Gaopeng.Com Sells Tissot Fake Watch Storm Report

In response to the newspaper reported on November 1 that Gaopeng was accused of selling fake Tissot watches, yesterday, Tissot China issued a formal statement saying that some of the Tissot watches purchased from Gaopeng had been submitted for inspection. They are all fakes and said they will assist consumers in verifying the authenticity of the remaining watches. In response, Gao Peng responded that Tissot had not yet received notice and the sale of fakes was still under investigation.
Declaration of Shanghai leave inspection form full leave
Yesterday, Tissot China formally issued a statement saying that some Tissot watches purchased on Gaopeng.com have been inspected. After verification, all watches sent for inspection are fake. The statement also reminds consumers who buy Tissot watches in Gaopeng Group to keep their purchase vouchers and get in touch with Tissot as soon as possible, and Tissot will arrange for consumers to check the authenticity of the goods. Tissot China also said that it had reported the case to the public security organs.
According to the staff authorized by Tissot China’s authorized distributor to be responsible for this consumer rights protection, the watches that Tissot inspects are currently purchased by consumers in Shanghai from Gaopeng. “We will continue to talk with Beijing and other places in the near future. Consumers get in touch. & rdquo;
Beijing inspection form will show results
Yesterday, Beijing consumer Mr. Li told reporters that he had sent the Tissot watch purchased by Gaopeng to the Tuanjiehu Industrial and Commercial Institute last Friday. After registering, the staff of the Industrial and Commercial Institute stated that they would communicate with the Swiss Tissot watch company and entrust the other party to verify the authenticity of the watch. Mr. Li also revealed to reporters that Tissot China’s relevant staff responsible for the group purchase rights protection has contacted himself, saying that they will find a watch from the industrial and commercial department in the near future for identification.
Yesterday, the staff of Tissot China authorized the general distributor responsible for consumer rights protection issues told reporters that the identification results of watches sent to Beijing for inspection will be announced in the near future. The staff member said that the company would have someone to answer the media’s question recently. Consumers who have purchased watches from Gaopeng can send emails to Tissot if they need to identify the authenticity.
Regarding the alleged sales of fake Tissot watches, Gaopeng’s previous response was to conduct a thorough investigation of the group purchase of Tissot watches and to return the group purchase customers who have questions about the goods. Yesterday, Ms. Zhang Xinyue, Gaopeng said that she had not received any official notice from Tissot. She said that when she received a phone call from a reporter, she did not know the official statement issued by Tissot China. When a reporter asked about the progress of the investigation, Ms. Zhang said that she would communicate with Gaopeng staff this Monday to understand the progress of the incident.
Network sale Tissot watch makes a big wave
This year, Dangdang.com sold 25% off Tissot watches on the website before and after ‘Father’s Day’. Tissot China officially denied that it had authorized Dangdang sales. At that time, Tissot China issued a statement saying that products bearing the Tissot brand sold by Dangdang.com could not enjoy Tissot’s global warranty service. Tissot and Tissot’s authorized service centers in China would not provide any warranty for the products sold by Dangdang.com. service.
Yesterday, the reporter found on Dangdang Online that Tissot watches had disappeared from the Swiss watches it sold. And other online stores such as Amazon.com are still selling Tissot watches, which are priced above 1,000 yuan. Previously, the Tissot China official had publicly stated to the media that he had never authorized any Chinese online store to sell Tissot watches.