Special Design Three Independent Features Recommended

What does a watch look like? A round or square case, with a leather strap or a metal bracelet, the standard small three-hand design on the dial or the chronograph small seconds dial, which can be said to be the standard look of a watch. Indeed, many watches It looks like this. Today, the Watch House will recommend a watch with a special shape for everyone, exquisitely different.

Hublot MASTERPIECE 905.ND.0001.RX watch

Watch series: MASTERPIECE series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: titanium
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 45.8 x 39.5 mm
Watch details: TUBOGAS 101923 SP35C6GDG.2T watch

Watch Series: SERPENTI Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K yellow gold with diamonds
Strap material: 18K yellow gold
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: 246100
Watch details: bvlgari / 17469 /
Watch comments: What is this? I do n’t read much, do n’t lie to me, this is obviously a snake. Yes, this is Bulgari’s famous snake watch, which is also Bulgari’s iconic watch. The snake totem has a very important meaning in many ancient civilizations. In ancient Chinese mythology, the snake represents the origin of mankind and the sacred belief. Life, wisdom, and eternal snake totems have always displayed a charming mysterious charm. This time, Bulgari paid tribute to the traditional Chinese Spring Festival with a specially designed Serpenti snake watch, which once again explained the brand’s infinite creativity and unique essence.

In summary: these watches with a lot of personality have earned a lot of attention in terms of styling alone. The Jaeger-LeCoultre reversing series of watches recommended above can only be found when it is reversed. For those who don’t follow the usual path, or who are not stereotyped, then choosing a watch with independent characteristics is a good choice.

The Fusion Of Time And Light Tasting Piaget Limelight Twice Watch

When referring to Piaget, people often think of Piaget’s watches and jewellery. Never before has a brand integrated such two industries so perfectly. This fusion of time and light is completely displayed in the mosaic workshop of the watchmaking workshop. With its excellent gem experts, jewelers and inlays, Piaget can independently complete every aspect of production, making timepieces the finest in jewelry.

  If watchmaking is described as a movie, a Limelight watch is a star that shines under the camera’s flash, attracting everyone’s attention. The Limelight series adhering to the style of the first Piaget jewellery watches, the continuously innovative style still flashes dazzling gorgeous light, like an invitation to set foot on the red carpet. Watches show brilliant beauty with gold and precious stones, and their perfect shape coincides with the most noble high fashion. Whether it’s a bracelet watch, a mysterious watch, or a jewellery watch, every style is exciting. Today the watch home brings you a Piaget Limelight Twice series watch, the official model is: G0A36243.

  Precious, pure and timeless, diamond is the ultimate symbol of love. Although human civilization has a history of thousands of years, people have only discovered and initially understood diamonds for only a few hundred years. Before that, it was accompanied only by legends of mythical religious worship and fear, and at the same time regarded it as a symbol of courage, power, status and honor. Today, diamonds are no longer mysterious, and people see them more as a symbol of love and loyalty.

  This watch is 35 mm in diameter. 18K rose gold case set with 278 round diamonds (approx. 5.3 carats). Gem setting is a delicate and rigorous work, which has high requirements on technology, and the design of gem setting is an extremely important link, which can highlight the lines of the work and make it rich in layers. At the same time, the watchmaker’s strict limits on errors must be met. Each inlaid part is a carefully carved crystal. Earl devoted a lot of effort in each link to meet the strict technical requirements. The brilliance of diamonds is better than that of gold, making the wrist more dazzling.

  The thickness of the case is 7.6 millimeters, the thickness is moderate, and the quality is very good. It is engraved with Piaget’s English logo.

  The strap is made of brown satin, with a brushed design and an integrated buckle. Both the strap and the chain buckle can be flipped over, perfectly in harmony with the case, and worn just right on the wrist. Buckle set with 54 round diamonds (approximately 0.2 carats). Piaget’s diamonds meet the highest standards in color, weight and purity. Each year, the Piaget Jewelry is inlaid with nearly 30,000 carats of gems. All diamonds are rigorously tested according to precise internal procedures. Each central gemstone carries a certificate of certification.

  The crown of this watch is hidden at the lug connection, and the button is used to replace the generally protruding crown, making the watch simple and elegant. Because it is equipped with two Piaget 56P quartz movements, there are buttons hidden on both lugs to adjust the time in two time zones.

  The design of the dial has undergone a brand-new innovation once again, reflecting the extraordinary imagination. The bright diamonds are set in a radial shape, which is even more dazzling. Showing the time in two time zones in a new way, like a two-sided beauty, is obvious on the one hand, concealed and restrained on the other, and combines femininity and boldness. The movement is based on two Piaget 56P quartz movements, which are stable and accurate.

  In summary: the design of the dial is crucial in the watchmaking process, and the outstanding inlaying technology can make the watch perfect. Measuring the value of a watch, in addition to the movement, the design of its dial is also one of the keys. A single dial design is always the best to present, but it takes a lot of effort to be complicated. The difficulty in designing and inlaying the pattern lies here. This watch shows brilliant beauty with gold and diamonds. Its perfect shape coincides with the most noble high fashion, it is definitely a watch for women to step on the red carpet. The current domestic price of this watch is 565,600 yuan.

Bulgari Shanghai Shangjia Center Boutique And Shangjia Center Opened Yesterday

Yesterday, BVLGARI Shanghai Shangjia Center boutique and Shangjia Center opened on the same day. Last night, this newly-decorated boutique will welcome guests from all directions. Hollywood famous actress Jessica Chastain will appear at Shangjia Center last night to add extraordinary splendor to this event.

Last night, a beautiful ‘flying sky’ solo dance kicked off the opening ceremony of L’ Avenue Shangjia Center Mall. Shangjia Center, which is located in the core area of ​​Hongqiao’s business, was jointly invested and developed by Ms. Liang Anqi and L Real Estate. It has a unique shape design. The design concept of the building originates from Mr. Aoki, a well-known Japanese architect. The facade design brings the streamlined shape of the building from top to bottom, and brings it to the skirt room along the skylight, like an elegant lady in a white evening dress. , Exudes luxurious style, fully demonstrates the high-end brand image of Shangjia Center. It is understood that the world’s first-line fashion is gathered in the mall, including classic leather goods, trendy clothing, precious jewelry, top watches, children’s clothing / toys, high-end gifts, cosmetics, specialty catering and boutique supermarkets in one, providing consumers with a one-stop Great shopping experience.