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    Thin And Light Perspective, The Original Male Watch Can Be So Attractive

    At the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair this year, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo series has climbed to the top, using ceramic materials to create a new watch style. This new OCTO FINISSIMO hollow ceramic watch satisfies people’s demands for three aspects of transparency, comfort, lightness and aesthetic awareness. With a pure appearance and tough lines, it strongly interprets Bulgari’s new watchmaking concept. (Watch number: 103126)

       Overall watch real shot:

       Watch details real shot:

       This Bulgari OCTO FINISSIMO skeleton ceramic watch is polished in ceramic. As we all know, ceramic materials have high hardness, poor plasticity and toughness, which makes the watchmaking process more complicated and difficult. The case diameter of this watch is 40 mm, which meets the needs of men’s wear. The full hollow design of the dial can directly appreciate the agile movement of the movement.

       A closer look at the hollowed out dial reveals that the center of the dial is a large two-handed design with a small seconds dial at 7 o’clock and a power reserve display at 9 o’clock.

       As the ultra-thin watch launched this year, this watch is only 5.5 mm thick. However, the ultra-thin design has not made the watch lose its sense of power. The case has more than a hundred faceted edges and corners that still allow the watch to have tough lines and a distinctive personality.

       The material and color of the crown are consistent with the watch as a whole, and the rib design around it makes it easier for the wearer to adjust the time.

       The bottom also adopts a back-through design, with exquisite craftsmanship. The watch is equipped with a BVL 128SK manually wound skeleton Finissimo mechanical movement with a thickness of 2.35 mm and a power reserve of 65 hours.

       The watch bracelet is also made of ceramic and has a ceramic folding clasp. The OCTO FINISSIMO hollow ceramic watch, which is entirely made of ceramics, is polished with a matte texture, which makes it instantly different. It wears on the wrist and presents a stylish and modern personality.

       The all-black design of this Bulgari OCTO FINISSIMO hollow ceramic watch makes the watch look more cool and stylish. The multi-angled design of the case not only shows the modern modernity, but also shows the avant-garde avant-garde personality of the watch. The perforated perspective design of the watch brings out the complex and precise mechanical structure inside the movement. The official price of this watch is 200,000 RMB. Interested friends can learn more about it.

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    Senior Women’s Watches-top Craftsmanship Can Be Called Art Awards

    The manual decoration of watches has always been a very important part of fine watchmaking. Only a timepiece that incorporates the manual art of a watch is eligible to be called a work of art. The square-inch dial is the infinite space for artistic creation by the masters of art. Those complicated and changeable enamel crafts, gold carving crafts, shell carving crafts, micro-painting crafts, mosaic crafts … some are ancient traditions, some are pioneering and innovative, The master’s wonderful hand can always present a wonderful scene. At the same time, because it is purely handmade, so, like art, craftsmanship watches are irreproducible, and the price is rare and expensive. Perhaps because women are more attracted to artistic creation than men, women’s watches are the most used in craft decoration watches.

    For top technology fusion
       Because there are few master craftsmen who can complete the highest level of craftsmanship, a watch incorporating a top craftsmanship is also very valuable, and it is even more difficult to combine two or more top craftsmanship into one watch. Harder. This is exactly what is often seen in high-end ladies’ craft watches. For high-end ladies’ watches, craftsmen are always willing to live up to it.

       18K rose gold case, bezel set with diamonds, 37mm diameter. The gold dial is a combination of carving, micro-painting, and inlaying, and the tourbillon is set at 6 o’clock. The brand-made BVL 236 automatic mechanical movement has a 64-hour power reserve. Alligator strap. No. 102343.
       Bvlgari’s new art garden series not only created a series of gorgeous jewellery, but also launched a number of high-end women’s craftsmanship watches full of art, this IL GIARDINO LARIANO watch is one of them. It is inspired by Lake Como. The elegant white swan is noble and graceful against the sky inlaid with snowflakes. The feathers with pink gradients on the water inlaid with gray-blue Tahiti mother-of-pearl are full of luster. The creation of the entire picture incorporates a variety of craftsmanship. The gold dial base is engraved with gold engraving crafted with enamel. On this basis, mosaics of diamond snowflakes in the sky, inlays of mother-of-pearl lakes, and gradual micro-painting of swan shapes. Finally achieve the picture effect.
    Cartier blue balloon orchid watch

       18K gold case with bezel set with diamonds, 42 mm diameter. 18K gold dial with 22K gold metal beads, shell carving and enamel. Automatic mechanical movement, alligator strap, individually numbered, limited to 40 pieces.
       Orchid is one of Cartier’s important iconic images. This Cartier orchid watch is a fusion of Cartier’s many craftsmanship. The first is based on Cartier’s ancient and innovative metal bead craftsmanship, and then the natural mother-of-pearl sculpts the image of the orchid and decorates it with metal beads. Finally, the orchid flower is fired with red enamel. It can be said that there are three orchids and three top crafts.
    Innovative Craftsmanship Exclusive
       In the watch decoration process, in addition to the ancient traditions, common enamel, carving, micro-society and other traditional crafts, there are some innovative forms of craftsmanship as the watchmaking industry develops. It is always amazing and admires the unexpected ideas and exquisite craftsmanship of master craftsmen. At the same time, these innovative techniques have also become the unique skills of each artistic creation.
    Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Cardinal Carmin

       18K rose gold case, diamond bezel, 38 mm diameter. Dial in white gold, red-crested crested bird decorated with fine feather inlay technology, supplemented with hard gem inlay technology. Hand-wound mechanical movement, alligator strap, limited to 22 pieces.
       Presumably everyone is no stranger to the Extraordinary Dials ™ Extraordinary Dials series launched by Van Cleef & Arpels. Among them, four bird-themed watches have attracted attention as soon as they appeared at the 2015 Hong Kong International Fine Watch Fair. At the same time, it has attracted public attention is the fine feather inlaying process that has achieved the four flying birds. The image of the four flying birds has been reshaped with real feathers. This is the first innovative technology used by Van Cleef & Arpels. Is one of them.
    Harry Winston Zhuo Shi Premier Series Precious Butterfly 36mm Automatic Watch

       18K white gold case, diamond bezel, 36 mm diameter, crafted dial, automatic mechanical movement.
       Harry Winston has always been good at imagination and innovation in watch decoration technology. The new Premiere Precious Butterfly watch is full of magnificent landscapes and colors, and these mysterious glosses and colors are actually taken from the powder on the butterfly wings. This powder is actually a tiny scale that reflects the wonderful iridescent luster. Craftsmen successfully extracted this powder from butterfly wings and carefully coated it on the dial, which is reminiscent of the colorful changing beauty. In order to realize this bold idea, it took the craftsmen three years to master this exclusive process.
    Master Works
       We all know that the value of a watch incorporating top-level handicrafts has already surpassed the timepiece itself, no less than a piece of invaluable art, and the value of craft watches is on the one hand the watchmaker and on the one hand, Is the master of craftsmanship. And there are very few master craftsmen in the world. The different watches we see combining the same top craftsmanship are likely to come from the same master craftsman.

    Anita Porchete

        In terms of watch enamel craftsmanship, an excellent enamelist cannot achieve without the skills of ten or twenty years. At present, the most active in Switzerland is the national treasure-level independent enamelist Anita Porchete, and brands such as Chanel and Piaget are scrambling to cooperate with them. At the same time, because the enamel process has a very serious loss of vision, the gold creation time of an excellent enamelist is only ten or twenty years. Coupled with the fact that enamel craftsmanship is time-consuming, an excellent enamelist will not have too many works a year. Because of this, real masterpieces are rare and often sold alone.
    Earl’s Rose

       18K white gold case set with 78 round diamonds (approximately 0.7 carats), 38 mm in diameter. The dial is painted with the pattern of Eiffel Rose in a miniature fire enamel process. Equipped with Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement. Silk strap with 18K white gold pin buckle. Unique style, limited to one piece worldwide. Ref.G0A38083.
       In 2013, Piaget once again invited Anita Porchete to collaborate and draw an Altiplano micro-painted enamel watch under the title of one of Piaget’s emblems, the rose. The flower image is gorgeous and moving, elegant and refined. And this rose from the hand of master Anita Porchete is the only lonely copy in the world. The price is 997.300 yuan.

       This rose is painted in a variety of shades of white and gray, bringing depth and delicate details to the picture. His graceful and noble attitude and calmness made every audience shine brightly.
       Among the high-end ladies’ watches, the number of craft decorative watches can best show the taste and connotation of the wearer. Although it is not a complicated craft or a gorgeous dazzling gem, the artistic realm of one inch is just the exit of a small examination of the aesthetic state of mind of the wearer, and it is another world of the wearer.