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    Heres H Lacquer Series New Release

    The Heure H series watch, born in 1996 under the promotion of designer Philippe Mouquet, is a permanent mark of Hermes. Today, its significance has gone beyond watches and become a symbol. Through time, it has always retained the vitality, vitality and freshness. It all comes from a unique flash of light: capturing time with a single letter. This concept is profound and interesting, and aims to frame the passing time tightly.

     What’s more worth mentioning is that Heure H also has a unique style and is not restricted by standards. The design of the case is bold and pleasant. The new watch launched this time has a black or white lacquer in the uppercase H letter. And the corresponding black or white lacquered dial is also coated with a layer of translucent lacquer, which can perfectly set off the color effect. The Heure H watch, recognizable at a glance, is a perfect fusion of rigorous style, technical excellence and originality. This is a kind of contradictory beauty.


    Its watch comes in eight colors to choose from, all of which interpret the quiet depth of black and white, set off against the vivid beauty of red, orange, yellow and blue. You can change the strap as you like, think or wish, and there are two options: single-lap strap, or Hermès classic double-lap strap redesigned by Martin Margiela.

     Heure H lacquered watches are available in medium and small sizes. Every detail of the case, dial and even the strap is made in the Hermès watch factory in Switzerland. With the careful craftsmanship of his craftsmen’s hands, he has created objects that are compatible with the wearer’s spirit and breath. Born of exquisite superb technology, the illusion is self-explanatory, combining practical and ingenious functions, presenting an unexpectedly light and smart. These objects make ordinary everyday illusion into a wonderful stage; let every moment that flows quietly becomes a precious time.

    The relationship between time and Hermès is also an object. In addition to measuring, sorting, and controlling, Hermès is bolder in pursuing another view of time: an exciting, free-flowing shuttle, creating a space of joy and fun. Take time boldly and play between times. This is the secret that makes Heure H, which is constantly intertwined between rigor and fantasy, create his own time.

    Technical specifications

    Dial Black lacquered dial
    White pad Arabic numeral time stamp
    Rhodium-plated hands
    Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
    316L stainless steel black lacquered square case
    26 × 26 mm with 20 mm inner lug spacing
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Also available in small sizes: 21 × 21 mm
    Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
    Function hours and minutes display
    Strap Black Barénia calf leather interchangeable single-ring strap
    316L stainless steel pin buckle, 17 mm

    Dial White lacquered dial
    Dark gray pad printing Arabic numerals
    Rhodium-plated hands
    Case painted by Philippe Mouquet in 1996
    316L stainless steel and white painted square case
    21 × 21 mm with 16 mm inner lug spacing
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    Also available in medium size: 26 × 26 mm
    Movement Swiss-made quartz movement
    Function hours and minutes display
    Strap White grained interchangeable double-circle calfskin strap
    316L stainless steel pin buckle, 14mm

    Interchangeable strap
    Black Barénia calfskin, white grained calfskin, Maltese blue grained calfskin, black Barénia calfskin, orange-red shiny calfskin, orange shiny calfskin, lemon yellow shiny calfskin, denim blue shiny calfskin , Electro-optic blue shiny calfskin

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    Inventory The World’s Most Expensive Watches

    Everyone says time is money, but for watch makers, it is only when they have huge wealth that they can have ‘time’. Let us appreciate the 10 most expensive watches in the world with you!
      Athens Ulysse Nardin – Royal Blue Tourbillon (estimated at US $ 1 million) Royal Blue Tourbillon is a masterpiece of Athens in 2005, pushing the complex watchmaking technology to another new level. The blue crystal shows the mystery of the flying tourbillon. It also brings out the unique aesthetics of complex watchmaking.
      A perfect complex performance watch, the delicateness of the watchmaker can be seen everywhere. When winding, through the transparent surface, you can clearly see that the barrel, gear and escapement are continuously driven, and have a power reserve of up to 130 hours. The platinum case and bracelet are set with 568 top Wesselton diamonds (33.8 carats) and 234 royal sapphires (16.79 carats).
      Sky Moon Tourbillon is the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe, and it is the first double-sided watch made by a watch factory. The oversized 42.8 mm is also Patek Philippe’s largest caliber watch. It has 686 precision components and 12 types of complex functions. The front dial includes a tourbillon and a minute repeater with a church bell sound spring and a perpetual calendar.
      Under the perspective of the sapphire crystal on the back, the star map of the northern hemisphere rotating counterclockwise clearly shows the movement trajectory of the moon and stars, the time of Sirius and the moon passing mid-sky, and the moon phase profit and loss. These complex functions show that the delicate system composed of three layers of sapphire crystal wafers on top of each other shows the wonderful harmony of the celestial body. Known by watch lovers as world watch emperors.
      To commemorate one of the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Ages, that is, to introduce the Arabo numbers to Europe and to invent the Fischer series, Fibonacci, which brought the ‘1.618’ golden ratio, in 1996, Parmigiani completed the first batch of hunting watches design diagram. This watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar to display the minute repeat function, and the case back showcases techniques such as engraving, translucent enamel and diamond setting.
      On November 7, 2009, the launch ceremony of the Franck Muller ultra-complex watch Aeternitas series Mega 4 was held at one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, the Monte Carlo Paris Hotel. Witnessed by more than 400 guests at the scene, Franck Muller delivered the finished Mega 4 to customized guests.
      The 12:00 position is the calendar and accumulated hours for retrograde operation. The 2:00 position is a display of the large or small self-sound setting, as well as the power reserve display. The opposite 10:00 position is the active or static display. The two sub-dials in the center are the day and month. Two 24-hour dials on both sides of the tourbillon can display the time in the second and third time zones at the same time. Use the two buttons on the side to adjust.
      Cartier – Secret watch with phoenix decor (estimated at $ 2.75 million) Cartier’s exclusive Secret Phoenix watch. The watch is made of 18k rhodium-plated white gold, the eyes are emeralds, and the beak is cut from a whole 3.53 carat diamond. Cartier’s watch is set with a total of 3010 diamonds, and the diamond weighs a total of 80.13 carats.
      Jaeger-LeCoultre-Joaillerie 101 Manchette (Cannot Be Estimated) In its jewellery appearance, it also contains the connotation of watches and clocks, allowing you to grasp the moustaches in the most elegant and charming posture against the backdrop of diamonds or polished chains. . The watch is set with 576 diamonds; through 18K white gold, diamonds and black agate gemstones.
    Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time is one of the most perfect automatic watches in the world. It has an 18K white gold case with a diameter of 39.5 mm and a Caliber 240 HU automatic winding movement. Adjustable 24-hour dial, day and night display by bright and dark colors and day / month mark, clear and easy to read 24 reference city names, unique hour hand is full of modern flavor.

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    Frank Mueller: Master Of Complication Of Watches

    Franck Muller is from Geneva, Switzerland, and is one of the world’s top watch brands. This watch brand from Switzerland has the reputation of ‘Master of Complex Functions’ and is also a favorite of countless male and female stars. Thing. Frank Muller was founded by Frank Muller in 1991. Although considered a classic brand in the watch industry, Frank Muller has always been happy to fuse watchmaking technology with infinite creativity.

    Frank Muller was born at the foot of the Swiss Alps in 1958. The Latin blood in his body determines his natural pursuit of creativity and hard work; his Swiss origin from his father has created his rigorous and meticulous character. He has been highly interested in various mechanical instruments since he was a child, and his exploration of clockwork naturally began at a very young age. Frank Muller was trusted by many collectors, private museums, and auction houses as soon as he graduated from the School of Clock and Design, asking him to do many valuable watch repairs.

    His extensive experience in watch repair helped Frank Mueller consider the possibility of new mechanical devices and encouraged him to start developing and manufacturing his own watches. He is ambitious and wants to apply the complication of watches that have long been used only in pocket watches to watches to give them new value. Since 1983, Frank Mueller has shifted his interest to creating watches with complex mechanical functions. This master watchmaker started his career in this way, making unique watches for specially-designed collectors.

    附近 Since the 15th century, near Geneva has been considered the cradle of the watch industry. Frank Muller watch factory, naturally have to find a territory here. Since 1983, Frank Mueller has become a driving force behind the Swiss watchmaking art revival with his energy and talent. Over the past 20 years, Frank has been dizzying with many world-renowned titles and patented inventions, plus various challenges and major achievements. And this amazing complex watchmaking technology and aesthetic art is highly sought after by watch lovers around the world!