Slim And Fine: 2011 Piaget Plateau Series Watch

Today, the ‘Altiplano’ series, first created in 1998, continues the legend of Piaget ultra-thin watches. Piaget Altipano 34mm rose gold diamond watch
Today, the ‘Altiplano’ series, first created in 1998, continues the legend of Piaget ultra-thin watches. Regardless of whether it is round or square, every watch in the ‘Plateau’ series is still so thin and exquisite because of its unparalleled ultra-thin movement. In 2011, Piaget’s latest two watches with calibre 1208P movement injected new life into the ‘Highland’ series.
Piaget Altipano 40-mm rose gold diamond watch
This plateau series 43mm white gold inlaid gemstone watch is a peerless treasure; the surface is set with 88 diamonds (approximately 0.8 carats), which can not help but give people aesthetic enjoyment, and highlights the exquisite inlaying technology. This watch has a multi-layered dial and slender lugs, but the platinum case remains only 5.25 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest self-winding watch. The highlight of this watch is the calibre 1208P movement crafted from 22k gold.
Piaget Altipano 43mm White Gold Diamond Watch
At first glance, the plateau series are very similar, but the details are quite different. Among them, the 40mm rose gold gemstone watch and the 34mm rose gold gemstone watch are two very similar watches.
But in these two watches, the 34mm stopwatch dial is at 10 o’clock and the 40mm stopwatch dial is at 5 o’clock. In addition, a week is set on the 34mm stopwatch dial with diamonds. (Sinian)

Tuduo Wants To Increase Prices? The Latest Price List Is Here

According to the core selection news, Tudor Tudor will adjust the official domestic price from August 1, 2019. This adjustment has fallen and increased, while also holding the plain price. In 2018, the small-sized version of the Biwan series diving watch launched by the brand was highly sought after and in short supply. This time the price rose, raising 1,200 yuan. Last year, Rolex launched a new red and blue ring, and Tudor also released its own red and blue ring. The price dropped slightly this time, with a decrease of 200 yuan. Even the 25600TN, which is the best-selling model of Tudor, has experienced a sharp price reduction, up to 6,200 yuan. The brand Jun Jun series of diamond engraving 56003, the price has not been adjusted this time, maintaining the original price of 34,600 yuan. Core Select’s exclusive reference price list for 2019-2020 of Tudor China is the latest version. It is recommended that watch friends forward the collection for use. Because the public account will compress the photos, if you need a clear version, you can click on the specific photos to zoom in. —END —

Choose A Love Waiting On Your Wrist Classic Watch Series Recommended

The world of love is mysterious, but the time of love is very transparent. As long as you love, that time will be deposited into memory and carved there. When you look back, the picture remains the same at that moment; when you look up, it looks like a new journey at that moment. Everything, just like the scales and hands on our watches. Whenever there is a scale that stops in the past, there is always a pointer that has begun a new journey. Whenever, there is always someone waiting in your world. ‘Core’ runs for you. 1. Omega 160th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Pairing Table
Men’s Watch RMB 126,200
Women’s watch RMB94,400 (25.50 mm)
米 Omega Constellation is one of the most prestigious and well-loved watch series in the world. Ten years ago, supermodel Cindy Crawford chose the constellation watch, and a whole generation has been chasing this trend enthusiastically, choosing to wear the Omega constellation watch. Today, Omega reinterprets this iconic watch series with dazzling diamond inlays, and shines the 160th anniversary of Omega. If your love will bloom for 160 years, you may wish to wear every second of those 160 years on your wrist.
2. Baume and Mercier series watch
Men’s Watch RMB 34,200
Female watch RMB22,900
Baume & Mercier, a famous Swiss watch brand, has always been proud of its classic series Riviera. This season, the luxury watch Levira put on a magnificent golden coat and made a wonderful appearance. The new Levila men and women paired with each other, like a couple dancing a cheerful waltz, will bring the wearer into an extremely pleasant atmosphere, witness the wonderful love, and welcome Good winter! In addition, if your imagination is rich enough, the 50 meters shared by this pair of watches will also indicate that your love plan can be more exciting and rich.
3. Tissot T-ONE series pair watch
Men’s Watch RMB4,500
Female watch RMB4,500
I have come to the ‘sun happy’ day. The watchmakers of Swiss Tissot watches have specially designed the T-ONE series for lovers. The T-ONE for men and women are unique, but they have a sense of unity. T-ONE men’s watch with automatic movement ETA2834-2, 25 diamonds, 42 hours power reserve; T-ONE women’s watch with ETA2671 automatic movement, 25 diamonds, 38 hours power reserve; Your time is also starting to enter your new world simultaneously.
4. 18K stainless steel pair watch
Men’s Watch RMB21,800
Female watch RMB17,700
The Longines masterpiece series is the brand’s masterpiece. The gold case with 18K stainless steel strap, 12 diamonds on the black surface are shining all the time. With the gold hands, the date display is set at 3 o’clock on the right side of the surface. The case back is made of transparent sapphire crystal, which can clearly see the movement of the movement. The watch contains an automatic mechanical movement specially developed by Longines, which fully demonstrates Longines’ golden history and outstanding achievements in the research and manufacture of movements.
1. Montblanc Women’s Star Automatic Moon Phase Diamond Watch
RMB 92,680
The 80 flawless Weselton top diamonds (0.99 carats) on the bezel are like starlight blooms, a 43-petal Montblanc star diamond becomes the most brilliant star in the night sky; a circle of 6 diamonds at 6 o’clock will display the calendar. Surrounded, the scene of Xingyue Zhenghui is always fascinating.
2. Montblanc Star Large Automatic Time Chronograph
RMB 122,490
Montblanc first launched a high-end watch ten years ago-the Star Collection. Ten years later, it is still classic. If your love is still ten years old, you may wish to continue to write every ten years in the future with this ten-year classic. Brand new 18K white gold star series, 42mm case, COSC self-winding movement is equipped with GMT time display and timing functions.
Zenith Class
3. Zenith Class New Vintage 1955 New Retro Limited Edition
RMB 140,000 (limited to 250 pieces worldwide)
Many memorable stories happened in 1955, but one story to be mentioned at this moment is: 1955 Grace Kelly fell in love with the charming Prince Ranieri of Monaco. This is the birth of many of this watch One reason. New vintage models are the easiest way to relive great love stories.
4. Zenith Class Lady
RMB88,000 (rose gold)
Class Lady classic women’s style combines all female characteristics. The 34 mm diameter ultra-thin dial is full of feminine charm. Extreme elegance: mother-of-pearl surface, ultra-thin crocodile leather strap, diamond setting, shines. The rose-gold model comes with a gorgeous brown strap, a model of intelligence.