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    Want To Go To Heaven Without An Air Watch? It Can Be Done Around 50,000 Yuan

    This year’s new watches are almost out now. Friends who want to buy new aviation watches and pilot series watches can start looking for new ones for their goals. Flying when choosing Zenith? Or IWC? Breitling’s aviation timing seems to be pretty good? Which one do you choose? List them all for you to choose one at a time!
    Zenith Pilot Series 29.2430.4069.63.C814

    Product model: 29.2430.4069.63.C814
    Domestic public price: ¥ 59800
    Watch diameter: 45 mm
    Case thickness: 14.25 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: El Primero 4069
    Case material: Bronze
    Watch details: Wright) and a tribute to its most famous Curtis P-40 fighter. The penetrating design allows us to see the details of the movement. The domestic price of this watch is around 54,000.

    Summary: People have long yearned for the sky, and in our aviation history, the watchmaking industry has also contributed a lot to it. Many watchmaking brands also look for inspiration in watchmaking from aircraft and dashboards. Which of these aviation watches do you like best? Which one do you want to “own” next?

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    A Watch For A Period Of Youth ‘my Girls Generation’

    ‘Wow pink with scented love letters’, although this is a movie full of pink girlish hearts, but I just want to say, but I really ‘shamelessly’ finished watching the entire ‘ ‘My Girlhood’ (what feels weird), and it was watched alone. Men who have n’t seen it, can take a female ticket to see it, but be careful, otherwise the heart of the girl next to you bursts out, and then you ca n’t watch it with excitement ‘I will call Andy Lau to sing to you’ or ‘My first love is destined to lose to a girl like Tao Minmin,’ and she knelt. Unlike in those years, Ke Jingteng and Shen Jiayi’s love story, My Girlhood still has a beautiful ending, which is somewhat unrealistic, but in the hearts of girls, this ending should be the most wanted .

    ‘My Girlhood’ promotional poster

       ‘Youth always starts to shine because you are alone!’ This is the most impressive thing about this movie. It might have been ‘Let’s raise a dog together, then walk the dog, and love for a long time, and the dog will have a dog again.’ It’s full of jokes and jealous emotions, but under the guidance of ‘the moment of being recorded, it was yesterday’s youthful splendor’, all these have become good memories and will not come again. When talking about her girlhood, director Chen Yushan admits that many of the films are her personal experience, including worshipping idols and then saying her husband, the overbearing ‘school bully’ and so on.

    Stills from My Girls Generation

        ‘When a girl says I don’t care about you anymore, it means she really cares about you! We say it’s okay, it’s okay! It’s okay, it’s okay!’ This department reads first. I have to admit that Lin Zhenxin interpreted the delicate and tender side of so many girls’ minds so much, and Xu Taiyu described the rebelliousness of the young boys and the bones in the bones and ‘I originally liked someone when you saw her walking towards her The person you like suddenly finds out that you are very bad to her, just to want to be closer to her.

    ‘My Girlhood’ Lin Zhenxin wears Swatch

       Lin Zhenxin is almost synonymous with girly heart. The name ‘True Heart’ has also achieved a very clever, youthful vitality, unlimited worship of idols, ignorance and longing for love, tough personality, all of which are based on her kindness. On, began to shine. She changed her appearance twice, likes skating, walks and bows her head. Although she successfully captured Ouyang’s heart, only she knew that she already loved Xu Taiyu.


       The distinct personality made Lin Zhenxin’s role deeply imprinted in the audience’s hearts, so that many girls could not stop crying in the cinema. In the film, Lin Zhenxin in high school wore a Snoopy watch from Swatch, which is a watch designed by Swatch specifically for this cartoon image of Snoopy. Nubi, injects a strong and cute side into Lin Zhenxin’s character.

    Xu Taiyu wearing a Casio watch stills

       Xu Taiyu, a high school bully, used to be a good student with excellent morals and academics. Because of deep remorse, he renounced himself and became a high school handsome. Later, he studied hard and got Tao Minmin’s initiative. But inadvertently, a girl like Tao Minmin has gradually been replaced in his heart. ‘Although you are short and stupid and you like other boys, I still like you very much’ is his confession to Lin Zhenxin, ‘ It turned out that I loved someone, and I would not have the courage to tell her that night, I wished to the meteor, hoping that her wish was also in me. Even if I knew, what makes her happy is another person. Confessions. Since being awakened by Lin Zhenxin, Xu Taiyu, who has always been overbearing, has gradually shown gentleness and persistence in love.

        Throughout the video, we can all see Xu Taiyu wearing a black watch. I ca n’t stand the curiosity of me, but I cut it out. I do n’t know. I was shocked at first sight. Casio’s waterproof computer watch can not only watch the time, but also a small computer. As a school bully Xu Taiyu, what do you mean by fighting and wearing a computer? Is it true that a computer is in love? You do n’t have to wear it when you are studying well. It should be the standard of Ouyang. The only reason is that it is pretty cool.

    Casio waterproof computer watch worn by Xu Taiyu

    Only the boss is the happiest. Xu Taiyu wearing a computer is fighting.

        After growing up, Lin Zhenxin starred in Chen Qiao’en instead of Song Yunhua. ‘Give me the salary I should pay. Otherwise, let me resign. People don’t need to waste their lives in a place that doesn’t care who you are!’ As soon as I played, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have time to think about it. Is this really Lin Zhenxin? Even so, she still kept her idol worship of the girlhood, and kept the keychain Xu Taiyu gave her until she met Andy Lau and finally fulfilled her dream. From youthfulness to maturity, Chen Qiaoen’s interpretation of Lin Zhenxin has an additional subtlety and reservation, but that attachment has not faded. The watch has also changed from Swatch to a multifunctional watch with a silk ribbon.

    Chen Qiaoen plays Lin Zhenxin when he grows up, wearing a silk watch

    Yan Chengxu as Xu Taiyu when he grows up

        In terms of Cheng Xu’s appearance, it greatly stimulated the girl’s feelings of the girls in the theater, and also pushed the movie to a climax. ‘I didn’t buy a ticket.’