2016 Sihh Basic Models Worth Buying

Although SIHH’s positioning is relatively high-end, in recent years, while brands have still introduced complex functions and special craft watches, they have not forgotten to introduce some basic models that are more accessible to the people. These The style belongs to the brand’s entry-level models, the price is relatively not so high, and the technology is also good.

    However, buying a watch and looking at a watch are two completely different things. If you do n’t pay, you do n’t know the tangles when you really pay. From my personal point of view, buying a watch has my own criteria: first of course, you have to be eye-catching, that is, you like it; secondly, the watch model is not easy to be out of date, after all, generally you do n’t buy the watch every year, and you do n’t want to buy One year after the watch is outdated because of product update iterations; after that, the price must be acceptable, except for the big tyrants who are [wish to spend thousands of dollars just to smile for the red eyes], who doesn’t care about the price of the watch? Finally, you must join hands and wear comfortably.
    To be honest, SIHH’s new products this year are worth buying a lot, almost every one has some very good watches, of course, what I said does not include high-level complex watches, those watches are away from most of us People are too far away, just take a look at an addiction and learn about it. So what are some SIHH watches that I think are worth buying?
IWC Mark XVIII ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition

    This year is the year of IWC’s pilot series. IWC has launched many pilot series products, mainly flying, mainly including several limited editions, TOP GUN, Spitfire and other styles. IWC pilot watches have always been a classic product in the watch altar. This year’s limited edition 55mm Dafei and 48mm Dafei are the key models, but the limited edition, 55mm Dafei is said to have been ordered out, and the 48mm estimate is also very high. It’s hard to buy and the size is too large for most people to wear. In addition, there are various limited editions, chronographs, perpetual calendars and long-powered models, which are still the standard, high-level complexity is not considered, limited editions are basically missed, and this year’s limited-edition models are either complicated or too large. Choice, but the size is also 46 mm, I can’t wear it. After comprehensive comparison, I personally think that the special edition of the ‘Little Prince’ of Mark XVIII is more appealing to me.

    Mark XVIII is a new product of IWC this year. It has been 3 years since the previous generation of Mark XVII. The Mark family is a pilot watch series with a history of more than half a century. Initially, this order was jointly executed by multiple watch factories. Including Longines and IWC, only IWC continues this unique product. The Mark series is an entry-level mechanical wristwatch in the IWC pilot watch, so the price is relatively close to the people. This year’s new Mark XVIII ordinary edition watch, the price of the calfskin strap is $ 3950, although ‘ The price of the ‘Little Prince’ special edition watch has not been known, but it will not be too high. It is a relatively good price.

    Mark XVIII ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition also has a lot of flattering features. On the one hand, it has a size of 40 mm and a thickness of 11 mm. It is a very good Japanese watch size that most men can wear. . On the other hand is a blue dial. The dials of many pilot watches are mainly black, white and gray. Blue is more conspicuous among them, not flamboyant but without losing personality. There is also the image of the little prince engraved with a cape and sword on the case back, which explains the distinctiveness of this watch.

Mark XVII ‘Little Prince’ Limited Edition Watch

    In 2013, Mark XVII also released the ‘Little Prince’ special edition, limited to 1,000 pieces. At that time, the ‘Little Prince’ family watches of IWC had just begun to focus on promotion. The fan-shaped date was used to open the window. The corners protrude. Mark XVIII used a single date to open the window, and the rounded Arabic numerals were more orthodox than the previous generation. The Cal.30110 automatic movement is built in, the same as the Mark 17 movement, and the watch also uses a soft iron inner case to improve the antimagnetic performance. Since the Mark 18 is not limited, it will not be too difficult to buy, and the basic models of the Mark family will not be out of date. The new update will not have a large margin, and you will not regret it after you buy it.
Jaeger-LeCoultreverso small double-sided watch

    This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series, so the brand has launched a whole batch of Reverso watches. Interestingly, it includes a number of double-sided flip watches. I have always thought that if you want to buy the basic version of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the master series and flip series are the first choice. This year’s master series also has more basic styles, but the basics of Reverso are obviously more interesting.

    Among all the new Reverso watches, the large watch is relatively large, close to 50 mm in length, too long to fit. The size of the medium-sized watch is just right, but this year it seems that there are not too many medium-sized watches, a two-handed single-sided flip watch and a double-sided flipped small seconds watch. The former is the most basic style, and there is not much eye-catching. The latter is a double-sided plate style. It is a distinctive feature in the watch altar, and it is also one of the main product features this year.

    The front of this watch is ordinary travel time, the back is the two places with day and night display, and the color is different, suitable for different occasions to wear, buying a watch is actually equivalent to buying two models, one side is suitable for formal wear, one side is suitable With business outfit. Although Jaeger-LeCoultre has launched double-sided flip watches before, but there are few styles, and some are complex models. Simple and double-sided watches like this have few options.
Cartier Drive De Cartier Small Seconds

    Cartier’s continuous efforts in fine watchmaking have greatly improved its popularity and recognition among watch fans. During this year’s SIHH, Cartier continued to make efforts in high-level complex watches, luxury jewelry watches and craftsmanship. There are endless new works on master watches. Cartier’s R & D capabilities in fine watchmaking are shocking, and its product design skills are convincing. Following the newly launched Cle De Cartier in the previous two years, this year Cartier once again launched a new unique series Drive De Cartier. Like the previous series, Cartier ‘armed’ from basic to complex models to meet the discerning eyes of watch fans with different preferences.

    New products always arouse people’s thirst for novelty. Drive De Cartier is available in rose gold and stainless steel. Choose the basic model and the steel model is a good choice. The small seconds model uses Cartier’s self-produced 1904MC automatic movement. This movement was previously used in multiple series and has been tested by the market for many years. At present, it is a good basic movement in Cartier. Although Cartier’s new products are released a lot each year, there will not be highly competitive models of the same type.
Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Twincounter Calendar Watch

    Montblanc is a group of dark horses in the field of fine watchmaking. Especially in recent years, it has continued to lower the price of complex models, which has brought a good response. This year, Montblanc’s fine watchmaking is still surging, and the basic models have not fallen. The newly launched Twincounter calendar watch is considered to be a sincere entry-level model without complicated functions, but does not use the original SW or ETA movement, but a Montblanc-made movement, so it may be the basic of this year. One of the most popular models.

    In terms of design, the appearance of the watch continues the classic style, adding some bright colors to the color, so it is not so traditional. In addition to displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, the only function of the watch is the date indicator, which is simple but practical, the dial layout is symmetrical, and it is clear and conspicuous when reading. In terms of price, although there is no specific disclosure, the price of products with similar functions and movements of Montblanc should be around 20,000.
    From the perspective of product updates, this watch has more possibilities for updating. It is more common to add moon phases and two places, but such similar products already exist in the same series. If you need to buy directly A watch with these functions is sufficient, and it is much more tangled in this basic watch.
Summary: SIHH has been over for a while, but the new products launched by various brands may not be listed until April at the earliest, and some new products may not even wait until the second half of the year, so you can choose yourself now For the watch you like, make a comprehensive comparison of various aspects, and you can try it on when you go on the market. In my personal opinion, if you are not as rich as a local tyrant, then buying a good basic model is also an effective shortcut for rapid growth, and it can also cultivate your own good mentality of loving watches.