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    Which Men And Women Will Really Choose Watches?

    For timepiece fans, a timeless classic watch is of course an indispensable presence in the collection, but if it can be based on this, coupled with a unique design sense And luxurious and noble embellishment … If you want to stand out from the crowd, you may choose a classic and unique new Bucherer watch to lighten your new look in spring day, just take care of this machine can do it. Bucherer Heritage Double Calendar Chronograph: The classic return of retro aesthetics, the everlasting everlasting style. For lovers of design history and retro aesthetics, 1956 is undoubtedly a year worthy of a special book: that year The tulip chair and the Eames Lounge Chair by Saarinen are unique, and the wedding dress worn by the star Grace Kelly when he married the Prince of Monaco, and Elvis (Presley) ‘s first song on the pop charts has become an important symbol of European and American pop culture in the 1950s. In the same year, the Swiss watch altar was also very exciting. Bucherer launched a chronograph that is at the forefront of the era. The beautifully contoured 34 mm case with slender chronograph buttons has a vibrant and dynamic design. The gold-plated treatment adds a bit of elegance and elegance. The left and right timers of the double chronograph dial are symmetrical in layout and have a long-lasting style. The Bucherer watchmaker takes the chronographs in the archives as inspiration for the new series of annual calendar double dial chronographs, and reinterprets the classics in a contemporary style. The stainless steel case outline of the new lineup of the new series of annual calendar chronographs bears the classic of the year, but the size is increased to 41 mm. The two models are limited to 888 each, which cleverly echoes the year that Bucherer founded in 1888. Bucherer launched a new heritage line in New York last year to pay tribute to the Bucherer watchmaking tradition rooted in Lucerne. The heritage series continues to grow, and its limited edition models are unique in design, condensing more than 130 years of “Made of Lucerne” watchmaking tradition and exquisite craftsmanship; the precision timepiece function is paired with precious metals, and no time is baptized The value is passed down from generation to generation. The above styles are the stainless steel version of the heritage series of annual calendar double-disc chronograph / the gold series of the heritage series of annual calendar double-disc chronograph. Self-winding chronograph movement, stainless steel / 18K rose gold case, silver / rose champagne gold dial, black embossed rubber / cognac brown calfskin strap, stainless steel folding pin buckle. Each model is limited to 888 pieces. Procter & Gamble Plavière “Black Devil’s Fish Special”: Exquisite watchmaking technology to promote the new member of the marine conservation Plavi’s deep dive watch series “Pravi ScubaTec Black Manta Special Edition” ) As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the black devil fish. The tame giant black devil fish swims in the deep sea and has a very charming posture. This new timepiece is certified by the Swiss official observatory. The titanium case is very lightweight. It is equipped with an automatic helium discharge valve and has a water resistance of 500 meters (50 atm). The deep dive must be equipped, which touches people’s hearts like the black devil fish. The new work not only has a unique personality, but also continues Carl F. Bucherer’s cooperation mission with the Manta Trust over the years. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to fund the foundation’s research projects. As an independent watch brand, Bucherer understands the preciousness of every minute and every second. Although time elapses, Bao Qilai still adheres to the brand tradition, determined innovation and the pursuit of first-class quality, and is committed to practicing the concept of sustainable development and strengthening close cooperation with long-term partners. In the spirit of sustainable development, Bucherer has partnered with the British charity organization Manta Trust. The mission of the foundation is to preserve marine ecology and protect the living environment of endangered manta rays. Each country is pursuing its research and promotion of conservation awareness programs, and Plavi’s deep dive watch ‘Black Devil Fish Special’ is the second special watch made by Bucherer for the foundation. The outstanding features of the ‘Black Devil’s Special Edition’ complement the cross-generation conservation ecological concept symbolized by the watch. The innovative strap specially developed for Bucherer is mainly recycled from PET plastic materials, with contrasting bronze lines. The case back is also treated with black diamond carbon coating, and is decorated with delicate black devil fish patterns. Diamond-like carbon-coated titanium case, black dial with a devil-fish pattern, rubber strap with PET plastic recycled fabric, diamond-like carbon-coated titanium diving folding clasp. Bucherer’s new dive watch for women: pleasing new colors, deep-sea fashion flowing on the wrist Carl F. Bucherer’s latest women’s diving watch comes from Patravi ScubaTec Lady), with a strong self-confidence and unique style; this year’s new model is replaced by a candy-like bright rubber strap, sea blue, palm green, sand pink and sunset coral, and other colors, with a white ripple dial Summer colors; the watch has outstanding performance, the case can withstand 200 meters of water depth pressure, stainless steel ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel plus automatic winding movement, professionally equipped, outstanding whether it is water or underwater. The color of the rubber strap of the Plavi Deep Diving Women’s Watch is sea blue, palm green, sand pink, and sunset coral, which are the colors and scenes of the ocean, green trees, fine sand and sunset, which are common in beach holidays. , Emotional early summer mood. Among the Plavi’s deep diving family lineup, in addition to several summer new colors this year, there are still a number of elegant and dynamic models, such as a stainless steel case or a white rubber band for women’s watches, and a 44.6 mm men’s watch. The case has a combination of blue and black or red and black; each deep dive watch has its own personality, but also embodies the spirit of contemporary design and Swiss watchmaking tradition. The above styles are the Plavi Deep Diving Ocean Blue Women’s Watch, the Plavi Deep Diving Sunset Coral Women’s Watch, the Plavi Deep Diving Sand Pink Women’s Watch, and the Plavi Deep Palm Palm Women’s Watch. Self-winding movement, stainless steel case, white corrugated dial, rubber strap with adjustable stainless steel folding clasp. Bucherer Plavier large calendar chronograph: pastel beauty, impressed on the outside and soft on the outside, strong on the inside-soft on the outside and rigid on the inside, it is Carl F. Bucherer A portrait of three new works of the Patravi ChronoDate. The new Plavi Chronograph chronograph is covered with soft and pleasing pastel tones, and contains a tough and precise mechanical chronograph movement; the elegant new work of rose pink, sky blue and white is equipped with a precise and accurate chronograph movement, every second It proved to be as delicate and gentle as it can be impressive. Three new Plavi calendar chronographs are cleaned and painted in pink and new colors. The rose pink, sky blue and white mother-of-pearl dials are equipped with the same color alligator strap, and a calfskin strap is also available for easy wearing. Those who match the most desirable style. Another eye-catching design is naturally sparkling diamonds. The bezel of the 40mm round stainless steel case is set with 56 top diamonds, and the dial is also set with 8 diamond hour markers, exuding a luxurious temperament. The line-up of Plavi’s large calendar chronograph series continues to grow. In addition to this year’s three new works, the series also has three 44.6 mm diameter models, the design style is even more masculine. New and old styles, different styles, consistent precision functions, worn on the wrist, fully showing the essence of Swiss watchmaking in Lucerne. The above styles are the Bellevue big calendar rose pink chronograph / Ballad big calendar sky blue chronograph / Ballad big calendar white chronograph / Ballad big calendar white, with stainless steel chain chronograph . Self-winding chronograph movement, stainless steel case, mother-of-pearl, dial with 8 TW VVS diamonds, crocodile / steel strap, stainless steel folding clasp

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    Tf Est. 1968 Launches New Clock Key Ring-news Tf Est. 1968

    In the unique fashion world of luxury small pendants, the key ring and tourbillon are combined together, which is neither hectic nor exaggerated nor pretentious. It reminds us of the tourbillon cufflinks that were launched not long ago. Tourbillon cufflinks have given this Swiss lifestyle brand a place in the market on five continents. You will find more than watch enthusiasts who like it, because he is popular in any elegant environment.

    TF Est. 1968’s new keychain has many similarities with the brand’s watch series. For example, the fully automatic watch mechanism is set against a colorful carbon material background (composed of black, silver, purple, orange, chocolate and pink). ), The new key ring is colorful and contains some very precious gems: chocolate brown with brown diamonds or quartz inlaid, sparkling purple and starry amethyst, pink and orange sapphires surrounded by pink and orange … …
    It is worth mentioning that the TF Est. 1968 key ring is extremely sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to any impact and collision.
    The key ring contains a screw-in protection buckle with the initial letter TF engraved on the protection buckle, a stainless steel case, and a sapphire crystal surface to improve wear resistance. Its inspiration comes from the mechanical craftsmanship in watch manufacturing, just like the cufflinks and tourbillon writing instruments of the Swiss brand’s famous name.
    Source: TF Est. 1968

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    Yeah Enjoy Time And Run! 2015 Fiyta Extreme Night Run Event • Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan Three Stations Ended Perfectly

    The more beautiful the night, ‘Yeah enjoy the time, run’ Fiyta 2015 extreme night running event ended perfectly in Jiangcheng Wuhan. Three consecutive night runs in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Wuhan. Only through the online registration of H5, it attracted the participation of nearly a thousand night runners and watch enthusiasts, and enjoyed the exhilarating event of extreme racing! The highlights of the three-station night running event are quite abundant. Fiyta has prepared thousands of fluorescent night running equipment and three major team T-shirts for night running enthusiasts. The extreme night running event has also attracted many on-site running enthusiasts and citizens, and they are eager to try. Join this extreme night running ‘big party’ and stop for a group photo. Because of the above-mentioned unique arrangements, this event has been enthusiastically sought after by many night runners, fashion bloggers and celebrities.

    (Extreme Night Run Wuhan Station, participants warm up before the game)

       The night running adopts the All-Star team mechanism. Participants can choose the three major teams of Fiyda’s spokespersons Gu Tianle, Gao Yuanyuan and brand friend Li Chen. At the three-station extreme night running event, the Fiyta brand prepared a total of 12 Fiyta ‘Extreme’ series watches, which were given to the top three winners and Jizandas at each station. Participants who gather the most likes within 24 hours can get in touch with the star captain of their team.
    ‘Yeah Run’ Shanghai Station to the end
       ‘Yeah, enjoy your time, run’ Shanghai Station, in the evening of June 12, as scheduled in Shanghai. After the event was announced by Mr. Wang Kan, Deputy Sales Director of Fiyta Sales Co., Ltd., each participant enjoyed the fun of fluorescent night running. Accompanied by the night and the runners, they swayed sweat and ran out of the moving photos belonging to Fiyta to light up the night. This is a perfect interpretation of the ‘Extreme Spirit’ conveyed by Fiyta. That night, Mr. Wang Kan personally presented Fiyta’s ‘Extreme’ series of watches to the top three athletes of the competition to express the reward for the extreme spirit of the players in the competition.

    (The participants and the media are waiting at the starting point, ready to start)

    Extreme trends Fiyta leads Shenzhen in June
       ‘Yeah, enjoy your time, run!’ Fiyta’s 2015 extreme night running event, the second stop: Shenzhen Station, because of advocating the extreme spirit of challenging themselves, advocating a positive attitude towards life, many night runners, star fans and fashion Enthusiastic pursuit of big coffee. It is worth mentioning that the Fiyta brand has invited guests from the media partner ‘LeTV.com’ I • C • E Global Beauty ‘show at this night running event in Shenzhen. The popular model Chen Zi is the leading beauty. She once Shooting commercials for nearly a hundred well-known brands such as LV, CHANEL, DIOR, etc .; participated in the TV series ‘Women and Men’ and ‘Song of Everlasting Regret’. This time, she joined Feiya to participate in the night run, and she expressed her great relief. Extreme Night Run, the perfect end to her success in the dream journey around the world.

    (‘Global Beauty’ Chen Yinrong and Chen Zi took a group photo before the lead)
    Extreme fashion surprises ‘warm man’ Li Chen strikes
       Yeah ran the third leg and the Extreme Series came to Wuhan, Jiangcheng. At this event, Fiyta and the popular star Li Chen airdropped in Wuhan together. Li Chen also transformed and played a role of ‘one day shop manager’ to provide ‘warmth’ to every customer who visited Fiyda on the day of the event. ‘Morning Morning’ star store manager service experience. At the same time, ‘Big Black Bull’ also presented the awards to the top three winners of the Wuhan Night Run as the title captain of the ‘Yeah Run Time’ extreme night run event in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan. . The first and second runner-ups of the Wuhan Night Run are internationally renowned marathon athletes. The champion was the domestic champion of the Lanzhou Marathon and the second runner-up of the World Universiade. As foreign friends, runner-up Nicholas and runner-up Willie, extraordinary interpretation of the transnational spirit of Fiyta extreme night running activities.

    (Li Chen presented the award for the first and second runner-up of the night run in Wuhan Station)

       ‘Yeah, enjoy your time, run!’ Fiyta’s extreme night running event will not stop! Fiyta will continue the brand’s ‘extreme’ spirit, and will start again in the second half of 2015, set foot in major cities, and then ignite the night run boom!
    Watch configuration:

    Name: Fiyta Extreme Series
    Model: GA866002.MBR
    Movement: automatic mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel, water-plated rose gold
    Bezel: stainless steel, IP black plated
    Dial: black, hollow
    Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
    Strap: Brown leather
    Water resistance: 100 meters