Montblanc Sport Series 36948 Watch Tasting

Men say that a serious woman is the most beautiful, while a woman thinks that a man in sports is the sexiest. Yes, a sporty man full of sunshine can attract women’s eyes and bring complete security to the other person. sense. And if you wear a sports watch, you can add a charming charm in the process of men’s exercise. Today, the watch house will introduce a Montblanc sports watch, the official model is: 36948.

   Montblanc is a well-known brand in Germany with both quality and classics. It belongs to the Richemont Group and carefully creates fine fountain pens, watches and accessories. Founded and founded by a stationer in Hamburg, Germany in 1906, adhering to the brand philosophy of ‘slowing down and enjoying life’, the classic writing instruments made by Montblanc have long been famous around the world. The design of the watch also permeates a unique elegance, even sports watches are no exception.

   Sports watches usually have a tough shape. This Montblanc 36948 sports series chronograph is no exception. The case made of stainless steel is strong and dynamic. After the watchmaker’s perfect polishing process, the metal texture is stronger.

   The 41.5 mm watch diameter is very suitable for men to wear. The slightly larger case is in line with the current trend, and the large dial is more suitable for wearing in sports, making reading more convenient and clear.

   This sports watch is different from other models in that it is equipped with a dark brown alligator pure leather strap, which not only has a full sense of sport, but also has a retro atmosphere.

   The watch case is slightly thicker, this is to provide ample ‘place for body’ for the movement supporting a number of complex functions, of course, wearing effect is also masculine.

   The brown dial is slightly complicated at first glance. In fact, this is the result of careful arrangement by the designer. The dial layout is compact and reasonable, and all functions are presented between the dials. Three sub-dials occupy half of the large dial. The small dials at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock are used to display the 12-hour, 60-second, and 30-minute timepieces. The small window at 3 o’clock is used to display the date of the day. At the time, transparent reading made it more accurate and easy to read. The Montblanc classic brand imprint was set at the upper center position, and three hands with luminous coating gracefully rotated between the dials.

   The two chronograph buttons and crown are set on the right side of the watch case. They are all made of steel. The chronograph buttons are used to control the start / stop and reset functions. The crown in the middle is decorated with precision gear patterns. , At the same time, it increases the aesthetics and makes the adjustment smoother. The crown protection bridge is also provided on both sides, which plays a very good protective role in sports.

   The lugs made of stainless steel are beautifully curved, and the grooved design adds beauty, and the surface is polished carefully, which is enough to see the exquisite skills of the watchmaker.

   The watch uses a folding clasp made of stainless steel for easier wearing, and the outer side is engraved with the Montblanc classic mark as decoration.

Summary: The watch must not only be accurate in time, but also have a charming and outstanding shape. The Montblanc 36948 watch does just that. Although it is a sports watch, because the brand has the charm of writing, the watch not only has a masculine and tough style, but also lacks elegant and restrained temperament. The current domestic reference price for this watch is ¥ 28,690.