A Variety Of Styles Tasting Amy Long Jingya Series Baihua Fairy Can Diy Watch

The brand Emilon has always been known for its unique wings of time lugs, and its watches are all unique and unique, standing proudly in the forest of world watches. At the Baselworld Watch Fair in 2016, it launched the latest Jingya series of replaceable dial watches. Due to the time, it was only a brief understanding at the time, I felt quite new and able to do DIY automatically, indeed It’s good. Now this watch is finally available in China. Today, the watch home will take a closer look at this watch for everyone. (Model: 60.2187.L.

Free DIY

I remember that one of the most concerned points at that time was that I could change the decoration of the panel by myself. I think it has great appeal for fickle women, and it can also solve many problems for men. The free DIY design of this watch Makes the watch extraordinary extraordinary.

The dials and belts can be easily replaced, and they can be matched with different styles of clothes. Attending different occasions, one watch is versatile and the other multi-purpose. Pendants can store flower sheets and can also be worn as decoration. (It is very easy to replace the flower on the dial. You can change it directly by pressing the button of the case; the replacement of the strap is also very simple. A replacement tool is included with the watch)

Flowers represent beauty and life. From ancient to modern times, it has rich and beautiful symbolic significance. The fragrant blooming flowers have inspired the creative inspiration of Amy Long designers, presenting the beautiful form and allegorical meaning of the flowers in the form of a watch, in order to praise the fairy-like women.

The Baihuaxian children’s watch is different from traditional watches. The creative point is that it breaks through the design, creation and craftsmanship of traditional watches, and adds a replaceable decorative dial above the dial, making an ordinary watch through a simple DIY The decorative effects of various watches have evolved, and their creativity and playability are more in line with the development thinking of the Internet era.

When she is a single watch, she is a simple and elegant exquisite female watch; when adding different decorative plates to her, she will evolve different styles, this is the decorative plate as an ordinary watch Bringing magical changes and other effects. A variety of flower patterns are available for selection and unlimited combinations. The European-style flower patterns (lily \\ lilac \\ orchid) will be launched for the first time. Later, more flower-shaped decorative plates will be gradually introduced, and even more interesting will be based on Each year, the zodiac introduces more decorative plates of different styles, constantly enriching the style of the decorative plates.

These faceplates can also be placed in the pendant that comes with the watch, which is convenient for storage and wear. These creative features bring decorative effects to the watch, and also add DIY fun to play, and add brand and customers Interaction and connection.

The craftsmanship design of the Baihuaxian children’s watch is very friendly and convenient. The removal of the decorative plate is very simple. No tools are needed. Just press the outer side of the case with your hands to press 2 and 8 o The glass and decorative plate are easily removed; aiming at the grooves and protrusions of the bezel, the bezel can be snapped on again easily. This is also the embodiment of all the ideas from the perspective of customer convenience that Amy Long has been adhering to. Beautiful and versatile, continue to decorate your beautiful life.

Summary: As a classic Swiss brand watch, Amy Long brings the biggest highlight of this watch is that you can DIY your own design. The Amy Long Baihua Fairy Watch has made DIY a truly own watch. Personality reveals itself, and shows itself through DIY on watches.