Rolex Constant Motive Core

Precise, sturdy and reliable
The Oyster Perpetual Momentum participates in the creation of Rolex watches with precise and reliable performance.
Excellent reputation. All perpetual movement cores are automatically wound up and obtained official accreditation
(COSC) and is completely designed and produced by Rolex. Every movement embodies
The consistent structure and characteristics of Rolex ensure excellent performance.

Whether from billets or critical special components such as balances, hairsprings,
The escapement wheel and other permanent magnets embody the advantages achieved by Rolex’s independent and integrated production model.
Rolex has the superb watchmaking technology and cutting-edge equipment needed to produce its own components.
Perpetual movement fully demonstrates Rolex’s values ​​as a watch leader:
Every part of a watch, whether it’s the case, strap, dial or movement,
Must meet the brand’s most stringent requirements.

Meticulous and strict
All permanent magnets must meet the following requirements:
1. Excellent precision timing
2. Outstanding and reliable
3. Strong earthquake resistance
4. High-performance automatic winding system
5. Easy maintenance

To meet these requirements without compromise, it is necessary to have the technology of excellence, as well as breakthrough innovative movement structure and precise parts. All permanent magnets have the following characteristics:

Balance wheel with gold Microstella adjustment screws: highly precise adjustments and great stability are maintained. Rolex invented the Microstella gold fine-tuning screw in 1957. It was fixed on the balance spring balance with two screws (two pairs for large movements and one for small movements). The balance wheel itself is made of a paramagnetic, corrosion-resistant, alloy that is not easy to expand and contract, called Glucydur, to ensure its highly stable performance. As the core component of the mechanical movement, the balance wheel is composed of a balance wheel and a hairspring, which ensure the accuracy of the watch through regular swing.
Improved Breguet end circle: It can help improve the isochronism of the swing in any position. The last ring of the hairspring is fixed on the balance plate and then rolled up in the center of gravity. This device perfectly ensures the concentric movement (isochronism) of the balance wheel to achieve the balance movement of the balance wheel and the balance spring, so that the watch is accurate and reliable under any circumstances.

High-frequency swing: 28,800 times per hour (8 times / second), which can effectively ensure the accuracy and reliability of the balance wheel. The higher the alternating swing frequency, the less the balance wheel is less susceptible to external interference. However, if the frequency is too high, it will accelerate the mechanical loss and reduce the reliability of the balance wheel.
Parallel plate bridge: The parallel plate bridge ensures stable and accurate positioning of the balance wheel, thereby perfecting the accurate timing function; its hard characteristics greatly improve the seismic resistance. The parallel plate bridge of the permanent magnet core is extremely fine, which can better coordinate the free movement of the balance wheel by adjusting the height.
Automatic winding structure through a permanent-moving rotor: Rolex invented the automatic winding structure through a permanent-moving rotor in 1931. This individual ingenious structure consists of a half-moon-shaped oscillating weight module that swings in both directions around the axis. The movement of the wearer’s wrist continuously winds the driving spring, thereby providing continuous and stable energy for the watch and ensuring the watch’s precise travel time. This replaces the manual winding and makes it more comfortable to wear. The characteristic of the permanent-moving oscillating weight is that it has two red automatic loop wheels, which can efficiently wind the movement no matter which direction the oscillating weight module rotates.
Efficient lubricants: The quality of lubricants is essential to ensure the proper functioning of mechanical movements. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the effectiveness of the lubricant is not affected by temperature changes and can be effective for many years. Rolex has developed and synthesized an unprecedented new lubricant that has greatly improved stability and durability. These lubricants extend the maintenance period of the watch; and improve the long-term reliability and excellent performance of the watch.
Extremely refined and perfect: Although the permanent magnet is enclosed in a waterproof oyster case, only Rolex-authorized craftsmen can use the exclusive tools to open the case, Rolex still follows the most meticulous watchmaking tradition: Grained plywood; frosted, grained or snail-shaped bridge; round linkage wheel; black polished screw head and its angular profile.

Enduring innovation
With superb watchmaking technology and expertise, Rolex insists on developing exclusive and innovative technologies to continuously improve the movement.
Since 2000, Rolex has gradually used blue Parachrom hairsprings made of special alloys in men’s watch movements. All self-produced hairsprings are made of an alloy of niobium, zirconium and a specific amount of oxygen. This alloy is the ideal material for watchsprings. In addition to coping with temperature changes, Parachrom hairsprings have the advantage of being immune to magnetic interference. Due to the excellent elasticity of the hairspring, its shock resistance is ten times that of ordinary hairsprings.

Since 2005, Rolex has added a new shock absorber to some models: Paraflex. The device can increase the shock resistance of the balance by 50%. The balance wheel is actually a solid module. In order to reduce friction, the balance shaft is extremely slender, so it is easily damaged when it encounters an impact. The Paraflex cushioning device independently developed and patented by Rolex is fixed on the parallel plate bridge, and the geometry of the hairspring is optimized by computer simulation, so as to give better performance.
Silicon hairspring
After several years of research, an innovative hairspring with five patents was officially launched in 2014, fully exploiting the technical potential of silicon, pushing the precision and reliability of Rolex ladies’ watches to the extreme level. A new generation of mechanical movement combined with a high-performance silicon hairspring brings women’s watches to an unmatched level of precision timepieces. Syloxi silicon springs join the blue Parachrom hairsprings for men’s watches among Rolex high-performance hairsprings.
In 2015, Rolex introduced a new generation of 3255 movements, setting new standards for precision timepieces. Watches equipped with this movement are twice as accurate as official precision timepieces. In addition, the new Chronergy escapement system developed and patented by Rolex and the new barrel’s excellent structural efficiency have increased the power reserve of the 3235 movement to 70 hours, a 50% increase over the previous generation.
Easy maintenance
The design of the perpetual movement is to facilitate the maintenance of the watch and to simplify the regular maintenance required for all mechanical movements. This concept not only extends watch life, but also ensures that Rolex-certified repair craftsmen around the world can provide first-class repair services.
Top precision timepiece
With Rolex’s meticulous attention to every step from the design to the manufacturing of the Perpetual movement, each movement has obtained the official Swiss accreditation timepiece certification, which is specially issued to the precision that successfully passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) test. Watch. The 3255 and 2236 mechanical movements are twice as accurate as the Swiss Observatory-certified precision timepieces for daily wear, successfully setting new standards for precision timepieces. Rolex has developed a new method and high-tech equipment that not only tests the movement, but also the assembled watch, and simulates the actual situation of daily use. The movement is tested in this new way, making Rolex extremely accurate.