Which Omega Wears The Most 007?

There are two of my favorite special agent movies, ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘007’. Among them, ‘007’ can be said to have grown up since childhood. ‘007’ began with Sean Connery, and after 6 actors, spanning more than 50 years, it is very popular around the world. What impressed me most in the ‘007’ actor was Timothy Dalton, who starred in ‘Lawn of Dawn’ and ‘The Killing License’ in the 1980s, because the temperament of Timothy Dalton is different from other 007s. , Is the most unlike 007 of 007.

Successive 007 actors.
 After I started buying watches, I learned that there are many famous watches in the 007 movie. 007 has worn many watches such as Rolex and Omega. Beginning with Pierce Brosnan’s ‘Golden Eye’, Omega has become the standard watch of 007. Since ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995, 007 has been wearing Omega. Omega has also launched many limited edition watches for 007.

Omega’s new 007 ‘Queen Secret’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Hippocampus.
 As for the watches worn by 007, many people have combed them from beginning to end, and I will not repeat them. Today, I borrowed Omega to launch the 007 ‘The Queen’s Secret’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Seahorse. Take a look at which Omega has been worn the most. The order is from least to most, starting below.
Wear once, Omega Seahorse 300
Dressed in Ghost Party.

In Ghost Party, 007 uses the hippocampus 300 as a bomb shot.
 First of all, please note that the Hippocampus 300 here refers to the Omega Hippocampus 300 replica watch, that is, incorporating the 1957 antique watch design of the ‘Hippocampus Coaxial’ watch. Unlike the current 300-meter diving watch of the hippocampus, the hippocampus is engraved in 1957. It is not a watch. Please note the difference.

Omega Seahorse 300
 The Hippocampus 300 replica watch refers to the Omega Hippocampus CK2913 in the history of Omega to a large extent, incorporating a large number of retro designs into this watch. There are many similarities between the appearance of the hippocampus 300 and the historical CK2913. The current hippocampus 300 uses a ceramic bezel and the bezel uses a liquid metal digital scale. The watch uses Omega’s iconic broadsword pointer (large arrow of the hour hand), and the dial of the watch uses a retro triangular luminous hour marker plus 3, 6, 9, and 12 numbers, which is very retro. The Haima 300 uses the Omega 8400 movement. The 8400 movement is one of the first Omega movements to achieve the Observatory’s standard 15000 Gaussian magnetic resistance, and it has super magnetic resistance earlier than the 8900.

Omega Seamaster 300 Ghost Party Limited Edition, pay attention to the difference between the bezel, the second hand and the regular version.
 I really like the retro style of the Omega Seahorse 300. At the same time, it should be noted that in the ‘Ghost Party’ 007 is wearing a limited edition of the Seahorse 300 Ghost Party. The difference from the regular version is that the limited edition seconds hand is a lollipop second hand (appears on Omega antique watches), and the bezel uses numbers from 0 to 11. Except for the difference in appearance details, it is consistent with the regular hippocampus 300.
Wear once, hippocampus AQUA TERRA

Wear it in ‘Breakthrough Sky Murder’.

In ‘Broken Sky Murder’, 007 wears the lens of the hippocampus AQUA TERRA.
 In the Omega Seahorse series, compared to professional diving watches such as the 300-meter diving watch and the sea-horse marine universe, the AQUA TERRA (referred to as the hippocampus AT) is a static and movable sports watch with some formal styles. This watch can be equipped with steel chains, belts, and tapes. It can be used for sports and formal wear. In the huge hippocampus series, from a daily perspective, the hippocampus AT is my most recommended watch.

Omega’s new seahorse AQUA TERRA. The picture shows AT8800.
 After several generations of development, the Hippocamp AT is now selling the 41mm Hippocamp AT8900 using the 8900 movement and the 38mm Hippocamp AT8800 using the 8800 movement. Among them, the 41mm hippocampus AT8900 is more. The new generation of hippocampus AT8900 / 8800 uses Omega’s new generation 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic 8800/8900 to reach the Observatory movement. The biggest appearance recognition feature is that the calendar is located at 6 o’clock on the dial, and the horizontal ‘yacht deck pattern’ decoration. Once you see these two characteristics, you can recognize at a glance that this is the latest type of hippocampal AT.

Omega’s new seahorse AQUA TERRA. The picture shows AT8900.
 In contrast, 007 ‘Breakthrough’ is a 2012 movie. 007 wore the old Haima AT8500 in the movie and used the 8500 movement. We can see that the old AT8500 calendar is at 3 o’clock, and the dial is decorated with a vertical ‘deck pattern’, which is obviously different from the new model on sale. Please pay attention to the distinction when you identify and buy the hippocampus AT.
Wear 3 times, hippocampus ocean universe
Wear in ‘Breakthrough Sky Murder’, ‘Breakdown Quantum Crisis’, ‘Royal Casino’.

007 wears the lens of the hippocampal ocean universe in ‘Break the Sky Murder’, ‘Break the Quantum Crisis’, and ‘Royal Casino’ (from top to bottom).
 The Hippocampus Ocean Universe is one of Omega’s most powerful diving watches. The configuration and waterproof depth exceeds that of the Omega Diving Watch including the Hippocampus 300m Diving Watch and the Hippocampus 300. The Hippocampus Ocean Universe has a waterproof depth of 600 meters.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe 1/4 Orange Circle.
 In addition to deeper waterproofing, the Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe has greatly improved its face value and fashion sense in these new models over the years. Especially after the launch of the Ocean Universe 1/4 Orange Circle, the face value reached its peak. The new Omega Ocean Universe uses a ceramic bezel while adding colored rubber injection technology to the bezel, adding orange, blue, red and other color scales to the bezel. And also launched a high-end models including black all-ceramic, blue all-ceramic. In terms of movements, the large 43.5mm model uses the 8900 movement, and the small 39.5mm model uses the 8800 movement. All models have the Omega 1Z Gauss antimagnetic standard.

Omega ceramic shell of the hippocampus ocean universe deep sea black.
 It can be seen that the sold Ocean Universe 8800/8900 is outstanding from the inside to the outside. Of course, in order to meet the 600 meters water resistance, the watch has a helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock, and the thickness of the watch will be a little larger. In 007 ‘Royal Casino’ and ‘Breakthrough’, Ocean Universe was replaced with other Omega watches, and in ‘Break Quantum Crisis’, the main wear was the Ocean Universe (these three movies were released many years ago, The movie is the old one).
Worn 5 times, 300m diving watch
Wear it in ‘Golden Eye’, ‘Empire Tomorrow’, ‘Darkness Crisis’, ‘Death Election’, ‘Royal Casino’.

007 In the ‘Casino Royale’, ‘Golden Eye’ (from top to bottom) wearing a hippocampus 300-meter diving lens.
 From ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995 to ‘Royal Casino’ in 2006, during this period, 007 was wearing all Omega seahorse 300 meters diving watch. The hippocampus 300m diving watch is by far the most worn watch of 007.

The new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch on sale.
 Due to the large time span from 1995 to 2006, there were also many 300-meter diving watches on the hippocampus worn by 007, including the earliest quartz movement 300-meter diving watch on the hippocampus, movement 1120 (Omega version 2892), and then 2500 coaxial Movement version. At present, the 300-meter hippocampus mentioned above has been discontinued. The new 300-meter hippocampus diving watch using the Omega 8800 movement is currently on the market. It is also a very cost-effective watch. The size of the new hippocampus 300-meter diving watch has been increased to 42 mm. Its appearance continues the classic style of the hippocampus 300-meter, but the ceramic bezel and ceramic dial are used, and the digital scale on the ceramic ring is filled with enamel. The ceramic dial is decorated with wavy patterns. Coupled with Omega’s main force 8800 Zhizhen Observatory movement, 15000 Gauss antimagnetic, the overall configuration is excellent.

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch 007 ‘Commander’ Limited Edition.
 Based on the hippocampus series, Omega has launched many special limited edition watches for the 007 movie. Among them, the limited number of watches based on the hippocampus 300-meter diving watch is the largest. Including the 007 ‘commander’ of the hippocampus which was very hot last year, and the 50th anniversary limited edition hippocampus of the latest 007 ‘Queen Secret Envoy’ which is now launched. On the basis of the 300-meter diving watch, the new 007 ‘Queen Secret’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Seahorse has a spiral texture decoration on the dial. The center of the dial is a 9 mm bullet design. These pistol elements are on the Omega 007 Limited Watch The classic design is indispensable.

Omega’s new 007 ‘Queen Secret’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Seahorse Dive Watch at 300m.
 At 12 o’clock, the watch is decorated with the 007 family shield badge. At the same time, the 10 o’clock hour scale will show a hidden 50 number under the night light to highlight the theme of the 50th anniversary of the ‘Queen of the Secret’. The side of the case has a gold plate with a limited number engraved (limited to 7,007 pieces). Omega’s very conscience is that although it is a limited watch, the limit number of the Omega 007 limited watch has always been very large, so basically it can be bought normally like a regular production watch. At the same time, the public price of the Omega 007 Limited List is generally higher than the regular version (007 Queen’s Secret Envoy 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Hippocampal Public Price 50100), there will not be much pressure from quantity to price.