the BB. It conforms to the retro look of modern preferences. To this end, Tudor has made a lot of tricks to improve the appeal of Pelagos. The taste of fierce medicine starts directly from the innovation of the movement.

The balance of the MT 5612 movement uses a straddling balance wheel bridge, a speed-adjusting screw balance, and a silicon spring without a card. 56 of them lock the screws on the outside of the balance wheel, but they are embedded in the balance ring to avoid wind resistance.

Feature one: not eye-catching but solid specifications
The 56 series movement carried by Pelagos on the basic structure has no new inventions, but most of them are currently recognized as practical and emerging standards. It provides about 70 hours of power reserve with a single barrel. The automatic winding is naturally two-way. A little emphasis It is the automatic disc that uses ball bearings. Although this is already very common nowadays, even the Rolex 31 series has not been adopted. The polished part is flat and nothing significant. The entire piece is neat and sandblasted. At the time, only the North Flag was made with a transparent bottom cover. There were not many opportunities to see it. Generally, it kept the Rolex family. Simple and durable style.

The watch is inlaid with square hour markers and coated with a large amount of luminous material to ensure sharp contrast. Time-scale hands with blue hour markers, because blue is the last recognizable color in the depths of the ocean in the spectrum

Feature two: Continue to use popular exterior elements
The work of Pelagos exterior is quite delicate. The model uses the axe needle of the Tudor diving watch’s signature-now officially named Snowflake Needle. This may be one of the most wise decisions when Tudor reorganized the diving watch product line in 2012, successfully defining the unique personality of its own products. , But also linked to the brand’s vast historical heritage. The façade on the inside of the case is beveled. The rectangular time scale cuts directly into this bevel, creating a very three-dimensional sense of space on the surface. This is a feature of modern watchmaking in terms of processing technology and aesthetic style. .

The helium exhaust valve allows the gas infiltrating the watch to be released during the decompression phase at the end of the task without damaging the watch. The helium exhaust valve not only eliminates this excessive pressure, but also allows the watch to avoid damage

Feature 3: Relatively excellent specifications
Pelagos has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters, which can already be regarded as a deep diving watch, so there is a helium exhaust valve on the left side of the case. The outer case is made of titanium and the bezel is ceramic. These are beyond the reach of Black Bay. It is also worth mentioning that it has a buckle with a strap. It has a professional diving watch Often the increased joint extension structure, as well as the special elastic tension function, will automatically lengthen or shorten as the pressure changes in the water, which is quite superior in the diving tables currently on the market.

TUDOR Pelages

Titanium, ceramic material / MT 5612 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / diameter 42mm / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 500 meters / reference price: 30,000 RMB