Frank Mueller: Master Of Complication Of Watches

Franck Muller is from Geneva, Switzerland, and is one of the world’s top watch brands. This watch brand from Switzerland has the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’ and is also a favorite of countless male and female stars. Thing. Frank Muller was founded by Frank Muller in 1991. Although considered a classic brand in the watch industry, Frank Muller has always been happy to fuse watchmaking technology with infinite creativity.

Frank Muller was born at the foot of the Swiss Alps in 1958. The Latin blood in his body determines his natural pursuit of creativity and hard work; his Swiss origin from his father has created his rigorous and meticulous character. He has been highly interested in various mechanical instruments since he was a child, and his exploration of clockwork naturally began at a very young age. Frank Muller was trusted by many collectors, private museums, and auction houses as soon as he graduated from the School of Clock and Design, asking him to do many valuable watch repairs.

His extensive experience in watch repair helped Frank Mueller consider the possibility of new mechanical devices and encouraged him to start developing and manufacturing his own watches. He is ambitious and wants to apply the complication of watches that have long been used only in pocket watches to watches to give them new value. Since 1983, Frank Mueller has shifted his interest to creating watches with complex mechanical functions. This master watchmaker started his career in this way, making unique watches for specially-designed collectors.

附近 Since the 15th century, near Geneva has been considered the cradle of the watch industry. Frank Muller watch factory, naturally have to find a territory here. Since 1983, Frank Mueller has become a driving force behind the Swiss watchmaking art revival with his energy and talent. Over the past 20 years, Frank has been dizzying with many world-renowned titles and patented inventions, plus various challenges and major achievements. And this amazing complex watchmaking technology and aesthetic art is highly sought after by watch lovers around the world!