Grande Seconde Quantième Date Shows Blue Quiet Time

Grande Seconde Quantième with date display is decorated with satin sunburst and is available in 39mm or 43mm diameter styles, interpreting modern elegance and vitality.

   The new models are paired with different colors, exuding a modern and stylish flavor: the large seconds hand with a date display is reinterpreted and equipped with a blue dial, which fits the atmosphere. The unique design gives the watch a distinctive luster, brings new feelings, and displays the style of the 21st century.
   The new grey-blue dial has a modern feel and a strong, long-lasting charm. The sunray pattern stretch line decoration technology makes the dial scatter light from the inside to the outside, giving it a new luster. This classic watch features an eccentric hour and minute display (at 12 o’clock) and an eccentric large seconds dial (6 o’clock) combined with a date display. It is here that the dial is adorned with sunburst, scattering light towards the bezel. The eccentric sunburst at this 6 o’clock position shrouded the dial with blue brilliance.

   Jacques de Ronaldo is equipped with 18K white gold indexes, which gradually arch toward the outer edge of the dial. Its color is slightly different from the stainless steel case. This dual material makes the color of the new large seconds watch more subtle and delicate, turning it into a source of light.
   One final touch: the pointer has a red tip for reading the date. Jacques Droe also provided space on a level different from that of the dial.

   The blue frosted satin date Grande Seconde Quantième Satin-Brushed Blue is modern and contemporary, while inheriting the brand’s historical heritage, it is equipped with a movement with a silicon hairspring and a pallet fork. It is immune to impact and temperature differences. The watch is available in two diameter sizes: the 39 mm model is elegant and timeless, low-key and subtle; the 43 mm model highlights a more stylish aesthetic. This work is dedicated to collectors who keep pace with the times, showing the elegance and vitality of collectors with flexible and creative shapes.