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    Exquisite And Smart Tasting Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Series Mother-of-pearl Three-pin Watch

    Girard Perregaux loves women. With Cat’s Eye’s unique oval shape, it has been the most beautiful pointer piece in the eyes of fine watchmaking lovers since its introduction for ten years. This series perfectly embodies Girard Perregaux’s profound traditional watchmaking essence. It cleverly combines excellent external design and professional mechanical structure to create exquisite timepieces. Today’s Watch House brings you an exquisite and dynamic Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye series mother of pearl dial small three-hand watch, watch model: 80484D52A763-BK6B.

       Just like a woman, the Cat’s Eye series constantly reinvents itself and continues to change based on the original charm of the character without losing its existing personality. This watch debuts with a new and elegant mother-of-pearl dial, a charming and elaborate oval case, and a mechanical movement from the fine watch factory. It is gorgeously presented from the inside out, and is worthy of permanent collection.

    Cat’s Eye Mother of Pearl Dial

       This watch is made of 18k rose gold with an oval case and a bezel set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds. The watch case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, and the white pearl dial is decorated with radial patterns; the dial shows the time, and it has a small seconds and date display. The watch comes with a black alligator strap.

    Exquisite smooth crown comfortably

       The rose gold crown of the watch is very beautiful, just like a flower. The side of the crown is decorated with pits for easy grasping; the top of the crown is engraved with the Girard Perregaux logo ‘GP’. The crown is polished carefully, the surface is smooth, and the tentacles are round and smooth.

    Black strap is soft and tough

       The watch is equipped with a strap made of crocodile leather. The black color tone is elegant and distinguished. The natural texture makes the strap more generous and matches the rose gold case. The leather strap is soft yet tough and comfortable to wear. The strap is fitted with a folding pin buckle.

    Oval case with beautiful shapes and beautiful lines

       The oval-shaped case made of rose gold is 35.40 x 30.40 mm in diameter, with beautiful shapes and beautiful lines; the case is polished to emit a distinguished red-gold light. A row of diamonds is inlaid on the case bezel, adding a stylish brilliance to the watch.

    The dial design is stylish, beautiful and charming

       White mother-of-pearl dial with exquisite design, set with diamond hour markers and Arabic numerals, center-mounted willow-shaped hour and minute hands; the dial is decorated with a radial pattern around the small second hand at nine o’clock, and a date display window at three o’clock .

    Small seconds dial smart and exquisite

       At 9 o’clock on the dial, there is an oval small seconds dial, with black scales and Arabic numerals on the outer edge of the dial, and a small willow-shaped second hand.

    Clear date display at a glance

       The date display window set at the three o’clock position of the dial is oval, with rose gold as the frame, and black Arabic numerals on the white dial. The clear tone contrast makes the display very clear and clear.

    Exquisite lugs and rounded corners

       The lugs are exquisite and small, and they are cast in one piece with the case. The lugs are polished carefully, the surface is smooth, the edges and corners are rounded, and the case is harmonious and natural. The lugs are slightly curved, which can ensure that the watch fits the wrist more closely when worn.

    Summary: This Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye small three-hand watch, with an exquisite black crocodile leather strap, adds a finishing touch to the model, and at the same time reflects the feminine elegance of modern women. Watches are distinguished and gorgeous, worn on women’s wrists, which not only highlights the elegant and fashionable temperament, but also highlights the extraordinary taste.

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    Everything To Look Forward To-hublot Unico Movement Appreciation

    In 2004, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, a legend in the history of Swiss watchmaking, began to take over Hublot watches in less than ten years. , Which makes Hublot a world-renowned top watch brand. At this time, everyone who loves watches hopes that Hublot can produce a self-produced movement. At the beginning of the new year of 2010, the new Hublot headquarters factory building was completed just one year by Lake Geneva. Mr. Beaver Proudly announcing to the world that a basic movement entirely developed and designed independently by Hublot: the UNICO column wheel chronograph movement is born! Let’s take a look at what’s so special about this movement that cost 3 million Swiss francs …
    Power part

    This automatic movement uses the famous Pellaton two-way winding system, which is famous for its sturdiness and reliability. In order to make the system more sophisticated and reliable, Hublot used the latest manufacturing process to make it even more improved. In the production and production of the finest parts, nickel material processed by the LIGA process is used.

    The oscillating weight has a hollow design and a ceramic ball bearing, which can rotate freely and without noise. Because the movement uses a special spring as a spring, it can still have an amazing 72 hours of power reserve with only one barrel.
    The escapement is based on statistics from the entire watchmaking industry, and 30% of the watches that have been repaired after sales are faulty. In the face of this problem, Hublot proposed a good solution, just like Breguet’s sailing timer. The entire escapement system is installed on a small removable platform for modular processing. , So that customers can greatly reduce the waiting time, without having to wait for months as before.

    In addition to the use of the escape platform, how has Hublot, which has always been fond of new materials, ignored the existence of ‘silicon’, so Hublot uses a silicon escape wheel and pallet fork, especially in the UNICO movement. Silicon is a very stable element. Its biggest advantage is that it can play the role of automatic lubrication, while traditional grease will easily deteriorate in the air and sunlight due to the role of ultraviolet rays. From the figure we can see that the movement currently has two types of balance wheels, both of which have a 4Hz swing frequency, and both have very good performance, but it is not ruled out that there is a possibility of giving up one. Angle of view, I prefer the screw balance.
    Timing section
    The UNICO movement is not only a basic movement, but also a real chronograph movement. It uses a column wheel chronograph structure. Although this structure is not the latest technology, it is currently recognized in all The best-performing, most beautiful and sturdy structure in the relevant organization, and we can see it directly through the mirror. At present, this movement is still in its debut stage. Regarding its future development, Watch House will always pay close attention to it!