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    See Watches De Change Rhythm

    Anyone who loves watches knows that, in addition to the technical requirements of the technicians, the complex functions are also dazzling on the display. It is because of this dazzlingness that complex features have a special appeal to consumers. Each of these features brings both functionality and design to the watch. Taking a step back 10,000 said that in the current situation of domestic flights falling into a big delay, wearing such a watch will make you killtime without pressure, and it will be more interesting.
    Ethereal transparency
    Main features: skeleton, tourbillon, unique movement structure
    Many people like the design of the dial with hollowed out windows or all hollowed out because it can bring visual impact. Many brands also share the cut-out and tourbillon device in the same room, adding a dynamic rhythm to the dial, such as running another small planet above the dial to provide powerful kinetic energy for the watch.
    Panerai Tourbillon GMT Ceramic Watch
    The wonderful hollow structure is displayed on the dial of this watch. It is actually a delicate mesh structure that supports a delicate outer ring. The outer ring is accompanied by small hazel luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. It also supports The small seconds of the tourbillon speed device and day and night indication are displayed. The second time zone is indicated by a third central hand. One of the most dazzling watch designs in the Panerai brand.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Biplane Stereo Biaxial Tourbillon Watch
    It is very avant-garde in design, and its function is based on the concept of ‘double wings’, which means that two sets of independent mechanical devices are assembled in the same case, one is responsible for indicating time, and the other is responsible for controlling complex functions. The two devices are connected to the same adjustment mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the chronometer. So the layout on the dial is like this: eccentric hours display from 3 to 9 o’clock, dual power reserve display, two different color hands and silver grain finishing. The seemingly ‘floating’ placement of the tourbillon brings the sense of ethereal design to its peak.
    Stitches and radians
    Main features: reverse jump, fine-tuning device
    The balance and beauty of the faceplate is the most cherished by many wearers. Some people do not need the convergence of top features, but they are particularly fond of the ‘rational distribution’ of the faceplate. This reasonable distribution also means that the design of the watch in the details must be very ingenious, which does not give people a sense of excessive pressure, but also breaks through the ‘classic models’ that everyone can make. , Unique.
    Longines Quadrant
    Since its birth, it has become an absolute reference for watch design aesthetics. This Longines retrograde watch not only implements the brand’s elegant charm, but also features four characteristic blue steel hands to point to the day, calendar and second time zone And energy storage, very practical. The most important thing is that revealing it brings the topic of a meal.
    The artistic sense of temperance
    Main function: construct special function with special design
    It is not unusual for the artistic elements to appear on the dial. We have seen the ‘small scroll’ dial, seen the enamel paintings, and the rare ore dial with feather design. In response to daily wearable needs, we express the ‘artistic sense’ in a more restrained manner-simple lines outline uncommon functions.
    Bell & RossBR01Horizon watch
    That into the sea, this heaven. Watchmaking inspiration has always been related to the aircraft Belles watches, this year added a new work inspired by space navigation instruments. The designer of this watch uses materials from the horizon to show the time display mode in a completely new way. The gray part represents the sky, the black part represents the ground, and the two parts are divided by a white line representing the horizon between 9 and 3 o’clock. The hour markers on the upper dial show the hour. The overall design is very simple and looks very similar to the floor level.