G-shock 30th Anniversary Masterpiece To Create Top Frogman

Casio G-SHOCK is famous for its innovative, shock-resistant, sturdy and powerful design. The brand spirit of ‘Beyond Dreams, Challenge Limits’ has always been advocated and spread. As G-SHOCK is about to enter its 30th anniversary, G-SHOCK’s shock-proof technology continues to evolve, and its unique tough design combines practicality with cutting-edge technology, which has made G-SHOCK continue to attract worldwide attention, especially the recent global heavyweight The limited edition watch GWF-T1030A is a G-SHOCK 30th anniversary model designed on the basis of the most famous Frogman in the classic Master of G. Master Of G has always been known for its high performance and ability to adapt to a variety of harsh environments. FROGMAN is best known in the ‘MAN’ series. Since the first-generation ‘Frogman’ was released in 1993, G-SHOCK has been The rigor and the corrosion resistance of the watch work hard. Equipped with ISO200 meters waterproof function, fully automatic calendar and stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), 6 global radio waves, solar power and other powerful functions. GWThis GWF-T1030A is the G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. The back is engraved with the 30th anniversary LOGO designed by the world famous graffiti master Eric Haze. The design of the entire watch body is based on the jumping red color, and the integrated titanium 64 body is used. Due to the very high hardness, processing is more difficult. . This watch is on sale in limited quantities. Its practical value and collection value are extremely high. Friends who want to get started, should take the time to consult the counter of the Casio store.