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    Casual Fashion Three Recommended Men’s Watches For Office Workers

    Office workers are a large group of watch consumers, because of a stable working environment, a good income, a strong fashion concept, like light luxury. Of course, it needs to be acknowledged that if there are no certain economic conditions, many office workers will not have strong spending power. After all, any high-end consumption will first give way to just-needed, which may include buying a house. However, when you have a stable income and sit at the middle management level, it becomes necessary to buy a decent and good watch.
    Longines Traditional Watch L2.793.4.78.6

    Watch model: L2.793.4.78.6
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Domestic public price: 16000
    Watch details: longines / 38701 /
    Watch reviews: Longines, one of the most recognized watch brands in China, can be ranked among the top three. Longines is synonymous with elegance, with Lin Zhiling as the endorsement, and the brand name is also very flavorful. It has been early in China and is a well-known brand. The highlight of this Longines stainless steel material is its grainy grained dial and willow hands, which are simple and elegant without losing personality. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which is a medium-sized yet somewhat unique watch. It is not high-profile and does not lose its connotation in the workplace, which is suitable for wearing at work.
    TAG Heuer Carrera WAS2114.BA0732 watch

    Watch model: WAS2114.BA0732
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 39 mm
    Domestic public price: 24400
    Watch details: heuer / 29701 /
    Comment on the watch: Compared with Longines, Tag Heuer is not as well-known in the country, but it is a relatively powerful brand in Switzerland and cooperates closely with many sports events. The watches are generally more casual or even professional. Carrera is the flagship of Tag Heuer. This watch also uses stainless steel materials. Compared with the previous Longines, its personality is more exaggerated and prominent. It is a watch that is easy to follow when wearing it. Sometimes, leadership requires some aura. Low-key is not considered to be humble, especially entrepreneurial companies, need strong execution, and even need a clear style of behavior, with a watch that emphasizes personality is just right.
    Baume & Mercier Creston MOA10140

    Watch model: MOA10140
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel / Rose gold
    Strap Material: Stainless Steel / Rose Gold
    Case diameter: 41 mm
    Domestic public price: 33600
    Watch details: baume / 32419 /
    Comment on the watch: Baume & Mercier, as the name suggests, elegant and humble, gentleman, this brand that pays attention to watch character is very consistent with European gentleman culture. The watch uses stainless steel and 18K rose gold to make the case. This combination was once unacceptable, but it was always popular with high-level and elites. It is suitable for leisure and business. It has a built-in automatic movement. Daily wear is more elegant.
    Summary: The three watch brands have different styles and different prices. For friends with certain economic strength, they always need something tasteful to reflect the following, not only to show their social value, but also to enjoy their own style. Each watch has its own taste, whether it is suitable or not, you have to wear it to know.

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    Antiquorum November Auction Will Present Rare Top-notch Lots

    Antiquorum is pleased to announce that its ‘Famous and Contemporary Timepieces’ collection will be held on November 19th (Sunday) at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva. There will be 613 outstanding modern and antique clocks that collectors look forward to public auction.

    The highlights of this autumn auction are the most unique and most collectible focus is an extremely rare Rolex Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller Submariner single red letter prototype watch and a series of Patek Philippe Patek Philippe watches, including Patek Philippe. 24.99 million calendar chronograph. Previews will be held in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Geneva.
    A highlight of the lot is a Magnificent Royal Presentation Musical Fan with a watch, a gift from the Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the Vicomte de Morais. It was produced by Piguet & Capt in Geneva around 1810.

    Lot 189 by Piguet & Capt

    This is an extremely rare and gorgeous gold enamel polychrome painting with pearl music fan clock, hidden watch and visible rose and diamond balance, the fan face is painted in watercolor and gold. This precious gold enamel music fan clock is the only three known fan clocks with watches and music. The fan clock is extremely gorgeous and exquisite. Like other quirky and exotic valuables made in Geneva in the early 19th century, this fan clock has always been exclusive to the royal family and the most elite.
    Lot 189 / Estimate: 300,000-500,000 Swiss francs
     ‘We have collected some very rare and special lots, such as the Rolex Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller Submariner prototype watch and the Royal Presentation Fan fan clock. This is really exciting, and we are proud to present it in Antiquorum At the auction, ”said Evan Zimmermann, President and CEO of Antiquorum.“ Such historically important items and a series of Patek Philippe watches and other high-end watches are no doubt that this auction is real It is a rare opportunity not to be missed. ‘

    Lot 126-made by Rolex

    Antiquorum is also proud to present the Single Red Patent Pending Rolex Ref.1665 500m / 1650ft. The 500m / 1650ft diving watch under the Rolex Single Scarlet Patent Examination – only one of six is ​​known. Manufactured in 1967, it has never appeared before in auctions. Only six ‘single scarlet’ watches remain, including this particular lot. According to research, this may be one of only two samples with a safety valve. These watches are prototypes for the subsequent mass production of Sea-Dweller models. Their history blends life and made a huge contribution to important divers in 1960, making them the most historic watches of Rolex history. One of the most important Rolex diving watches has ever been auctioned off. It was bought by the current client in the late 1980s and has been locked in the safe and never worn after the purchase, so it has maintained a good initial state.
    Lot 126 / Estimate: 80,000-120,000 Swiss francs
    Auction Information: Modern & Antique Timepieces Auction
    Friday, November 11, 2012
    Game 1: Lots 1 – 189, starting at 10 am
    Game 2: Lots 190-613, starting at 2 pm
    Geneva 1201
    Salon Saint-Gervais, Quai Turrettini 1, right bank of the Rhone
    Mandarin Oriental Geneva
    Phone: 022 909 00 00
    To view the lot catalogue, click HERE
    To view the full report click here
    Source: Antiquorum