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    Sotheby’s London Auction: Breguet Reaps Two Historical Treasures (Official Website Updates On August 8)

    On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Sotheby’s in London held a unique auction for the private watch collection of the great British watchmaker George Daniels . This auction presents a total of 137 lots to watched collectors, including watches, clocks, statues and publications.
       At this auction, Marres A. Hayek, chairman and CEO of Montres Breguet SA, harvested two iconic collections. The first is a hand-written manuscript recording the production process of the ‘souscription sheet’, which dates back to 1800. Another treasure is the brass scale, which Breguet used to etch a concealed signature on the dial.
       These two historic masterpieces will be treasured in the Breguet Museum at 6 Place Vendôme in Paris.
       George Daniels devoted part of his life to studying Breguet masterpieces he admired. To this day, people still remember his ‘The Art of Breguet’ published in 1975.

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    Where Is The Cultural Heritage Of The Swiss Watch Industry?

    In 2009, La Chaux-de-Fonds, located in northwestern Switzerland, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, except for its breeding of Girard-Perregaux watches Apart from many internationally renowned watch brands, the space planning of the town hundreds of years ago is still well preserved, and this plan is inextricably related to the development of La Chaux-de-Font’s watch industry.

        In the 19th century, La Chaux-de-Fon was deeply destroyed by a fire. In the process of rebuilding the town, the government designed the town as a well-organized, taking into account the development of the only industry in the town at the time-watchmaking. Checkerboard structure: long and straight streets are arranged in parallel, and houses and watchmaking factories are arranged on both sides of the street and are mixed with each other. This layout is designed to make it easier for watchmakers to travel back and forth between where they live and where they work. At the same time, it also facilitates communication between watchmakers anytime, anywhere.

        Assembling and decorating small movement parts all test the watchmaker’s eyesight. Therefore, light is very important for the watchmaker’s work. In order to provide a bright working environment for each watchmaker, most buildings have a large number of windows, and they all face to one side consistently.

       As one of the last remaining true Swiss watch manufacturers, GP Girard-Perregaux has been rooted in La Chaux-de-Fonds since 1856. Since then, it has grown together with this ‘horse mecca’, and through the vicissitudes of life, has helped exquisite traditional Swiss watchmaking Time and again, under the challenge of the times, it is passed on to the next generation and continues to affect the world.

        The Girard Perregaux watch factory brings together dozens of different types of work and the most complete production space, so that skilled watchmakers can devote themselves to the tireless pursuit of the ultimate and perfection of watchmaking. Girard Perregaux watches convey a passion for Swiss watchmaking. Girard Perregaux has always been committed to continuous innovation and its long-term investment in research and development has allowed GP Girard Perregaux to maintain its advantage in the global watchmaking field and continue to improve in all aspects. The complex watchmaking process is the manifestation of the essence of watchmaking art. For more than two centuries, Girard Perregaux has become a world-renowned brand with extraordinary creations represented by the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon. GP Girard Perregaux never tires to make the high-end watch series more perfect.

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    Tri-bridge Tourbillon With Girard Perregaux

    With the three-bridge tourbillon technology re-applied to pocket watches in 1981, traditional mechanical techniques are resurrecting. This was undoubtedly a very favorable choice for the Swiss watchmaking industry in the crisis at the time. In the use of traditional technology to pull back the Swiss mechanical watch in the face of the defeat of the quartz watch played a huge role.

     Since then, the three-bridge tourbillon timepiece has been one of Girard-Perregaux’s major feature series.

     1991 was a special year for Girard Perregaux, which witnessed the birth of Girard Perregaux for two hundred years. In the same year, Girard Perregaux introduced the watch version of the three-bridge tourbillon timepiece, which made the three-gold bridge tourbillon a famous watch. In 2006, Girard-Perregaux introduced the Sapphire Crystal Three-Bridge Tourbillon Watch, which uses Laureato Evo3 tourbillon technology and is equipped with the famous GP4500 and 2700 movements. I believe GP Girard Perregaux will launch more characteristic three-bridge tourbillon watches in the future.
     Among the many three-bridge tourbillon watches, the hollow three-bridge tourbillon and the sapphire crystal three-bridge tourbillon are the most special, and the visual effects they produce are unparalleled.

      Making a sapphire crystal three-bridge tourbillon watch is a rather complicated technique, especially the cutting and polishing of sapphire crystals. The hardness of sapphire crystal reaching Mohs 9 is the only hard substance for diamonds, so its production is extremely difficult, especially to achieve such harsh results. It is this extreme transparency that makes the Laureato model unique, making the sapphire crystal three-bridge tourbillon watch the most favorite after the three-gold bridge tourbillon watch.

      The production of a skeletonized three-gold bridge tourbillon watch needs to be prepared for nearly four months in advance. The complicated and extremely delicate processes such as skeletonization, engraving and final polishing operations can make a perfect watch.

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    Mode Suisse And Le Méridien

    On August 31 this year, the fashion theme will spread throughout Zurich City! ModeSuisse’s annual event in the German-speaking region of Switzerland brings media, VIPs and fashion enthusiasts.

       The event organizers and Yannick Allen brand friends are proud to claim that since 2012, the event has grown into a must-see event. Several new designers showed off their clothing works. These works may be solemn and elegant, or avant-garde, but they all share a common theme: innovation.

       Le Méridien hopes to take this opportunity to support the emerging streetwear brand ‘AfterWorkStudio’. Karin Wüthrich and Matthias Fürst have won wide recognition in the fashion industry for their brightly structured and urban style. The model is wearing an AIKON watch created by Le Méridien.

       This elegant yet modern collection of watches matches the style of this Swiss brand’s clothing, making designers love it. After winning public praise, the two young designers quietly left the stage to plan for the next work. We also believe that they will usher in greater success.