Artya’s Latest Son Of A Gun Series-news Artya

Artya believes that many of the top watch consumer groups are also collectors of firearms. Following this year’s BaselWorld Basel World Jewellery Show presented a black stainless steel version with real bullets as the dial Later, a watch collection based on this theme is now available.
The new series of watches use a very unique case from the brand’s previous models-stainless steel is almost unrecognizable after being struck by real lightning of 100,000 to 1 million volts. New bronze models are also available.
Each watch uses a different number and shape of bullets, and each watch is unique. In addition, the rotor of the self-winding movement is a ballasted watch with a .357 Magnum bullet that has been shortened at the end of the cartridge.

 ArtyA latest Son of a Gun ‘Werewolf’ watch

However, by far the most fascinating new watch should be ‘Werewolf’. If the attached file is credible, it can provide unparalleled protection, not against water or shock, but against vampires and werewolves!
This watch has a cut silver bullet on the dial. The bullet is forged on a full moon night and carved by a world-famous master sculptor. In addition, rub with garlic to improve its effectiveness against the devil.
Artya thus created not only talking watches, but more likely scented watches.