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    The Choice Of Intellectual Women Four Recommended Fiyta Watches

    The Fiyta watch presents exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious design for the tasters one by one, recording the perfect moment in life. The product style ahead of the trend, while interpreting the classic watch culture, also conveys the perception of time and the proposition of life. For women, a watch is not only a tool for reading time, but also a changeable decoration. It can be low-key, gorgeous, and stable. It is also an attitude to life. A woman who knows how to appreciate a watch is stable and Intellectuality makes men sincerely appreciate it.

      Fiyta Heartstring Women’s LA8402.MWR Watch

    Comment on the watch: The Fiyta Heartstring series watch has an exquisite and romantic appearance with exquisite and dynamic quality. The heart of achievement: the full and round watch shape, graceful like a full moon, and infused with yearning and hope for life. On the dial of the watch, the phoenix is ​​faint and smoky. If the fragrance is diffused, sighs and sings the most tender feeling in the bottom of the heart, as if the world has been shrunk by us, narrowed to only you and me, and can be touched by reaching out.

    Comment on this watch: This watch is made of stainless steel with a 32mm case, which is very suitable for women’s slender wrists. Through the sapphire glass mirror, the decoration of the dial blooms in such a beautiful brilliance: the white dial, set with 11 Swarovski zircons, complements the pattern on the dial, exquisite and beautiful. The shell material inlaid on the dial brings the mystery and moistness of the sea floor. Under different light, the shell will show different scenery on the wrist. The timeless classic brown, with comfortable and soft full leather, the unique strap linking method of the ‘heartstring’ series can make the watch fit the female’s delicate wrist more perfectly, and accompany you every moment of the future.

    Basic Information
    Number: LA8402.MWR
    Brand: Fiyta
    Series: Heart String Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Gender: Lady
    RMB: ¥ 3,288
    For more watch details, please click: FIYTA Clover Series LA8362.TWTD

      There are as many romantic women as there are beautiful times. Fiyta deeply understands women’s longing for and desire for beauty, blends creative design with the clover that symbolizes happiness and true love, and always reflects the most beautiful moments of women. In legend, the four leaf clover of a clover represent: true love, health, reputation, wealth; when you find the clover, you have happiness. When time passes, the pointer moves like a flower, conveying a strong romantic feeling.

    Watch comments: The Fiyta Clover series ladies watches use cutouts, gold threads and other methods to interpret the beautiful clover on natural shells, symbolizing a beautiful blessing. The stainless steel rose gold-plated case is inlaid with zircon, and the clover on the dial brings warmth to women like spring. The vintage rose gold lines outline a complicated or simple pattern, which is as beautiful as painting and full of rich artistic flavor. The elegant pumpkin-shaped crown is a small surprise after a fine appreciation, which is more convenient for the wearer to rotate. With that perfect vintage rose golden color, it flows into the landscape of Lanzhong in the time, drunk non-stop time.
      The rosy hands are in harmony with the overall hue. The watch is paired with a stainless steel rose gold-plated bracelet, which is beautiful and atmospheric. It sets off the slender wrist of the woman, allowing you to exude a distinctive feminine charm on any occasion. At the same time, the watch is equipped with imported automatic mechanical movement LA8362.TWTD, which is waterproof to 50 meters.

    Basic Information
    Model: LA8362.TWTD
    Brand: Fiyta
    Series: Clover Series
    Style: Automatic, 34.6 mm, ladies
    Material: stainless steel
    RMB: ¥ 34,990
    For more watch details, please click: Fiyta Hengyu Women’s L980.WWWD Watch

    Comment on the watch: The Fiyta Hengyu series, which wins by quality, uses space-strengthened titanium, ceramics, fritillary and other materials to cross-border applications and integrates. This women’s watch is inlaid with ‘Swarovski zircon’, which fuses ceramics, mother-of-pearl, zircon and other materials to create a pure and shining dream. The natural fritillary inlaid on the surface of the disc, with the change of angle and light, changes mysteriously like Yunxia, ​​showing different beauty. In addition to the basic hour and minute display, the calendar display window is located at three o’clock. The strap is stainless steel rose gold plated and inlaid with ceramic blocks, which is cool and comfortable to wear on the hand. Sapphire glass, stainless steel case back, 34.0mm in diameter, is definitely more exquisite than a bracelet on a woman’s wrist.

    Basic Information
    Number: L980.WWWD
    Brand: Fiyta
    Series: Heng Yu Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Gender: Lady
    RMB: ¥ 3,980
    For more watch details, please click: Fiyta Classic Women’s Series L612.MWM Watch

    Comment on the watch: The Fiyta Classic series of watches explains the interpretation of ‘classic’-there are always some enduring works that do not disappear due to the passage of time, nor are they left behind by maintaining the original appearance. They have stood the test of time and still shine on their wrists, which Fiat calls this: classic. The Fiyta Classic series watches, as the name suggests, are designed with solid yet detailed details to achieve eternity on the wrist.

     The seasons are flowing, the years are long, and the classics are timeless because of the baptism of time. The 26.5 mm dial is white-toned, with classic time scales. The calendar and day display window are at three o’clock, which is easy to read at a glance. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which saves many women from the hassle of winding.

    Basic Information
    Number: L612.MWM
    Brand: Fiyta
    Series: Classic Series
    Movement type: Quartz
    Gender: Lady
    RMB: ¥ 2,180
    For more watch details, please click: fiyta / 31518 /

    Summary: Women’s greatest enemy in life is time. Only time can take away their looks and youth, but only through the precipitation of time and the test of years can they be mature from immature; life experience, The years of hardening make them more confident in self-confidence and stronger in self-reliance. Owning a watch, always keeping a calm and elegant attitude, and sticking to your good faith is the best way to treat time. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    New Chopard 2014 Basel Preview Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie Watch

    Drawing on the traditional essence of the Chopard brand, the Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie watch embodies all the extraordinary professional skills of the Geneva brand. Combining fine watchmaking and fine jewelry, a watch with pavé diamonds was born, carefully equipped with an L.U.C. tourbillon movement.

       This watch itself has witnessed all the legends of the watch factory. Branded at the heart of Chopard culture, with both beauty and precision, the Happy Sport Tourbillon series highlights the best features and professional skills of this Geneva watch factory. Combining live diamonds with the modern flair of Happy Sport models, the Happy Sport Tourbillon models embody the excellence of the fine jewellery workshop and the ingenuity of the fine watchmaking department. Happy Sport watches are alive with innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. Let us start from the beginning.

    Happy Diamond
       1976. Love is everywhere. Freedom is a desire, a temptation, a urgency. Mr. Ronald Kurowski, the genius designer of the Chopard brand, once took a walk in the Black Forest, and inspired the setting of moving diamonds while observing the water drops of the waterfall. The activity is free, fun, and lightly swirling. They have become the symbol of the brand, and its multiple styles present its dreamlike and cheerful features. As Karin Scheufele once said: ‘Free diamonds are the happiest.’
    Happy Sport Collection
       1993. Revolutionary lines and bold style. This is an era of female liberation. Caroline Scheufele, the co-chairman and artistic director of the Chopard brand, has designed an unprecedented sports watch that combines stainless steel and diamonds. The avant-garde is changeable, subverting all the traditions in the field of women’s watches. Happy Sport models quickly became the brand’s representative series, and the styles are endlessly changing.
    year 2013. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of the series, a new addition to the series, the first time to launch a ladies’ watch with a mechanical movement, the Happy Sport medium-duty automatic mechanical watch, always loyal to the original pioneering spirit.
    Happy Sport Tourbillon
       Year 2014. With the Happy Sport Tourbillon model, the Happy Sport collection has entered the field of fine watchmaking. This model is equipped with L.U.C. 02.16-L movement produced by Chopard Manufacture. Equipped with this extraordinary movement, the Happy Sport Tourbillon model shines with the gorgeous color of high jewelry. Available in white gold and 18K rose gold, it is the result of top setting techniques, such as the snowflake inlay on the pavé diamond dial. The tourbillon bridge, like the bezel, is inlaid with 36 trapezoidal diamonds. The crown is decorated with multiple baguette diamonds and a drop-shaped diamond. Of course, 7 well-known active diamonds are swimming between the two sapphire crystals. In their endless free movement, the cheerful spirit of Happy Sport watches is once again demonstrated.
       The tourbillon movement, one of the pinnacles of traditional watchmaking art, joins the elegant features of the Happy Sport series, exuding a modern atmosphere, thus obtaining a contemporary and ever-changing meaning. In keeping with the style of the Happy Sport case, this tourbillon movement has been specially designed, with its 42 mm diameter, it has become the largest model in the series. Power reserve is up to 9 days (can run continuously for 216 hours). The Happy Sport Tourbillon model bears a mark of excellence: the precious Geneva mark, which highlights the quality of its finish and the boxing ingenuity of each component of the movement.
       Today, Chopard is among the few real watchmakers in the world. Adhering to the traditional values ​​and professional skills of the watchmaking industry, Chopard Watch Factory is firmly on the road to exploration, high technology and design. It thus bears witness to the astonishing vitality of the Chopard brand-a constant connection between the past and the spirit of innovation.
    Technical specifications

    18K White Gold Case
    Diameter 42.00 mm
    Thickness 15.09 mm
    Water-resistant to 30 meters
    18K White Gold Crown 7.30 mm
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Open case back
    Manual winding tourbillon movement L.U.C 02.16-L
    Overall diameter 29.70 mm
    Thickness 6.10 mm
     Number of gems: 33 rubies
    Vibration frequency: 28’800 times / hour (4 Hz)
    Quattro® patented four barrels
    Power reserve 216 hours (9 days)
    Geneva mark
    COSC precision timepiece certification

    Dial and hands:
    Snowflake inlaid diamond dial
    Tourbillon bridge with diamonds
    7 live diamonds
    Blue sword-shaped hour and minute hands
    Small blue seconds

    Functions and displays:
    Central hours and minutes display
    Small seconds at 6 o’clock

    Strap and buckle:
    Hand-stitched alligator strap
    18K White Gold Pin Buckle

    Model: 274462-1001

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    Elegant And Unique Rolex Cellini Single Ring Diamonds At A Glance

    The annual Basel International Jewellery and Watches has been opened, and the special report team in front of the Watch House has begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch exhibition reports. Now let us first appreciate the big pictures of the latest watches launched by Rolex at the Baselworld.
       At the watch exhibition, Rolex has launched four gemini-set cellini time models, with a 39mm 18 ct white gold or eternal rose gold case, with diamond-set single or double outer ring for choice. The double outer ring style consists of a diamond-set outer ring and a classic triangular pitted outer ring.

       This diamond-encrusted outer ring comes with a pink dial, which features a sunray effect and is set against an extended hour mark.
    Watch details:

       The above is the cutting-edge information of the Rolex Pavilion at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

       For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

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    More Professional Diving Functions Than Bb Tudor Pelagos

    TUDOR TUDOR launched self-made movements from 2015. Among them, Pelagos belongs to the earliest batch of TUDOR-made movements. Although Pelagos does not have the brand’s hot Black Bay in recent years, it has a high degree of inquiry. Come up and compare and analyze, Pelagos is not inferior to Black Bay in terms of appearance, materials and diving watch. It is even higher. Especially, Pelagos is not much more expensive than Black Bay. The CP value is also very good, but it is always difficult to beat the BB. It conforms to the retro look of modern preferences. To this end, Tudor has made a lot of tricks to improve the appeal of Pelagos. The taste of fierce medicine starts directly from the innovation of the movement.

    The balance of the MT 5612 movement uses a straddling balance wheel bridge, a speed-adjusting screw balance, and a silicon spring without a card. 56 of them lock the screws on the outside of the balance wheel, but they are embedded in the balance ring to avoid wind resistance.

    Feature one: not eye-catching but solid specifications
    The 56 series movement carried by Pelagos on the basic structure has no new inventions, but most of them are currently recognized as practical and emerging standards. It provides about 70 hours of power reserve with a single barrel. The automatic winding is naturally two-way. A little emphasis It is the automatic disc that uses ball bearings. Although this is already very common nowadays, even the Rolex 31 series has not been adopted. The polished part is flat and nothing significant. The entire piece is neat and sandblasted. At the time, only the North Flag was made with a transparent bottom cover. There were not many opportunities to see it. Generally, it kept the Rolex family. Simple and durable style.

    The watch is inlaid with square hour markers and coated with a large amount of luminous material to ensure sharp contrast. Time-scale hands with blue hour markers, because blue is the last recognizable color in the depths of the ocean in the spectrum

    Feature two: Continue to use popular exterior elements
    The work of Pelagos exterior is quite delicate. The model uses the axe needle of the Tudor diving watch’s signature-now officially named Snowflake Needle. This may be one of the most wise decisions when Tudor reorganized the diving watch product line in 2012, successfully defining the unique personality of its own products. , But also linked to the brand’s vast historical heritage. The façade on the inside of the case is beveled. The rectangular time scale cuts directly into this bevel, creating a very three-dimensional sense of space on the surface. This is a feature of modern watchmaking in terms of processing technology and aesthetic style. .

    The helium exhaust valve allows the gas infiltrating the watch to be released during the decompression phase at the end of the task without damaging the watch. The helium exhaust valve not only eliminates this excessive pressure, but also allows the watch to avoid damage

    Feature 3: Relatively excellent specifications
    Pelagos has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters, which can already be regarded as a deep diving watch, so there is a helium exhaust valve on the left side of the case. The outer case is made of titanium and the bezel is ceramic. These are beyond the reach of Black Bay. It is also worth mentioning that it has a buckle with a strap. It has a professional diving watch Often the increased joint extension structure, as well as the special elastic tension function, will automatically lengthen or shorten as the pressure changes in the water, which is quite superior in the diving tables currently on the market.

    TUDOR Pelages

    Titanium, ceramic material / MT 5612 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / diameter 42mm / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 500 meters / reference price: 30,000 RMB

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    Racing Spirit Sporty Montblanc Releases Two New Timewalker Series ‘reversing Panda’ Dial Clocks

    Montblanc brings two new Timewalker series chronographs, with a ‘reversing panda’ dial to interpret classic aesthetics, strengthening its sporty style, retro style and racing spirit.

    Racing spirit

       The Montblanc TimeWalker series fuses the spirit of motorsport, and the newly launched professional timepiece reproduces the glorious history of the timing device in a distinctive style.
       The new Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph draws inexhaustible inspiration from the legendary history of Minerva Watch Factory. Since 1858, this renowned watchmaking workshop has been known for creating high-quality timekeeping devices that accurately record short intervals. The famous ‘RallyTimer’ rally chronograph, designed to accurately record motorsports, is a perfect example of this long tradition. Over the years, with several patents in the field of precision timekeeping, Minerva Watch Factory has become an influential piece in the history of advanced watchmaking, and has made watchmaking legends with extraordinary craftsmanship.

       The Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph combines the legendary timepieces of the past with the spirit of racing, engraving the long tradition, superb craftsmanship and glory of motorsport at the Minerva Watch Factory.

    ‘Panda’ dial and ‘Reverse Panda’ dial

       The 1960s and 1970s was the golden age of motorsport. The black-and-white dial chronograph that came out during this period became a classic in the history of watchmaking under the names ‘Panda’ and ‘Reverse Panda’. The strong contrast between the background color of the main dial and the three small dials brings a clear reading function and ingenious aesthetic design, which is highly praised. The design of the dial is reminiscent of the dashboard setting of a classic racing car, and is one of the most attractive and recognizable dial designs today.

    Two new Timewalker chronographs

       In 2019, Montblanc launched two new Timewalker series chronographs with ‘reversed panda’ aesthetic design, with two diameters of 41 mm and 43 mm.

       The 41 mm diameter case has a satin-polished surface and the lugs of the lugs are carved with smooth, architectural lines. The 43 mm diameter is semi-hollowed, reminiscent of a racing air intake.

       The fixed bezel of the new Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph is made of ceramic material and is engraved with a tachymeter scale, which shows the surging racing spirit.

       Both timepieces use the ‘reversed panda’ dial to distinguish the main dial from the chronograph in contrasting black and silvery white. The 41 mm chronograph dial is listed on the dial at six o’clock and twelve o’clock, and the 43 mm chronograph dial is listed on the three o’clock, six o’clock and nine o’clock ”Position, back to the traditional 3-6-9 chronograph position with classic design. The numbers and graduations of these two timepieces are coated with Super-LumiNova®, and the precise minute track at the edge of the dial is also coated with Super-LumiNova®. The 15-minute graduated ring is decorated with red marks for legibility. maximize.

       The new Montblanc TimeWalker series self-made automatic chronograph (43 mm) is equipped with Montblanc’s self-developed chronograph MB25.10 chronograph movement, decorated with classic delicate patterns, such as: Geneva ripples, pearl patterns and blue steel screws The new one-piece rotor made of rhodium-plated tungsten steel resembles a racing steering wheel. In addition, the self-made movement is equipped with a traditional column wheel, a horizontal clutch device, and a stop-second system to ensure accurate time setting.

       Like all Timewalker series timepieces, the new Montblanc Timewalker series automatic chronograph has passed the rigorous inspection of the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’. This quality inspection system ensures the reliable performance and outstanding performance of the timepiece after it has been assembled for more than 500 hours by simulating the wearing environment in real life.

       Montblanc TimeWalker watches are expected to be fully available for sale in the Chinese market from June 2019.
    Montblanc TimeWalker Automatic Chronograph

    No. 119942

    Montblanc Manufacture Calibre MB25.10
    Movement type automatic winding mechanical movement, timekeeping, date display;
    Timing function Double button with column wheel and horizontal clutch
    Number of components 232
    Number of rubies 33
    Power reserve about 46 hours
    Balance wheel Screw balance, diameter 10 mm; moment of inertia 12 mg • cm2
    Vibration frequency 28,000 times / hour (4 Hz)
    Plywood, rhodium-plated with pearl and Geneva waves
    Bridge Plate Rhodium Plated with Pearl and Geneva Ripples
    Display Central hour and minute hands display; small second hand at ‘six o’clock’ position
    Bezel with speed scale
    Chronograph seconds hand in the center of the dial
    30-minute and 12-hour counters at ‘three o’clock’ and ‘nine o’clock’

    Case Stainless steel case, satin-finished
    Black ceramic bezel with silver-white tachymeter scale
    Crystal Sapphire crystal, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating
    Case back Stainless steel, recessed sapphire crystal window
    Size 43 mm diameter, 15.20 mm thickness
    Water resistance: about 100 meters (10 bar)
    Crown black DLC coating, knurled surface treatment, embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo
    Dial ‘Reversed Panda’ dial with black dial and white chronograph dial; black rhodium-plated Arabic numerals and indicator scales coated with Super-LumiNova®; rhodium-plated luminescent Prince and hour hands, red barton Chronograph seconds hand with Minerva’s iconic arrow at the tip; white edge, grey or red trim 5 minute indicator, Super-LumiNova® coating.
    Strap Perforated strap in brown halo-painted calfskin from Richemont Pelleteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy, stainless steel triple folding clasp

    Acquired the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ certification
    (* Super-LumiNova® is not a trademark of Montblanc)
    Montblanc TimeWalker Automatic Chronograph (41 mm)

    No. 119940

    Montblanc Manufacture Calibre MB25.07
    Movement type: automatic mechanical movement, chronograph, date display
    Number of jewels 25
    Power reserve about 46 hours
    Balance ring
    Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
    Display Central hour and minute hands display; small second hand at ‘nine o’clock’ position
    Bezel with speed scale
    Date at ‘three o’clock’
    Chronograph seconds hand in the center of the dial
    30-minute and 12-hour counters at ‘twelve o’clock’ and ‘six o’clock’

    Case Stainless steel case, satin-finished
    Black ceramic bezel with silver-white tachymeter scale
    Crystal Sapphire crystal, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating
    Case back Stainless steel, built-in smoke crystal window
    Dimensions 41 mm in diameter and 14.54 mm thick
    Water-resistant to about 100 meters (10 bar)
    Dial Reverse ‘Panda’ dial with black dial and silvery white chronograph dial; rhodium-plated Arabic numerals and index scales coated with Super-LumiNova®; rhodium-plated luminescent Prince and hour hands; red barton Chronograph seconds hand with Minerva’s iconic arrow tip; black edges with Super-LumiNova® coating; black chronograph dial, small silver seconds dial
    Crown Stainless steel, knurled surface treatment, embossed Montblanc hexagonal white star logo
    Strap Perforated black rubber strap with stainless steel pinhole buckle

    Acquired the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ certification
    (* Super-LumiNova® is not a trademark of Montblanc)

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    Longines Watch Beijing International Equestrian Masters Staged Sport Fashion

    From May 10th to 12th, the ‘Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters’ will be held at the ‘Bird’s Nest’, the national stadium of the world famous Beijing Olympics. This professional equestrian event, which represents the highest level in Asia, has been officially included in the International Horse League schedule, attracting the full participation of many of the world’s top riders.
    马 Like dragons, horses are the embodiment of the spirit of the Chinese nation and one of the symbols of cultural totems. Horse culture is not only the core component of Chinese traditional culture, but also the foundation and crown of Chinese traditional culture. It is also the supporting framework of Chinese traditional culture.
     In 2011, the National Stadium (‘Bird’s Nest’), the first international large-scale professional equestrian event held in Mainland China, was also the highest-level equestrian event in Asia-the 2011 Beijing International Equestrian Masters Championship. The competition successfully made up for the regret that the 2008 Olympic equestrian events could not be held in Beijing. After a year, Longines made a big attack, leading the “Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters” with a large lineup of 12 top international riders and 20 top Chinese riders. It was staged in Asia on May 10-12, 2012. The equestrian star show, continued to write brilliant in the National Stadium.
     The 2012 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters is hosted by the Chinese Equestrian Association and the National Stadium. Beijing Dome Equestrian Culture Co., Ltd. is cooperating with the world’s top equestrian event ‘Aachen World Equestrian Congress’ and the ‘Father of German Equestrian’ Said Mr. Rudiger Birbaum jointly operates the highest level of equestrian competition in Asia at present. The event aims to create China’s best equestrian events and continue to promote the heritage of Chinese horse culture and Beijing urban culture. The event has now officially entered the schedule of the International Equestrian Federation and the Chinese Horse Federation, and will be held continuously for the next four years.