From 7600 Yuan Mido Belem Sairee Collection Series Memorial Ultra-thin Watch Spot Waiting For You

With the comprehensive launch of the Medo Berencelli Collection series of ultra-thin watches, they can be seen in almost all major Mido counters. Recently, when I visited the Midi counter of Shengshi Watch Co., Ltd., I learned that the counter is currently complete with ultra-thin commemorative ultra-thin watches of the Berenceli Collection series. Need to adjust the goods. This series of watches are reasonably priced, starting at 7,600 yuan for steel models, the same price for men and women, and starting at 8,500 yuan for gold-plated models.

Mido Belem Celli Collection Slim Men’s Watch

Mido Belem Celli Collection Memorial Slim Watch

    The Mido Berenceli Collection series commemorative models just launched this year mainly include two pairs of lovers’ watches, two ultra-thin men’s commemorative models, and two ultra-thin women’s commemorative watches. Among them are stainless steel PVD rose-plated Gold men’s watch. This watch uses a low-key dial color, deep and elegant, with a luxurious tone case, more refined and restrained. Completely inherit the characteristics of the series, ultra-thin, elegant and simple.
Mido Berencelli Collection Diamond Diamond Mother-of-Pearl Watch

    In addition to the masculine and handsome men’s watches, the Mido Belem Celli Collection series of ultra-thin watches also launched women’s watches, which are also divided into stainless steel case and stainless steel PVD rose gold plated style. In order to highlight the elegance and exquisite taste of women, the watch is made of colorful pearl mother-of-pearl dials, and the diamonds are used to embellish the hour markers. Compared with men’s models, women’s models obviously have more beautiful romantic atmosphere.
Mido Belem Celli Collection Slim Women’s Watch

    Since another pair of men’s watches with which it was paired has been sold, this female watch has been left alone. The Berencelli Collection Collection Ultra-thin Ladies Watch has a standard small size, and a sophisticated and exquisite design is like a fashionable professional woman, intellectual and unconventional at the same time, bright and handsome. This watch also has ultra-thin characteristics. The transparent sapphire lens bottom cover allows the beauty of machinery to be fully revealed. Mechanical-loving ladies will love its elegance.

Summary: Because of the new ultra-thin commemorative ultra-thin timepieces of the Belém Série Collection series launched by Mido, plus its classic design, ultra-thin case, exquisite automatic mechanical movement, it is very popular Welcome, it has also achieved a lot of good results since its full listing, and consumer feedback also illustrates this. At present, Beijing R & F Plaza Mido counters are relatively complete in style, friends who are interested can go to the store for details.
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