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    Dear, We Are Traveling Together For Graduation!

    Don’t tell me how the road ahead should be taken. I remember that sunny summer, there are poetry and distance!
    —— The world is my playground ——

      A little love song in Paris

       Paris is a place of love. The charming scent of the Champs-Elysées and the radiant charm of Gothic architecture will make your love hormones burst instantly, a little love song in Paris sings the romantic feelings of love at sunset and dusk.

    Step into the rebellion and wanton of authentic British rock La Dolce Vlta! Indulge in classics and avant-garde!

       Indulge in England. Once the children who listened to Oasis and Blur have grown up, they must take a British rock pilgrimage to commemorate those bloody and rebellious days. Take the red bus and where you go next, it’s up to you.

    La Dolce Vlta! Indulge in classics and avant-garde!

       Coming to Italy is not only an ice cream control, but also an artist who has won both the Puccini classical opera and the Venice International Art Biennale! Put on cool wing-shaped Swatch sunglasses, leaving the most in-pose photos in front of the avant-garde building.

    Dance with the Cuban jazz to dawn!

       The freedom of the soul is an eternal proposition that cannot be abandoned. The Caribbean Sea has hundreds of beaches and the most lively markets. Wear cool sports short sleeves to dance with jazz at the beach, revealing a sincere heart that does not follow the wave and liberates oneself.

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    The 50th Anniversary Tour Of The Tag Heuer Carrera Series Chen Daoming Tells The Story Of The Watch

    The famous watch brand TAG Heuer recently held a press conference in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carrera series. TAG Heuer’s fourth-generation successor, Jack Heuer, global president of the brand, Jean-Christophe Babin, and global brand spokesman, film and television artist Mr. Chen Daoming, all came to the scene.
     At the same time, Carrera’s full range of watches are gathered here, Carrera antique watches and fine watchmaking series also debut for the first time, in the form of an exhibition for watch lovers to present a watch feast.

     Q: Hello Mr. Chen, your cooperation with TAG Heuer has been very successful in recent years. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera series. I wonder if you have any ideas to share with us?
     A: I went to the TAG Heuer headquarters in Switzerland last month and the TAG Heuer production plant. I looked at all the workshops from semi-finished products to finished products. I was personally in a TAG Heuer lathe workshop. Under the guidance of a technician, I also assembled a piece of 1887 myself, of course, the heart part was assembled. Through browsing and visiting, he really saw the spirit of TAG Heuer, the splendor of TAG Heuer, and the future of TAG Heuer. Because the self-centering movement is not available in all Swiss watches, and the TAG Heuer self-centering movement is the 50th anniversary this year, as the spokesperson for TAG Heuer, I am also very happy and honored. I hope that TAG Heuer is getting better and better in the world and in China, and getting more and more consumers like it.

     Q: You just visited TAG Heuer’s factory last month, and your heroic image on behalf of TAG Heuer has also been displayed all over the world. So what is the special significance of your cooperation with TAG Heuer?
     A: I think any good culture, spiritual culture and materialization should bring us enjoyment. As TAG Heuer, I think that in the watch industry, I like it not the so-called high-profile, the so-called pearly, the so-called diamond Starry, but I think it’s big, sporty, powerful, and plain. The piece I wear now is Carrera 1887. You can see that its design is very simple, but the details are very delicate, so TAG Heuer’s temperament and spirit are connected with my appreciation and aesthetics, so our cooperation is very Pleasant, and cooperation will be longer and longer.
     Q: At the press conference, Heuer carefully prepared a special gift for you. Do you have any special feelings about this watch?
     A: Pretty. The movement of this watch was assembled by myself when I was in Switzerland. I did not expect them to make a brand new watch for me. On the back of the watch, Heuer also engraved my name, which is very memorable. significance.
     More TAG Heuer Carrera series information: heuer / 10000254 /