Mode Suisse And Le Méridien

On August 31 this year, the fashion theme will spread throughout Zurich City! ModeSuisse’s annual event in the German-speaking region of Switzerland brings media, VIPs and fashion enthusiasts.

   The event organizers and Yannick Allen brand friends are proud to claim that since 2012, the event has grown into a must-see event. Several new designers showed off their clothing works. These works may be solemn and elegant, or avant-garde, but they all share a common theme: innovation.

   Le Méridien hopes to take this opportunity to support the emerging streetwear brand ‘AfterWorkStudio’. Karin Wüthrich and Matthias Fürst have won wide recognition in the fashion industry for their brightly structured and urban style. The model is wearing an AIKON watch created by Le Méridien.

   This elegant yet modern collection of watches matches the style of this Swiss brand’s clothing, making designers love it. After winning public praise, the two young designers quietly left the stage to plan for the next work. We also believe that they will usher in greater success.