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    Elegant And Luxurious Beauty Tasting Tissot Cera Series Square Case Ladies Watch

    A well-known Swiss watchmaking brand with a history of more than 160 years, ‘Made in Switzerland’ is the brand that Tissot has never worn out. Selecting special materials, equipped with advanced functions, and exquisite design, subtle fusion of precision performance and stylish appearance. The Tissot CERA series watches are beautiful and gorgeous, revealing the beauty of grace and luxury. Today’s watch home brings you a watch from the Tissot CERA series, the official model: T908.309.96.057.00.

    Tissot T908.309.96.057.00

       This watch is a typical lady’s watch. The watch is slender and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. The watch uses an elegant and British-style square case, with a black bezel and black dial on the rose gold body case. The watch uses a black leather strap with a slim strap that is perfect for women. This watch is water resistant to 30 meters.


       The watch uses a round crown, which is decorated with tooth patterns on the side of the crown to make it easy to grasp the adjustment time; and a black gem is set on the top of the crown, which is beautiful and noble.


       The strap of the watch is a black lacquered leather strap, which is reasonably cut and bright in color; the edges of the strap are stitched with black stitching and the middle is punched, which can be adjusted as needed.


       The watch case has a diameter of 26 mm and a thickness of 5.7 mm. The rose gold material makes the watch more luxurious; the case is polished and polished, and the case is round and smooth, exuding noble metal light.


       This watch has a square case design and is elegant and stylish with black and rose gold. The black dial of the watch uses the traditional big three hands to indicate the time, with rose gold bars and Arabic numerals as the time scale. The dial design is simple, and the reading is clear and simple. The watch has a closed case.


       The watch’s lugs are not long, and they use a square design corresponding to the case. The lugs are polished and rounded, and they are round and smooth. The watch fits more closely to the wrist.


       The black strap is linked by a folding clasp. The clasp has a press opening device, which is easy to open and close, and easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

    Summary: This watch is matched with black and rose gold, elegant and fashionable, revealing grace and luxury. Watches are slim and beautiful, making them perfect for women’s wrists. This watch only has a simple function of displaying time, with a simple design and convenient reading time, which is very suitable for daily simple and delicate life.

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    The Low-key Married Xiang Zuo The Selection List Is High-profile Very

    On the weekend just after, Xiang Huaqiang’s wife “Xiangtai” Chen Lan exposed her son Xiang Zuohe and the national goddess Guo Biting on Weibo in a low-key marriage on September 10 photo.

    On September 21, ‘to the Tai’ Chen Lan issued a Weibo announcement: Xiang Zuo Guo Biting was married
       In the photo, Xiang Zuo was wearing a white suit, handsome and handsome, and Guo Biting beside him was still a beautiful wedding dress. The two of them either look at each other affectionately, or show a sweet smile, happiness is enough to overflow the screen.

       When turning to this photo, stop and zoom in (professional consciousness) … this watch … a bit familiar … a closer look reveals that this is an unusual piece of Athens table!

    At the wedding, wear the Athens watch FREAK imagination neXt watch
       I don’t know how much you know about this Athens watch. This cool FREAK imaginary neXt watch is a new concept product launched by Athens Watch this year, and there is no mass production.

    Athens watch FREAK whimsy neXt watch
       The case is made of platinum and titanium, and the ‘three-none’ design without hours, minutes and crowns is an avant-garde and bold innovation. Equipped with a new flying Carrousel stripe movement, and a flexible silicon wafer to create a 3D three-dimensional flight oscillator, the efficiency is increased by 2 times, and it can provide up to 70 hours of power reserve, which is another landmark technological innovation of the Athenian watch.
       I did not expect that although Xiang Zuo’s wedding was low-key, the wedding selection was high-profile.
       At the end of the final episode of the variety show ‘My Young Couple’, the program team released a video of Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting’s wedding scene. The charge to Tai Chen Lan at the scene was very moving.

       In the entertainment industry, the feelings between lovers are mostly fragile and fragile. Xiang Huaqiang and Chen Lan, a pair of highly respected entertainment industry leaders, have been regarded as a model for decades of love and harmony, and are even regarded as the most affectionate. Righteous couple. Now that their eldest son Xiangbu walks into the marriage hall, they share their husband and wife’s relationship with the new couple, and hope that they can continue this good tradition. And good inheritance is the key to a family’s prosperity.

    Xiang’s couple at the wedding scene
       Time didn’t seem to start against Xiang Lao. He was still handsome in a white suit. Wearing a black gold watch on the wrist is very eye-catching. It was confirmed that what was worn by the old hand was also an Athenian timepiece-a rose gold FREAKVISION Whimsical Transcend watch.

    Xiang Huaqiang wears Athens watch FREAKVISION
       Compared with the fancy neXt concept watch on Xiang Zuo’s wrist, this rose gold FREAKVISION watch is more mature and stable. The ‘Flying Carussell’ of the watch will rotate around the axis of the dial, using the rose gold triangle structure to indicate the hours, and the upper gear bridge plate is used to display the minutes. This ‘fantastic’ time-of-day design also provides more technical sense and playability for the watch. Such excellent timepieces are naturally expensive, with a public price of around RMB 760,000.

    Right: FREAK fancy neXt watch
       VISION stands for ‘Vision’ and neXt stands for ‘Future.’ The FREAK Wonder neXt watch (Xiang Zuo Suo Watch) is a fusion of the iconic innovative design of the FREAK VISION Wonder Transcend watch (Xiang Huaqiang watch), on the basis of which added a new 3D three-dimensional flight oscillator. Both timepieces share the same Athenian DNA, have similar original designs, but at the same time have their own characteristics. In this way, the brand spirit that adheres to and breaks through is not a kind of ‘heritage’ of the Athenian watch?

    Xiang’s father and son
       In fact, when chasing the variety show ‘My Young Couple’, I found out: Xiang Zuo really loves the Athens watch. There have been many different models of Athenian watches in the program, such as the famous observatory diving series ‘Great White Shark’ and this year’s new Whimsical series FREAKX watch.

    During the show, Xiang Zuo wore the Athens watch diving series ‘Great White Shark’ watch

    During the show, Xiang Zuo wore the Athens watch diving series ‘Great White Shark’ watch

    Xiang Zuo wore the Athens Watch FREAKX watch during the show

    Xiang Zuo wore the Athens Watch FREAKX watch during the show
       Those who know the Athenian watch know that the brand positioning and technological innovation of the Athenian watch are at the forefront of the watchmaking field. Such a niche but high-end watch brand can better show personality, and it is indeed suitable for such a stable and restrained and pursuit of unique men’s choices.

       In November last year, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting met in the reality show ‘The Most Beautiful Time’; earlier this year, Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting successfully proposed marriage; on September 10, the two married in Italy in a low profile. This speed is like firing a rocket, but then again, how can love be slow? Congratulations to this young couple who officially started their new life, please stay sweet!