Hong Kong Rolex Price Increases More, Detailed List Of Price Adjustments In 2019 (Hong Kong Version)

On the morning of January 30, Xuanxuan took the lead in releasing ‘Express! ‘Rolex has started to raise prices since February 1.’ It is reported that Rolex China will adjust the prices of its products from February 1, 2019. The overall price increase is 3-5%. Then Xuanxuan got the detailed list of this price adjustment. After finishing the analysis and analysis, he and the majority of cousins ​​in the article ‘Exclusive! Rolex’s detailed list of price adjustments for 2019 shares more useful information. This time the Rolex price increase is not the price of the entire line of products, some styles have even been reduced, strictly speaking, the ‘overall’ increase. The adjustment of prices has undergone a severe two-stage differentiation, which can be described as a ‘two days of ice and fire.’ At the same time, some adjustments in prices have emerged. Among them, the steel shell sports models rose slightly, such as green water ghosts, black water ghosts only increased by 500 yuan; Daytona series, except for platinum di, generally increased; precious metals, gold / rose gold styles overall prices; The overall price of Cellini and yacht series is reduced; due to the replacement of the new generation 32 series movement, the price of the transitional models during the sale is reduced. This ‘Exclusive!’ After the release of the “ Rolex’s Detailed List of Price Adjustments for 2019 ”, it triggered a fierce discussion and constant reposting by a large number of cousins. In less than 24 hours, its reading volume has reached 10W +. In the comments of many watch friends, we find that everyone is more concerned about the official Rolex price in mainland China, so will the price of Hong Kong, the world’s largest watch distribution center, change? Today, the core election received confirmation that the official Rolex price in Hong Kong, China will be the same as that in the mainland, and will be adjusted from February 1, 2019, and the overall trend will be upward. At the same time, the price increase in Hong Kong is higher than that in the mainland, and the amount of the price adjustment after the price adjustment is basically the same as that in the mainland. On the whole, the price adjustment in the mainland area rose by 3-5%, while in Hong Kong, it reached 7% +. For example, the Rolex Gold and Blue Water Ghost Ref. 116613 LB. Before the price adjustment, the public prices in China and Hong Kong were RMB 100,500 and HK $ 94,700 respectively; after the price adjustment, they were RMB 105,000 and HK $ 105,000, respectively. One rose by RMB 4,500 and one rose by HKD 10,300. The price is flat, and with the strict customs inspection, the advantages of buying Rolex in Hong Kong are diminishing. This will undoubtedly promote the sales of Rolex watches in mainland China. The following is the latest official price list for Rolex in Hong Kong in 2019, it is recommended that watch friends collect and use it. —END —