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    One Piece In The World: 2980000 Yuan

    Reference price: 2.980 million yuan
        This pocket watch features a hand-wound minute repeater movement. Made of 18K yellow gold, the entire cover and case are engraved with 177 diamonds, 45 sapphires, 45 tsavorites, 4 citrines, 15 garnets, 2 rose garnets, 3 topaz Stone, and 3 olivine. The red enamel painted dial features a bezel, time scale and female peacock with 127 diamonds, 27 tsavorites and 10 garnets. Limited one worldwide.
    Recommended reason:
        This pocket watch continues the classic design of the emperor and the traditional gold carving technique. The body of the male peacock is carved on the cover, the tail of the peacock is carved on the bottom of the watch, and the female peacock is carved on the dial. The two peacocks looked at each other through the window on the case, with emotion. It is addictive to play.

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    Extraordinary Design Comment On The Athens Manager Dual Time Zone Watch Series Watch

    UIysseNardin, Athens, whose precision clocks are named after the founders, shows extraordinary high-quality craftsmanship and has a history of more than 150 years. Every Athenian watch is manufactured according to the fine tradition of quality and mechanical innovation. Its consistent and outstanding quality is exactly shown in the 18 international gold medals and 4,300 outstanding observatory timepiece championship awards. Today’s Watch House will introduce you to an Athens manager dual time zone watch series, the official model is: 246-00-3 / 42.

     A smart watch designed for successful business people who must fight against the clock every second. In 1993, Athens Watch introduced the GMT ± dual time zone watch series with [+] or [-] button, which can quickly and easily adjust the watch. To another time. The Home Time window displays the home time.


    The watch is made of 18K rose gold with a ceramic bezel design. The Athens watch invented a double-window large date window display design in 1995, which doubled the date and was easy to read. This extraordinary fast hand adjustment of the hour hand design features that when the hand is adjusted forward or backward, it crosses the date change line, and the date is automatically adjusted simultaneously.

    The crown of the watch is also made of 18K rose gold, and the crown is engraved with the classic Athens logo.

    The watch uses a rubber strap design and a stainless steel folding buckle for safety and fashion.


    The watch breakthrough technology uses two digital discs to enlarge the date display and was first used in the Ludwig perpetual calendar introduced in 1996. It has now become a feature of GMT ± dual time zone watches. The watch is also equipped with a patented dual time zone quick adjustment device. The 10 o’clock button is turned forward for one hour, and the 8 o’clock button is turned back for one hour.


    Some people only wear automatic watches, some people love the simple version of the junior calendar, some people go out and do not leave their perpetual calendar. However, from the point of view of compatibility, GMT watch is recognized as a killer application.


    The watch is designed with a 43 mm diameter. The large dial is engraved with a large Roman numerals. The watch is located at 9 o’clock for the second urban display window, and the watch is at 2 o’clock. Calendar display window, don’t get confused. The watch has a small seconds setting at 6 o’clock.


    The watch is equipped with a UN24 self-winding movement, a rose gold oscillating weight design, and the Athens classic logo engraved on the oscillating weight. It can provide 42 hours of power reserve when the watch is fully wound.


    Summary: Under normal operating conditions, ordinary mechanical watches cannot be adjusted. At most, they are wound, otherwise it will affect the normal running time of the watch. GMT watches do not have this concern. Users can play according to their own wishes without changing the time in the main time zone.

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