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    Gant Time Pays Tribute To New York City-news Gant

    Gant Time’s Fall / Winter 2012 collection is inspired by one of the most dynamic places on the planet-New York City.
    This is a special place to reflect reality with almost magical powers: everyone has his amazing unique charm, a strong atmosphere of new literature, the vitality of the art circle and an elegant style.

     One of Gant’s latest watches: ‘Colton’

    But despite this, the Gant Time collection is still an ode to the tradition and quality of our classic designs. Cameron is a new strong proof of this tradition: the hand-crafted case is extremely polished, with a high-precision chronograph movement and a handmade alligator-print Italian leather strap. This is a chronograph watch with extremely simple beauty and great precision.

    The dynamic side: ‘Ashton’ by Gant

    Gant Time aims to provide timeless style and ultimate quality. The fall / winter 2012 collection is based on the premise of providing classic analogue watches, combined with modern materials and contemporary details.
    From sports watches with comfortable rubber straps to elegant stainless steel watches with Italian leather straps – there are now a number of stylish watches in the collection.
    Source: Gant

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    Zhenli Shili Qixi Festival Origami Romantic Moonlight Telling To The Earth Long Day

    In this world, only love listens enough. Zenith selected the 33mm Women’s Watch from the Stellar Series and the 410 Men’s Watch from the flagship series to present romantic Tanabata gifts and compose a magnificent love story. The inexhaustible feelings of acacia, the eyes are willing to stay for each other’s lives, only the eternal and constant flow of time can reflect its sincerity and perseverance, show the declaration of love, and tell forever.

    Star moving 33 mm watch market price: RMB 38,400

       The unique and beautiful shape is perfectly blended with the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, and the attractiveness is fascinating. The Star Movement 33mm watch is a new interpretation of Japan’s unique origami art. The surface is like a carefully folded and cleverly unfolded paper, which reproduces this exquisite art from a three-dimensional angle. The pattern is located off-center at 9 o’clock, creating an amazing visual effect, inadvertently making the small second hand the center point of sight. The four brilliant-cut diamond hour markers shine brightly and light the rhythm of time passing, creating a refreshing and refreshing feel for this watch. Charming and charming, pure and beautiful.
    Flagship Series 410 watch Market price: RMB 70,800

       El Primero 410, this famous movement was born in 1969. It is a derivative of the legendary El Primero. It not only has the most accurate automatic chronograph function in the world, but also uniquely adds a full calendar and moon phase display. During the half century, the El Primero 410 movement has undergone many evolutions, and every detail is filled with a strong 1970s style. The deep blue face is like midnight blue, and rational and practical functions such as timekeeping and full calendar are more integrated into the romantic color of the moon phase. The glow of Ren Hao’s Hao Yue, sprinkled on each other’s faces like a millennium for a day, expressing his heartfelt feelings.

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    Girard-perregaux Constant Power Escapement Watch Officially Launched

    Europa Star World first reported the prototype of constant-force escapement published by Girard-Perregaux five years ago. After five years of research and development (coinciding with the 2013 Baselworld World Watch and Jewellery Show), the brand now introduces the first watch equipped with this innovative escapement.
    Girard-Perregaux Nicolas Dehon, manager of Girard-Perregaux’s R & D department, travelled by train one day, in which he was playing with tickets at will. He bent this small piece of paper in his fingers, and suddenly, an idea to invent an escapement broke into his brain. The elastic silicon crystal spring of this new system can alternately press the pressure one by one. Passing it on is like a ticket that bends in one direction and then in the other direction. The basic operating principle of Girard-Perregaux constant power escapement system: the heart of the constant power escapement system is an elastic silicon crystal hairspring that is 6 times younger than human hair. The secondary wave vibration releases a small amount of energy. This energy is stored in the spring of the escapement, which makes him bend from the steady state to the metastable state. At this time, he has higher energy than the steady state, and then swings back and forth to the swing The wheel provides stable and average power, keeping the balance’s swing amplitude and vibration frequency stable until the power reserve of the barrel is exhausted-in fact, more than a week, because it is a double barrel, each contains two springs .

    Girard-Perregaux constant power escapement

    The main difference between the first proposed concept and the finished escapement series is that the double escapement wheels each contain three instead of six wheels, which is equivalent to a movement of 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour) ). The escapement has applied for two technology patents, one is a ‘metal piece’ (spring), which was filed in 2008, and the other is a limit brake used in a flexible system.

    Girard-Perregaux Constant Power Escapement

    The first constant-power escapement watch combines cutting-edge technological achievements and time-honored design. The dial layout focuses on the butterfly-wing frame of the constant-power escapement system and the structure of an elastic spring. On the stage where the vertical system was unveiled, the new arrangement of Girard-Perregaux’s classic three bridge plywood can be seen through the anti-glare crystal glass.
    The hour dial is moved to 12 o’clock, with two barrels on the left and right, which can ensure a week’s power reserve. At 9 o’clock there is a linear power reserve display. The 18K white gold case has beautiful lines and a black alligator leather strap.

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    Extraordinary Appearance, Tasting The Parmigiani Kalpa Watch

    Since the advent of the Kalpa watch in 2001, it has been the symbol of Parmigiani. The latest models introduced at the Geneva Watch Fair re-interpret the original design features in a prudent way, and each Kalpa is now exclusively equipped with a self-developed profiled movement. The iconic features of the watch series: the barrel-shaped case, the drop-shaped lugs, and the low-key dial with triangular hands are carefully designed according to ergonomics, proportions and best readability concepts, and merge with each other to create a new homemade movement Perfect style. Take one of them as an example, let’s take a look together. (Official model: PFC193-1002500-HA3242)

      This watch measures 42.8×40.4 mm in the shape of a wine barrel and the dial is blue. It is impossible to extricate ourselves from the charm of deep blue ripples, and it is illuminated with 18K rose gold. This watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and displays an elegant decorative style with a sapphire crystal case back, a 22K gold automatic tourbillon and its barley engraved pattern.

      In terms of display, the dial is divided into different levels, and is equipped with a dark blue central area with PVD coating, with a shot satin finish, a radial machine-engraved pattern flange embellished by hand-applied faceted time stamps, two With snail-shaped chronograph dial, chamfered and polished speedometer scale, half-date instant jump window and small seconds sector with hands. The luminous design of the triangular pointer, the chronograph dial is slightly off-center, and the circular calendar dial contains three numbers. Various design projects create a balanced and easy-to-read display design. The deep blue Hermes crocodile leather strap with rose gold folding buckle is the finishing touch.

       The case back is sapphire crystal. Through the glass, the rotating movement can be seen.

       This high-end dedicated watch is stylish and resolute. Nowadays the most popular timepiece complication: chronograph. The watch is equipped with a new special-shaped movement equipped with the Parmigiani logo, the PF362 movement, which is certified by the Observatory, with automatic winding, integrated double-tracking chronograph function, hours, minutes, small seconds and chronograph functions , Speedometer scale, date display, 65-hour power reserve. The movement lasted six years and was researched and manufactured in-house. The vibration frequency is 36,000 vibrations / hour (5 Hz) and can display tenths of a second accuracy. In addition, the movement is equipped with a column wheel and a vertical clutch device. To ensure accuracy and user comfort.

        This watch impresses with its unique appearance and superb craftsmanship. In addition, the entire watch is also very particular about the color matching. The black strap with dark blue dial and rose gold case is stylish and unobtrusive, low-key and exquisite.

    For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature: