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    Citizen Eco-drive Couple Table

    The dial and bracelet are stainless steel rose gold-plated, using a light kinetic energy wave movement, which absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch, and can automatically receive signals and check the time.
    Men’s and women’s watches are 3800 yuan
    Single watch below 20,000 yuan-entry-level couple watch
        The price below 20,000 yuan is most suitable for couples who want to regain the habit of wearing watches. This type of watch is basically a simple steel watch with a calendar function, very practical, and the price is easy to accept, but as a token of love is not beautiful enough and romantic enough. So many brands have launched couples with diamonds at this price. The brilliance of diamonds makes watches not only affectionate tokens but also exquisite jewelry. Each person only needs to spend about 10,000 yuan to have a pair of keys to start a better life. It symbolizes the love of two people as glittering as diamonds, as firm and long as diamonds. The two choose their favorite diamond watches as gifts to each other, and they can also be used as a private preview for a lifetime.