Greubel Forsey Launches Invention Piece 2- News Greubel Forsey

In just ten years, no less than six major inventions have sprung up from Greubel Forsey’s think tank EWT, three of which (to date) are still used in Very famous Invention Pieces (IP).
 In 2007, the IP1 dual tourbillon 30 ° was launched; in 2009, the 24-second tourbillon IP3 was launched; and today, the IP2 Quadruple tourbillon faces the world with a new architecture, the focus of which is on its unique mechanism.

 This watch uses a dual tourbillon system, which is composed of round gears from beginning to end. At 5 o’clock there is a sub-dial, a triple dial and a red triangle hand to indicate the hours and minutes. At 10 o’clock there is also a small seconds dial with a 56-hour power reserve, while the power reserve scale is at 11 o’clock.

Original source: Greubel Forsey