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    Who Is The Owner Of The Big Crown Rolex Buy Furniture Club

    With the Brexit and the British pound falling, the purchasing power of tourists visiting the United Kingdom has increased, and Swiss watch sales have been booming. This is not surprising, according to René Weber of Vontobel Bank. In comparison, some models sell for more than 40% in the US market. Among the top ten export markets of the Swiss watch industry in 2016, the UK is the only country (or region) to achieve growth (+ 3.7%). Needless to say, as with most high-end Swiss brands, Rolex has been enthusiastically sought by British luxury shoppers in the past few months, which has led Home Protect to gain a deeper understanding of what makes Rolex so attractive and why the brand name Will appear repeatedly in the insurance policy.

    Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex

    Rolex patented alloy Parachrom hairspring

       ‘We recently looked at the watches in our policy and tried to figure out why there are so many Rolex watch owners,’ the Home Protect insurance report states. ‘We found that Rolex watch owners are found all over the country (UK), in the northern hills of Scotland, Welsh Valley and Sheffield streets are everywhere. They include athletes, actors, company executives and business giants, as well as yoga instructors and old dog walkers. One thing is for sure, Rolex watches occupy a large part of the national reserve Part. ‘So Home Protect decided to dig deeper into the data to find out the story behind the Rolex watch owner.

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar Submersible Date Diver since 1953

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch from 1963

       The first conclusion is that Rolex and wealth are often inseparable, given the average price of a watch exceeds £ 5,000. When searching for Rolex watch owners in each urban population, they tend to appear in the most prosperous areas and tend to have the most retirements. According to Home Protect, these two factors significantly increase the likelihood of owning a Rolex. Wealth is a decisive factor, but it is not strictly insurmountable. After all, Home Protect Insurance’s customers also include musicians, cafe waiters and hotel waiters. Of course, analysis shows that the city with the highest proportion of young people is also the city with the fewest Rolex watch owners.

    Rolex Explorer watch, conquering the Himalayas

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster 39 watch, the brand’s exquisite gem setting

       The second conclusion is that a technology-based product cannot ensure that it will never be out of date, making it difficult to call a reliable way to build reserves, but Rolex is an exception. Rolex is one of the 100 most influential luxury brands in the world. Rolex watches, even second-hand watches, have already proven to be a very stable investment. This may explain why so many Rolex owners are retirees. Home Protect insurance survey shows that the average age of Rolex watch owners is 68 years old, and the ratio of men to women is close to two to one. Taking a closer look, 66% of the watch owners are over 65 years old, and only 1.5% are under 35 years old.

    Number of Rolexes owned by different ages and genders (left) and Rolex values ​​owned by different ages and genders (right)

    Rolex Master Distribution

       Home Protect believes that Rolex succeeded because it created a mysterious and prestigious halo for the brand, making it one of the most sought after brands in the world. Other factors include the spirit of unremitting innovation and constant and durable quality, clever product layout, and sponsorship of top events. Rolex has also appeared in movie stars and characters such as Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and James Bond. Between the wrists. In short, once Rolex starts, it is owned for life and passed down from generation to generation. This also explains why Rolex watch owners have such a wide range of occupations, including police, barbers and receptionists at the bottom salary. Passed on to them may be a frugal grandfather, and Rolex watches, despite the invasion of time, tough years, the charm remains undiminished.