Elegant And Luxurious Beauty Tasting Tissot Cera Series Square Case Ladies Watch

A well-known Swiss watchmaking brand with a history of more than 160 years, ‘Made in Switzerland’ is the brand that Tissot has never worn out. Selecting special materials, equipped with advanced functions, and exquisite design, subtle fusion of precision performance and stylish appearance. The Tissot CERA series watches are beautiful and gorgeous, revealing the beauty of grace and luxury. Today’s watch home brings you a watch from the Tissot CERA series, the official model: T908.309.96.057.00.

Tissot T908.309.96.057.00

   This watch is a typical lady’s watch. The watch is slender and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. The watch uses an elegant and British-style square case, with a black bezel and black dial on the rose gold body case. The watch uses a black leather strap with a slim strap that is perfect for women. This watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


   The watch uses a round crown, which is decorated with tooth patterns on the side of the crown to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time; and a black gem is set on the top of the crown, which is beautiful and noble.


   The strap of the watch is a black lacquered leather strap, which is reasonably cut and bright in color; the edges of the strap are stitched with black stitching and the middle is punched, which can be adjusted as needed.


   The watch case has a diameter of 26 mm and a thickness of 5.7 mm. The rose gold material makes the watch more luxurious; the case is polished and polished, and the case is round and smooth, exuding noble metal light.


   This watch has a square case design and is elegant and stylish with black and rose gold. The black dial of the watch uses the traditional big three hands to indicate the time, with rose gold bars and Arabic numerals as the time scale. The dial design is simple, and the reading is clear and simple. The watch has a closed case.


   The watch’s lugs are not long, and they use a square design corresponding to the case. The lugs are polished and rounded, and they are round and smooth. The watch fits more closely to the wrist.


   The black strap is linked by a folding clasp. The clasp has a press opening device, which is easy to open and close, and easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

Summary: This watch is matched with black and rose gold, elegant and fashionable, revealing grace and luxury. Watches are slim and beautiful, making them perfect for women’s wrists. This watch only has a simple function of displaying time, with a simple design and convenient reading time, which is very suitable for daily simple and delicate life.