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    Past And Future Ideal And Reality Traveling Through Life Gp Girard Perregaux Invites You To Review ‘graduate’

    The film ‘Graduates’ was filmed in 1967, an ‘anti-cultural era’. Young people betrayed the hypocrisy and material desires of the middle class, which the silent previous generation could not resist. They found that they could unite. The way the rebel energy erupted, they tried to demolish and rebuild, and they looked for a way out. ‘Graduate’ was born in the context of this great era. It used a typical Hollywood film narrative to tell the audience what it means to be ‘rebellious’: how the Ivy League graduates with excellent background and excellent learning struggled in the stubborn secular circle, how Trying to resist, how to finally escape the ‘bitter sea’.
       The reason why the film ‘Graduate’ became a classic is precisely because it shows that the living condition is the must for most people, not an accidental individual. It supplements the mainstream social ethics with a graduate’s psychological grinding. It also presents a happy and bright blueprint of value intact. Even if it is placed in 2016 today, this theme is still true and worth exploring.

       There is a scene in the film, Beng walks out of the house wearing a diving suit. The camera looks at the outside world through diving glasses from the perspective of Beng. The expensive diving suit is like his personally glorious experience, but in his eyes, everything is a heavy burden, struggling to walk, breathing heavily, hearing no sound, only a variety of silent waves and smiles. His heart is full of helplessness and confusion in this world. He escapes, rejects, and refuses, but even if he jumps into the water and enjoys a moment of silence, reality is still reality. It is still placed on the water surface, still waiting to be faced with. Face it, because this is life, this is the adult world.

    ‘We are all children and no one knows whether we will succeed.’

       These two sets of photos were taken by Terry O’Neill in 1967. Dustin Huffman is at a real turning point in the entertaining career—because of starring in the film “Graduate” and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, he is beginning to emerge.

       Girard-Perregaux launched the ‘Laureato’ watch in 1975, inspired by the Italian language of the classic film ‘The Graduate’. The two-color design also implies confusion between ideal and reality.

       To celebrate the 225th anniversary of the brand’s birth, in 2016, Girard-Perregaux re-launched a replica ‘Laureato’ to trace its original aesthetics. An additional 225 limited-edition collection for this design.
       Everyone has a pair of wings in the real world, in the dream world, flying freely and proudly. Where should we go and what will happen in the future, everything starts from scratch and everything can’t be done. Finally, I present one of the two golden songs in ‘Graduate’: Scarborough Fair. In 2016, Girard-Perregaux wished you all ‘monkeys’ Hi Sen, life, shuttle, less Confused, live in the moment.

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    Breitling Chronospace Chronograph

    Inherited the classic three-eye shape of the Breitling watch, and at the same time has more visual impact. This is the first impression of the new CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC chronograph. The new watch is the second product of the CHRONOSPACE watch and belongs to the Breitling PROFESSIONAL series. Compared with the CHRONOSPACE watch with the B78 quartz movement, the CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC with the B23 self-winding movement not only redesigned the dial, but also retained the sense of power and thickness conveyed by this series. The striking 12 scales with square hour markers, together with the huge Breitling logo and three small dials, fill the entire dial. When it doesn’t look messy and crowded. Like other Breitling chronographs, the small seconds dial is at 9 o’clock, and the chronograph minute and hour dials are at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively. The dial is available in four colors: silver, volcanic black, deep blue, and tungsten gray. The strap is available in rubber and steel. The watch is equipped with Caliber 23 self-winding movement, which is based on the ETA7753 movement and has been certified by the COSC Observatory. With chronograph and calendar functions. It can provide 42 hours power reserve at 28800vph.